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Indiana Jones 4.3

July 28, 1993
Harrison Ford: "Steven Spielberg and I have been talking. We have the nub of an idea for another Indiana Jones adventure. Nothing has been inked yet, but we are talking."

August 15, 1993 – Sunday Herald
Harrison Ford: "We (Spielberg) have the nub of an idea for another Indiana Jones movie. I don't want to get ahead of anything. Let's just see how it works out."

September 1994
At the Venice Film Festival, Ford let slip that he was "reading scripts" for a fourth.

July 18, 1996
New ideas such as the search for the Garden of Eden and a different rival college named 'Professor Conrad' are mentioned.

July 22, 1996
[Spielberg] also did say that the movie may have an ancient biblical element. When asked what kind, Spielberg said something 'to do with Adam and Eve'.

September 9, 1997
Someone connected with Indiana Jones IV heard about his studies and asked him to participate in fact-checking and historical accuracy with Indy Jones IV. He mentioned to my employee that they sent him a completed script to be checked for biblical truth and reverancy. He read the script and gave it his personal seal of approval. He mentioned that the script dealt with the Garden of Eden, and its discovery by Indiana Jones. He said that it was extremely religous in its tone, and that it played with some of the same elements as Raiders of the Lost Ark. He also said that the script was only a 'possibility,' one of several possible ideas for Indy IV.

January 14, 1998
Set after World War Two, and that Indy will have a wife and a daughter and possibly other family members.

May 1, 1998
Plot will be set in early 1950's, with Indy & dad running into escaped Nazis in South America while on vacation withn Indy's wife and kids. Indy realizes these nazis have located where the Garden of Eden is located, and there is a race to get there first to find the Tree of Life. Of course Indy runs into a talking serpent who intends on perpetuating the nazi cause for eternity! Indy enlists the help of several old friends along the way, and also encounters a yet to be famous Elvis. This episode will enable a segwaying into future Indy movies by aging Indy. Dad (Connery) dies at movies' end, declining to eat from the tree, instead opting for the great adventure of the afterlife. Filming will take place in Rio, Memphis, Morroco and Hanna (Maui-Eden).
Gregory Peck has signed to do a very small cameo appearance as a bible historian consulted by Indy on a stop in Memphis, Tenn. en route to the middle east to look for the garden. Peck is an Indy fan who approached Spielberg & asked for a small part which will last 2-3 minutes.

May 5, 1998
The post-WWII recovery of a Nazi sub, the discovery of some Dead Sea Scrolls, a metatronic (meaning: the power of God appearing to take you away physically) device, and Indy's family.

July 2-3, 1998
ABC's Chicago affiliate, WLS-TV, reported on Thursday afternoon that Steven Spielberg is now working on a script and shaping the plot for Indiana Jones 4.
Steven Spielberg, talking with Cinescape contributor Cindy Pearlman, confirms Cinescape Online's report that Indiana Jones 4 is now well underway. "The Indiana Jones 4 hat is halfway on my head," Spielberg reveals. "I have the plot worked out."

July 3, 1998
Indy IV has been under work for almost 4 months. Spielberg who is writing the script with Lawerence Kasdan is trying to keep the project top secret.

July 25, 1998
Steven Spielberg: "We still don't have a script, but we do have an idea of what type of villain it should be, but it won't be a Nazi. Everyone's on board for the picture."

August 15, 1999
Steven Spielberg: "We've got about three scripts that we're choosing from at this point." To this, I asked if one was written by Jeffrey Boam, and he smiled, I guess because he could tell I was somewhat of a fan to know who Boam was. Anyway, he said yes one is by him.

October 2, 1999
George Lucas: "I have two scripts for consideration and all I'm waiting for is a phone call from Steven and Harrison. I'm ready to go!"

October 26, 1999
George Lucas: "Well, we've gotten a couple of scripts that we've worked out, and it's really a matter of getting Harrison and Steven to agree on a script. I'm not sure I'd give out the story at this point, but there, uh, we have a script, and it's all finished."
Steven Spielberg: "I really think that we intend to do a fourth one. I just don't want the fourth Indiana Jones film to leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth. So I'm being a little more, and George and Harrison, we're all being a little more prejudicial about what the fourth movie will be like."

October 29, 1999
From what one of my sources tells me, Spielberg said Indy-4 would have another biblical theme to it. He then went on to say that the "powers that be" thought a story about the Garden of Eden would be a good plot. So far, a script is in the process of being finished up, but a long treatment does exist. It is about Indy and his quest for the Cherubim's Flaming Sword that protects the garden.
Apparently, from what my source tells me, early last year the big guys (Lucas and Spielberg) were in a teleconference and were discussing Indy IV. They were talking about the previous films and the point was brought up that Indy wouldn't be alive today because of his age. The thought struck them as depressing, because it's hard to imagine Indiana Jones as being an old guy. Then my source proceeded to tell me that Indy would be killed in the next film trying to save the world because it will be the last Indy film ever. They want him to go out with a bang.

April 19, 2001
'Several' scripts/ideas are being looked at.

April 25, 2005
George Lucas: "We've been through a number of scripts--six or eight scripts. Six scripts, two rewrites."

June 22, 2005
The portion I saw did not mention the artifact by name, however it did involve a scene with Indy and his daughter who had teamed up with him. Judging by what they were saying, however, I could presume that they were searching for either Noah's Ark or the Garden of Eden. ... The conversation consisted of the origins of Mankind.
I personlly didn't like how cynical Indy sounded. I mean, here he has been on many adventures and seen a great many strange things, but instead of making him a believer, its just made him bitter. Cynical may be to strong a word, bitter perhaps would be better. His daughter was trying to snap him out of it. (though at the time of this scene only the audience knows its his daughter) He had given up on the world, everything that he stood for seemed to be forgotten and lost. Disenchanted might also be a good word to use. I can't really say it "felt" like any of the others per se. However, it did have leanings towards LC.
It was about a half dozen pages, they were scanned, poor quality. Seemed legit, as it was from a source inside Paramount. Two or three pages for were just parts of a scene, never any setup or great detail. Most of what I learned was filled in by my source. The first scene was Indy bumped into "female student" at the college, she was looking for him. There is a bit of banter and it is obvious that Indy was flirting, but she's questioning him about Eden but then the scene jumped to Marion & Willie meeting/fighting with Indy...the girl wasn't present...then it goes to Indy and Deserie (I think was her name) they're in a cave or ruins or something, they're looking for the something to open the entrance to Eden Deserie reveals that she is Marion's daughter and that is when they're attacked by Russians. That is where it ended.

July 26, 2006
Indy met his daughter before he knows it her (and visa versa). After pouring on the charm, Marion shows up to introduce them. Indy and Co. were searching for the Garden of Eden and its Flaming Sword. The story was that the Soviets felt that the Sword and the Tree of Life would make them more powerful than the US and thus they could take over the world with their Communist ideaology. The story ended with Indy having to blow up the gateway to the Garden...hint, the Garden wasn't on Earth. The story more or less was a mixture of Stargate, Doom, Saucermen from Mars, and a few other movies, but with Indiana Jones.
There was a touching scene where Indy first meets her and doesn't know its his daughter. He's at the college and he thinks she is just a cute student. So he flirts a bit with her, and then Marion walks into the scene with the news of who this cute new student really is (which causes Indy to fight a gag reflex). There was also a treatment of the same script where this scene wasn't in it, rather the revelation of his daughter didn't come until towards the end of the film. Indy reveals that he knew it was her the whole time, but wanted to protect her from the baddies.

August 21, 2006
George Lucas: "They said, 'Can't we do it with a different McGuffin? Can't we do this?' and I said 'No'. So we pottered around with that for a couple of years. And then Harrison really wanted to do it and Steve said, 'Okay'. I said, 'We'll have to go back to that original MacGuffin.'"

August 10, 2007
Lucasfilm, Ltd has filed for six different titles... Indiana Jones and the Fourth Corner of the Earth... Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Covenant.

October 5, 2007
George Lucas: "We've been through lots of different versions in the last 14 years that I've been working on the script, with five different writers."

April 20, 2008
''Harrison said, 'No way am I being in a Steve Spielberg movie like that,''' recalls Lucas. ''And Steven said, 'I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.'''

May 20, 2008
Steven Spielberg: "George and I had put a couple of ideas into the works, we had toyed around with a couple of conceptual notions, but we really hadn't thrown ourselves body and soul into the process."
Harrison Ford: "The three of us never agreed on one of the notions that were advanced over the years."
George Lucas: "They said, can't we do it with Nazis hiding in Argentina? ... Once we put Marion in the movie and knew they were going to be reunited, we first thought there should be a daughter Indy didn't know about. She was going to be 13, a little spitfire."

July 27, 2008
George Lucas: "If I can come up with another idea that they like, we'll do another. Really, with the last one, Steven wasn't that enthusiastic. I was trying to persuade him. But now Steve is more amenable to doing another one. Yet we still have the issues about the direction we'd like to take. I'm in the future; Steven's in the past. He's trying to drag it back to the way they were, I'm trying to push it to a whole different place. So, still we have a sort of tension. This recent one came out of that. It's kind of a hybrid of our own two ideas, so we'll see where we are able to take the next one."

July 30, 2008
George Lucas: "There were six scripts written for that film and [Darabont's] was number four."

October 2008
George Lucas: "In the beginning it was a daughter he didn't know about, and I thought that would be a great thing. Steven actually didn't like that idea. David revisited the idea as a son."

October 26, 2011
Steven Spielberg: "I sympathise with people who didn't like the MacGuffin because I never liked the MacGuffin. George and I had big arguments about the MacGuffin. I didn't want these things to be either aliens or inter-dimensional beings. But I am loyal to my best friend. When he writes a story he believes in - even if I don't believe in it - I'm going to shoot the movie the way George envisaged it. I'll add my own touches, I'll bring my own cast in, I'll shoot the way I want to shoot it, but I will always defer to George as the storyteller of the Indy series. I will never fight him on that."

December 2, 2011
Steven Spielberg: "It's public that George and I and Harrison all had a clash about genre and concept. But I've always told George's stories. I am best friends with George and I'm very obedient to the stories that he writes. I'll fight things I don't believe in but ultimately if George wants to bring interdimensional beings into Crystal Skull, I will do the best job I possible can to acquit George's idea and make him proud."

December 13, 2011
Steven Spielberg: "Yeah, I had a difference of opinion with the MacGuffin, so to speak, which I thought was a little bit out of character with the other MacGuffins in the other three films, but I still loved the experience making it."
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