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Staff of Kings PSP script (part 3)


A Little History Panama 1922
It Began as a Rivalry
Visit Beautiful San Francisco
The Famous San Francisco Skyline
The Lovely Lao Che Lounge
Experience Our Seedy Underbelly
The Authentic Alleys of Chinatown
San Francisco's Modern Industry
Local Personalities Blind Duck
Enjoy Our Fantastic Fireworks
Hitch a Ride on a Cable Car
Explore the Wonders of Panama
Take a Steam Ship Up the River
Take the High Road
Watch Out For Rolling Rocks
Panama's Most Wanted Sudao
Chamber of the Three Mirrors
I Climbed the Temple of the Cosmos
You'll get Trapped in Panama
It's not Constantinople! Istanbul
Walk in Our Beautiful Turkish Gardens
Modern Istanbul The Radio
Relax in Luxury In the Harem
Ride the Magnificent Elephant
Explore the Ancient Roman Cisterns
Ignore the Smell of Our Waterways
Site of the Lost Shepherd
Watch Your Step! Collapsing Catwalks
The Mountains of Nepal
Take a Hike Up the Himalayas
Discover a Hidden Paradise
Experience a Breakthrough
Nepal Will Leave You Shaken Up
Find Sanctuary
What Better Place for a Nazi Ambush
The Lost City of Suya Desh
An Engineering Triumph! Odin
Aboard the Airship of the Future
Superior German Aviation
German Explorers Find Ancient Relics
The Wonders of German Cooking
Award-winning German Athletics
Officer of the Month Magnus Völler
The German Navy Race Across the Sea
Challenge Yourself! Time Trial
The Ransacked Treasure Room
Relax in the Harem
Don't Fall into the Bottomless Pit


Objective: Rescue Magnus!
Glory: Survive to rescue Magnus
Survive with over 30% health
Survive with over 70% health
Rescue Magnus within 3 minutes
Trigger the altars in reverse order

Objective: Chase down and defeat the Tong thugs
Glory: Defeat the Tong thugs
Defeat the thugs with 60% health
Defeat the thugs with 100% health
Throw a thug through each of the windows
Defeat the thugs in less than 7 minutes

Objective: Find 3 pieces of evidence leading to Archie
Glory: Find all the evidence
Use at least 10 weapons
Use at least 20 weapons
Defeat an enemy with the chandelier
Throw at least 5 thugs out the window

Objective: Clear an entrance to the tomb
Glory: Clear an entrance to the tomb
Succeed without using any special ammo
Succeed without any Nazis reaching Indy
Indy used a trebuchet!
Complete the level without getting hurt

Objective: Get inside the fireworks factory
Glory: Get inside the factory
Get inside within 5 minutes
Get inside within 3 minutes
Pull down all the scaffolding
Survive with at least 70% health

Objective: Rescue Suzy and defeat the thugs
Glory: Rescue Suzy and defeat the thugs
Succeed in under 7 minutes
Succeed in under 5 minutes
Hit enemies with at least 8 fireworks
Succeed with at least 80% health

Objective: Defeat Blind Duck
Glory: Defeat Blind Duck
Survive with at least 30% health
Survive with at least 60% health
Throw Blind Duck through a skylight
Prevail without throwing any debris

Objective: Get out of the fireworks factory before it collapses!
Glory: Get out of the factory alive
Get out in under 6 minutes
Get out in under 4 minutes
Don't fall from any balance beams
Get out with at least 80% health

Objective: Escape the Tong thugs!
Glory: Defeat all pursuers
Defeat all pursuers, falling only once
Defeat all pursuers without falling at all
Shoot 5 signs down
No pursuers board the cable car

Objective: Protect Maggie and the Steamer
Glory: Maggie and the Steamer both survive
Defeat Sudao's men in 8 minutes
Defeat Sudao's men in 6 minutes
Collapse all 4 balconies
Throw 8 of Sudao's men into the river

Objective: Stop Sudao's men from collapsing the bridge!
Glory: Survive the attack and protect the bridge
Survive with at least 50% health left
Survive with at least 80% health left
Defeat Sudao's men in under 5 minutes
Throw at least 8 enemies off the bridge

Objective: Follow Sudao through the exit!
Glory: Reach the exit
Reach the exit with at least 50% health
Reach the exit with 100% health
Reach the exit in under 3 minutes
Cross the balance beam without falling

Objective: Defeat Sudao
Glory: Defeat Sudao
Defeat Sudao with at least 50% health
Defeat Sudao with at least 80% health
Push over all the pillars
Defeat Sudao without using any pillars

Objective: Collect all three mirrors and escape!
Glory: Collect the mirrors and escape
Escape within 10 minutes
Escape within 5 minutes
Escape with full health
Pick up the mirrors in reverse order

Objective: Reach the top level and open the door!
Glory: Get inside the Temple
Get inside within 12 minutes
Get inside within 8 minutes
Get inside with at least 75% health
Toss 4 or more Nazis off the edge

Objective: Trap Magnus in the Temple!
Glory: Trap Magnus
Escape with more than 40% health
Escape with more than 70% health
Heave at least 4 Nazis off the edge
Kick down all 4 ladders

Objective: Enter through the secret hatch!
Glory: Successfully enter the hatch
Enter the hatch within 6 minutes
Enter the hatch within 4 minutes
Destroy all statues
Destroy all vases

Objective: Find the Chronicle and stop the Nazi message
Glory: Find the Chronicle and stop the message
Less than 2/3 of the message was sent
Less than 1/3 of the message was sent
Succeed with at least 70% health
Smash all the windows and panels

Objective: Complete the level
Glory: Complete the level
Complete the level in two minutes
Complete the level in one minute
Do something special
Complete the level without getting hurt

Objective: Escape the Nazis!
Glory: Escape with your life
Escape, falling no more than once
Escape without falling from the howdah
Shoot 10 barrels
No Nazis board the elephant

Objective: Reach the secret resting place of the Shepherd
Glory: Get through the dig and defeat the Nazis
Get through the dig in 4 minutes
Get through the dig in 2 minutes
Activate all the cranes
Throw 8 Nazis from the catwalks

Objective: Get through both gates on your way to the Chronicle!
Glory: Get through the second gate
Get through the second gate in 4 minutes
Get through the second gate in 3 minutes
Only jump once
Only open a gate 3 times

Objective: Retrieve the Shepherd!
Glory: Solve the mystery and unlock the Shepherd
Solve the mystery in under 4 minutes
Solve the mystery in under 2 minutes
Destroy all of the tombs
Hit only the right numbers, in order

Objective: Reach the exit before the ruins collapse
Glory: Reach the exit alive
Reach the exit in 4 minutes
Reach the exit in 2 minutes
Reach the exit with full health
Break all the Nazis' crates

Objective: Reach the ancient city at the top of the cliffs!
Glory: Reach the top alive
Reach the top in less than 7 minutes
Reach the top in less than 5 minutes
Don't fall off any cliffs
Don't get hit by any rocks

Objective: Survive the Nazi attack until reinforcements arrive!
Glory: Survive the Nazi attack
Defeat 15 Nazis before it's over
Defeat 25 Nazis before it's over
Light only 1 of the beacons
Completely destroy the bridge

Objective: Break through the door behind the wall.
Glory: Break through the door behind the wall.
Break through the door in 20 shots
Break through the door in 15 shots
Toss 5 Nazis over the edge
Succeed with at least 75% health

Objective: Open the door to the Temple of the Staff!
Glory: Enter the Temple of the Staff
Enter the Temple in under 5 minutes
Enter the Temple in under 3 minutes
Smash 4 Nazis into the rubble
Get in with at least 80% health

Objective: Reach the Staff of Moses!
Glory: Get the Staff
Get the Staff within 8 minutes
Get the Staff within 7 minutes
Revolve the gears no more than 15 times
Revolve the gears no more than 20 times

Objective: Reach the exit in the cavern roof!
Glory: Reach the exit
Reach the exit in under 9 minutes
Reach the exit in under 6 minutes
Survive with at least 75% health
Survive without using a single medical kit

Objective: Defeat the Nazis and get onto the Odin!
Glory: Get onto the Odin alive
Get onto the Odin within 8 minutes
Get onto the Odin within 4 minutes
Open the gate only once
Bring down all the balconies

Objective: Find a way inside the gondola!
Glory: Get inside the gondola
Get inside within 6 minutes
Get inside within 4 minutes
Throw 10 Nazis off the Odin
Survive with at least 75% health

Objective: Dump 2 Nazi planes through the hangar doors!
Glory: Dump both planes and survive
Drop the planes within 8 minutes
Drop the planes within 7 minutes
Throw 10 Nazis out the hangar doors
Survive with at least 75% health

Objective: Survive the Nazis and escape
Glory: Escape with your life
Escape within 6 minutes
Escape within 4 minutes
Throw 10 Nazis out the cargo bay door
Survive with at least 75% health

Objective: Defeat all the Nazis and protect Maggie
Glory: Defeat the Nazis
Defeat the Nazis in 6 minutes
Defeat the Nazis in 4 minutes
Smash all 3 stovetop burners
Throw Nazis through every window

Objective: Break through to continue after Magnus
Glory: Break through the wall
Break through in under 5 minutes
Break through in under 2 minutes
Complete with over 75% health
Break into the secret room

Objective: Defeat Magnus and retrieve the Staff!
Glory: Defeat Magnus
Defeat Magnus with 30% health remaining
Defeat Magnus with 50% health remaining
Use the grand piano against Magnus
Defeat Magnus within 3 minutes

Objective: Complete the level
Glory: Complete the level
Complete the level in two minutes
Complete the level in one minute
Do something special
Complete the level without getting hurt

Objective: Escape Magnus through the Bay of Bengal!
Glory: Escape with your life
Escape, falling no more than once
Escape without falling at all
Shoot at least 10 rock piles
No Nazis board the truck

Objective: Survive as long as you can!
Glory: Defeat 5 enemies in 1 minute
Defeat 15 enemies in 3 minutes
Defeat 25 enemies in 5 minutes

Objective: Survive as long as you can!
Glory: Defeat 5 enemies in 1 minute
Defeat 15 enemies in 3 minutes
Defeat 25 enemies in 5 minutes

Objective: Collect as many Treasures as you can in five minutes!
Glory: Collect 12 Treasures
Collect 18 Treasures
Collect 24 Treasures


Glory - Each time you complete an objective in the game, you earn GLORY, which can be spent in this menu to upgrade Indy's abilities.
Fortune - Each time you win a level, the new artifacts you discovered count towards your FORTUNE, which can be spent in this menu to buy bonus content.
Use the analog stick to move around. Press O to dive out of the way of hazards -- like giant boulders.
Press T to pick things up or interact with them when you see the HAND icon.
Use the analog stick to press forward against the window and climb outside.
Approach the ladder. When you see the HAND icon at the top of the screen, press T to grab the ladder, then use the analog stick to climb.
When you see the JUMP icon, press T to jump.
When you see the HAND icon, you can press T to interact with objects like that valve wheel on the ground.
Approach the pipes and press T to attach the wheel. Watch the icons at the top of the screen for further guidance.
Someone dropped a valuable Chinese puzzle box up here! When you see the IDOL icon, you can press T to collect it.
Approach the radio antenna and press T to interact with it. Then hit X repeatedly to push it over.
Step out onto the balance beam and use L and R to steady yourself as you lean left and right.
Hazards like this electric arc can HURT! Try to get through it without taking damage. (You can press O to roll through it quickly.)
When you are near a shootable object, your gun icon will glow. Hold R to aim, and press S to fire.
Careful! Indy only has six shots! If you waste them after this tutorial, they're gone for good! Let's try that again . . .
When you are near a whip target, your whip icon will glow. Hold R to aim, and then press X to swing across the alley.
You've caught up with an enemy! It's time to fight. Press X for a quick punch, and S for a slower strong punch. Press T to grab.
You can chain together combo moves with X, S, and T to do more damage and break through enemies' defenses.
Lock onto an enemy by holding L. Cycle through targets by pressing L repeatedly. While locked onto an enemy, you will automatically try to BLOCK his attacks.
When you see a BOTTLE icon, that means there is a weapon nearby that you can grab. Press T to equip the weapon, and press X and S to swing it. Try it now!
When you see a HOTSET icon, that means you are in the right position to SLAM an enemy into an object by pressing T. Try throwing these guys through windows.
When you are locked onto an enemy, you can press O to evade his attacks. Pressing O while moving the analog stick left or right allows you to sidestep around an enemy.
If you successfully evade an enemy, press X to launch a quick and deadly counterattack!
Press T when you see the MEDKIT icon to use a medical kit when your health is low.
Collecting artifacts helps you earn unlockable cheats and extras. Press S from Indy's Journal to learn details about artifacts.
When an enemy blocks your attacks, you can use combos to break his block and defeat him!
Seriously. Walk up to one of the chairs or bottles. When you see the BOTTLE icon, press T to pick it up.
That thug is standing under a chandelier! Hold R to target the chandelier, and X to grab it with your whip. Then rapidly press X to pull it down!
Use DLEFT and DRIGHT to rotate the camera and explore the Lao Che Lounge.
With an enemy targeted, hold R and tap X to stun or disarm him with your whip. You can also HOLD X to whip him off his feet!
Keep searching the room for evidence that might lead you to Archie. Look everywhere, and watch for T icons!
As with the whip, you can shoot a targeted enemy with your gun by holding R and tapping S.
You can pick up that lid and use it as a shield! Shields do less damage, but they improve your ability to block enemy weapons.
Death From Above
Getting shot from above? You can use L to target off-screen enemies. Or try whipping down their platforms to get them on your level!
Find a way to block two of the doors, so that you and Suzy can escape the Tong thugs!
Remember that you can shoot objects with your gun by holding R when the icon is lit, and then tapping S!
Take cover! Blind Duck is a legendary gunslinger! Remember to keep an eye on him by targeting him with L.
You can use debris from the vents to stun Blind Duck, leaving him temporarily vulnerable to your combo attacks …
You can clear smoke from the air by breaking a window with a firework, or with your gun. If you breathe smoke for too long, you'll die!
Hold L to target an enemy. Press S when the crosshair is RED to shoot him.
Hold O to crouch and reload. While you are crouched down, you are impossible to hit!
When you see the T icon, hit it quickly to fire your gun at the environment and drop hazards into your enemies' path!
You can push these boulders by pressing against them as long as they are moving slowly. But if they speed up, stay out of the way!
That altar in the center of the room is loaded with noxious incense. If someone were to just hit it hard enough . . .
When you see your target starting to swing, you can EVADE by pressing O. Press X immediately afterwards to counterattack for extra damage!
You're not strong enough to knock over this mirror . . . you need to find a CROWBAR.
That Nazi dropped a CROWBAR! Pick it up with T and use it to pry off the three mirrors.
You need to trigger all three pressure plates at once. Try whipping down those statues to get some big stone blocks!
Use L and R to rotate Indy around the Pendulum. Use the analog stick to lean in any direction.
Hold X to really give the Pendulum a PUSH. You can also shoot down at enemies by pressing S.
Use L and R to aim the catapult. Then hold X to pull back, and release X to fire.
You need to open the hangar doors, climb up and lower each plane from the ceiling, and then release the clamps in order to scuttle the Nazi fighters.
You need to open the bay door beneath the plane before you can successfully lower it.
You need to open the bay door and lower the plane before you can release it.


By the way . . .
If you turn on a cheat, you won't receive any Fortune or Glory for your accomplishments. Is this okay?

Overhead Slam!
Chest Kick!
Groin Kick!
Shield Swipe!
Home Run!



You can change your selection later from the OPTIONS MENU.
You cannot change the difficulty level during play. You must exit to the main menu to make this change.

Famous Construction
Archie Tan Portrait
Chinatown Concept
Tong Thug Progression
Blind Duck Portrait
Temple of the Cosmos
Rolling Rocks
Sudao Portrait
Panama Concept
Up the River
Sultan's Palace
Istanbul Concept
Indiana Jones Portrait
Elephant Portrait
Elephant Chase Concept
Hidden Paradise
Shaken Up
Maggie O'Malley Portrait
Ancient Ruin Concept
Nepal Concept
Odin Concept
Nazi Engineer Progression
Nazi Soldier Portrait
Nazi Engineer Portrait
Race Across the Sea
No Extras have been unlocked!
Collect Artifacts in the game, and then select Fortune & Glory from the Main Menu to start purchasing Extras!

I represent a museum that may be interested in your services. Next time you are in the States, do give me a call.
Archie has a collection of Chinese puzzle boxes. See if he can spare one for the museum!
These gangsters have been dealing in antique ivory figurines on the side. Grab some for us?
While you're looking for Archie, see if you can find more of those Chinese puzzle boxes!
That factory is still using some ancient alchemical equipment . . . could you grab us a sample?
Don't worry about picking up any artifacts -- you have enough on your plate already.
If you try to pick up an artifact while you're fleeing at full speed on a cable car, I'll shoot you myself.
The natives collect these snake-like figurines called 'Huacas', if you could find us a couple.
There is a certain kind of ceremonial arrowhead that the museum has been lacking . . .
Stay focused. Nothing is more valuable than the Jade Sphere.
Even rarer than the Snake Huacas are WARRIOR Huacas, found only around the temples . . .
The Khazars wore belts of brass medallions that we would love to finally see up close.
I don't think we're interested in the sort of 'artifact' you might pick up behind an elephant.
If you happen across any of the official seals used in the eastern empire, please grab them for us!
Citizens of the Byzantine Empire carried a distinctive sort of cross that we don't find anywhere else.
Stay focused. Nothing is more important than finding the Shepherd.
While you're in the mountains, I've developed an interest in ancient Lichavi inscriptions . . .
The Gurkhas carried an unusual recurving knife known as a Khukri. If you see any . . .
Any scriptural texts you find with the Staff could revolutionize our study of the apocrypha!
Magnus has been collecting bits of that horrible 'Orichalcum' substance from Atlantis . . .
While you're searching Magnus's things, see if you can find any of Solomon's jewels . . .
A few more fragments of the Mirror of Dreams would be a real find!
When you get your hands on the Staff, don't stop for anything else. Just run!

You were defeated!
No fortune or glory earned.



You let Maggie die!
The ship is disabled! Now you'll never catch up to Sudao, and the Jade Sphere is lost forever!
You let Maggie die, and the Jade Sphere fell into Sudao's hands, never to be seen again.
The Nazis got their message to Magnus! Now he's one step ahead of you, and at the rate you're going, you'll never catch up.
The entrance was sealed by rubble before you could get through! Now you'll never find the Shepherd, and Magnus will reach the Staff of Moses without you!
You swung out over the open sky . . . and failed to catch hold of the Odin. What an awful way to die.
You let Maggie die!

SORRY! You can't purchase any cheats until you've beaten the entire game.
CHEAT: Indy takes no damage from combat. Other hazards are still lethal.
CHEAT: Indy can now defeat each enemy with a single hit.
CHEAT: Indy never has to reload his revolver.
CHEAT: Indy's weapons never degrade or break.
CHEAT: Balance beams are now uber-easy!
CHEAT: Indy will take no damage from combat! Only %d points.
CHEAT: Indy will defeat enemies with a single hit! Only %d points.
CHEAT: Indy will never again need to reload his revolver! Only %d points.
CHEAT: Indy's weapons will never degrade or break! Only %d points.
CHEAT: Balance beams will be uber-easy! Only %d points.
Activate this cheat from the Cheats Menu during play.

Unlock the ransacked Treasure Room! %d points.
Unlock the luxurious Turkish Harem! (Wives not included.) %d points.
Unlock the treacherous Bottomless Pit! %d points.
You can access this Time Trial from the CHOOSE LEVEL menu.
You have unlocked the ransacked Treasure Room! You can access this bonus Time Trial from the Choose Level screen.
You have unlocked the treacherous Bottomless Pit! You can access this bonus Time Trial from the Choose Level screen.
You have unlocked the Harem (wives not included)! You can access this bonus Time Trial from the Choose Level screen.

Chinatown Concept Art
Panama Concept Art
Istanbul Concept Art
Nepal Concept Art
Odin Concept Art

Survivor: Health 125%
Boxer: Punch Damage 125%
Brawler: Combo Damage 125%
Slugger: Weapon Damage 125%
Defender: Shield Health 150%
Marksman: Chase Damage 125%
Grappler: 5 Extra Throw Damage
Medic: Healing 150%
Bullwhip: 5 Extra Whip Damage
Survivor: Health 150%
Boxer: Punch Damage 150%
Brawler: Combo Damage 150%
Slugger: Weapon Damage 150%
Defender: Shield Health 200%
Marksman: Chase Damage 150%
Grappler: 10 Extra Throw Damage
Medic: Healing 200%
Bullwhip: 10 Extra Whip Damage
Survivor: Health 175%
Survivor: Health 200%
Raise Indy's health! Only %d Glory Points.
Raises Indy's health. He can now take more damage before falling.
Increase Indy's basic punching damage! Only %d Glory Points.
Indy now does more damage with basic punches.
Increase Indy's combo damage! Only %d Glory Points.
Now combo moves (like X X S) are more powerful.
Increase Indy's damage with improvised weapons! Only %d Glory Points.
Indy now does more damage with weapons he finds.
Increase the durability of Indy's shields! Only %d Glory Points.
Now when Indy uses a shield-type weapon, it lasts longer.
Increase Indy's accuracy in chases! Only %d Glory Points.
In chase sequences, Indy's pistol does more damage.
Do more damage when you throw enemies! Only %d Glory Points.
Enemies now take more damage when you throw them.
Increase the value of medical kits! Only %d Glory Points.
Indy can more effectively heal himself with medical kits.
Add damage to Indy's whip! Only %d Glory Points.
Indy now does more damage with his whip.
You do not have enough Glory to buy this upgrade. Try replaying some levels and earning more Glory stars!


Executive Producer - Michael Waite
Producer - Matt Turnbull
Development Manager - Elizabeth Walkey
Art Director - Peter King
Art Lead - Lorian Kiesel Taylor
Animators - Tony Gaddis, Danny Ngan, Aaron Sutherland
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Original Indiana Jones music composed by
John Williams. © Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM.
All rights reserved. Used under authorization.
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Indiana Jones - John Armstrong
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Magnus Völler - Adrian Schiller
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Suzie Tan - Dionne Quan
Blind Duck - James Se
Sudao - Jorge Belon
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Assistant Lead Tester - Anthony L. Leblanc
Testers - Carole Boudreault, Henry Wong, Jean Yuson, Kamil Andrzejewski, Marc Andre Cherilus, Mathieu Savage, Matthew Kowalewski

Special Thanks - Bryan Howell, Adam Bormann, Steven Chen, Dennis Cheng, Robert Clarke, John Dumala, Dmitri Ellingson, Joe Estus, Gregory Harsh, Bob Koch, Nick Pavis, Jonathan Kwong, Taek Yun, Ken Balough, Chip Sbrogna, Josh Harr, Kevin Kebodeaux, Brandee Marckmann, Tabitha Szary, Mom and Dad Pettway, Elaine New, Christie Callenback, Kaylin Bossard, The Thomson Clan, The Quinones Family, The Tomczek Family, Corinne Callois, Dan “Danimal” Balough, Melissa Cordova, Jean Michel, Benat Martinon
Very Special Thanks - George Lucas

Executive Producer - Michael Waite
Producer - Matt Turnbull, Blunt Multart
Dinner Ordered By Butt Turnmall, Tart Bluntlum, All Burntmutt
Multiplayer Programmer - Andrew Harris
Special Thanks To: Zoë Card, Caroline Horn, Fraser's Mutant Spawn

Foundation 9 Entertainment
Chief Operations Officer - David Mann
Dr. Charles Kingston
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