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Staff of Kings PSP script (part 2)


Mister Völler told me you would be here. Doctor Jones, right?

Indiana Jones
Who are YOU?

[laughs] What kind of assassin would I be if I told you who I was?
[gleeful laughter]

Indiana Jones
[nervous laughter]

[knife-throwing exclamation]

Nazi Soldier 1
[translate German] There he is! Kill him!


Indiana Jones
By the time I found the Chronicle, I'd had my fill of Nazi spies. With a dozen of them on my tail, it was only a matter of time and luck before they cornered me. There was only one way out . . .

Indiana Jones [shouting at an elephant]
Can't you stampede any faster?
[commenting to himself, exasperated]
This place is crawling with Nazis!
[commenting to himself on the sheer number of Nazis; exasperated]
It's like some sort of German holiday here …
[commenting to himself, exasperated at the number of Nazis here]
Magnus wasn't fooling around …
[taunting a fallen Nazi … SHOUT AT A MORE DISTANT LISTENER]
You shouldn't try to shoot while you drive!
Get your own elephant!
Hope you have insurance!
[annoyed at the elephant he is riding]
Keep it steady, I'm trying to shoot here!

[annoyed trumpet]

Indiana Jones [deriding the elephant he's riding]
You know why Hannibal never conquered Rome? He was riding an elephant!

[trumpet of protest]

Indiana Jones [sarcasm toward the elephant he's riding]
I'd tell you to hide somewhere, but that probably wouldn't work …

[trumpet of agreement]

Indiana Jones [threatening the elephant he's riding]
Run faster! Or I'll make a piano out of you!

[trumpet of fear]

Indiana Jones [negotiating with the elephant he's riding]
Get me out of this alive, and there's a big bag of peanuts in it for you …

[eager trumpet]

Indiana Jones [angry; shouting]
Are you crazy?
Lousy tourists!
[scared, shouting]
Mad elephant!
Run for your lives!
[angry; shouting]
Go back to where you came from!
[thinks he's getting a reprieve at first]
[whew] … Oh no … more of them.
[struggling with guy who grabbed him from behind]
Urk … Aggh … Where … did YOU … come from?
[peeved that there are so many Nazis]
[sigh] Not these guys again.
[relieved to have survived]
[whew] … I think that's all of them.

Maggie O'Malley [getting Indy's attention subtly, from an alleyway]
[reporting on the day's spying]
I followed Magnus into the old cistern. He's already digging up the place looking for your 'Shepherd' . . .

Indiana Jones [sounds like he relishes the challenge]
Perfect. The more the merrier.

Maggie O'Malley [a bit sarcastic … thinks Indy should be worrying more]
Well, you don't seem too concerned. Magnus has hundreds of men scouring the place, and we're just getting started . . .

Indiana Jones [revealing his ace in the hole — the Chronicle]
But WE know where to look.

Maggie O'Malley [making light of Indy's injured status]
Get up, Indy! The Nazis are way ahead of us!

Indiana Jones [triumphant … he may be hurt, but he got what he came for]
But WE know where we're going.


Indiana Jones
The Nazis were already digging in the cistern by the time I showed up. But since they didn't know about the Chronicle, they were just taking shots in the dark. I knew exactly where to go. With a little luck, I'd be able to get in, grab the Shepherd, and get out before anyone was the wiser. But my luck's never been that good . . .

Indiana Jones [talking quietly … someone might overhear]
Maggie . . . guard the entrance. I'll be back with the Shepherd.

Maggie O'Malley [frustrated about missing out on her story]
Of course. YOU get to explore the ancient ruin, while I stand out HERE, collecting dust.

Indiana Jones [dismissively]
Take some pictures or something. I'll be right back.

Maggie O'Malley [angry tsk]

Indiana Jones [to himself]
Magnus has scouts all over the place … this won't be as easy as I thought.
[interrogating while smacking]
Where's Magnus!
Does Magnus know I'm here?

Nazi Soldier 1 [resisting interrogation]
I don't know!
No sprechen sie English!

Nazi Soldier 2 [resisting interrogation]
I know nothing!
No English!

Indiana Jones [interrogating while smacking]
Where are you digging?
Has Magnus found it yet?
[shouting up a progress report … LESS NASAL]
Maggie! I'm about halfway there!

Maggie O'Malley [still resents being left behind … SHOUTING AT INDY SEVERAL FLOORS BELOW]
Wonderful. I'm half asleep up here!

Nazi Soldier 1 [falling from railing]

Nazi Soldier 2 [falling from railing]

Nazi Soldier 3 [falling from railing]

Nazi Soldier 4 [falling from railing]
Not the railing!

Nazi Soldier 1

Nazi Soldier 2

Nazi Soldier 3 [shouting as he joins the fray]
It's Jones! Get him!
Throw him off!
Kill the American!

Nazi Soldier 4 [shouting as he joins the fray]
Get him!
Kill him!

Nazi Soldier 1 [shouting as he joins the fray]
Das es verboten!
What's he doing here?

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he joins the fray]
This is restricted area!
Jones is alive!

Nazi Soldier 1 [triumphant … believes he has outsmarted Indy]
Is THIS where you're headed, Jones?

Nazi Soldier 2 [believes he has captured Indy; is giving him orders]
Take us to the Shepherd! Now!

Indiana Jones [friendly and nonchalant; proving he is not intimidated]
Sorry, guys. I work alone.

Nazi Soldier 3 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Capture him!

Nazi Soldier 1 [mocking as he enters the fray]
So, we are doing this the hard way!

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray; suggests that he will kill Indy rather than soliciting his help]
We will find the Shepherd ourselves!


Indiana Jones
According to the Chronicle, the cisterns were commissioned by a paranoid Roman proconsul who was terrified of his water supply being poisoned. He placed a series of gates at the entrance designed to foil saboteurs. Before I could find the Shepherd, I had to get through those gates.

Indiana Jones [reminding himself about the layout of this place]
The Chronicle said the Shepherd was through that gate . . .
[talking to himself as he enters a new ruined chamber]
I'm surprised this place is still standing, after all these years . . .

Indiana Jones [sarcastic — suddenly drenched in water]
Aagh! Perfect.
[to himself; the room is starting to collapse]
Better finish this up, before the whole ceiling comes down.
Don't have much time …
[to himself; a door just slammed shut behind him]
Hope I can find another way back …
DAMN! It's sealed. It'd take an army of Germans to get in there …
[trying to piece together the puzzle of this room … LESS OFFENDED AT THE WATER PIPES … JUST MUSING; CURIOUS]
What were all these water pipes for?
[trying to piece together the puzzle of this room]
Is there a switch, or some kind of mechanism I can use to open this gate?
This wheel's got to do SOMEthing.
That column doesn't look too sturdy.


Indiana Jones
According to the Chronicle, the Shepherd was hidden inside a large, open chamber with a timekeeping pendulum in the center. The pendulum served as a sort of time lock. The Shepherd would only be revealed after the pendulum swung across the right sequence of numbers. Hope it still works . . .

Indiana Jones [talking to himself]
There's an inscription here . . .
[translating aloud]
The treasured Shepherd can be thine
Alone at the appointed time.
Awake, six-fifty, with the sheep,
And ten-past-nine, lie down to sleep.
Six-and-fifty, nine-and-ten.
The door will open only then.
[piecing together the puzzle of this room]
These times sound like a code to reveal the Shepherd . . . and this room is built like a clock.
All it needs . . . is a swinging pendulum.
[going over the riddle to himself]
All right, the inscription had two times in it . . . six-fifty and nine-ten . . .
. . . and this room is a giant clock . . .
It must be some sort of combination lock.
[thinking out loud; trying to solve a puzzle]
This room is like a huge combination lock. I have to hit the right numbers.
The poem said 'six-fifty' and 'nine-ten'. But the numbers only go up to twelve.
Maybe it's like a giant clock . . .
Six-fifty, nine-ten. The numbers on a clock.
[he is swinging toward the Shepherd on a pendulum, trying to reach out and grab it]
There's the Shepherd! Now to grab it and get out of here!
[excited … then realizes he's still in trouble]
There it is! The Shepherd! Now . . . how do I get off this thing . . ?
Nazis . . .

Nazi Soldier 1 [shouting as he enters the fray]
He's going for the Shepherd! Stop him!

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Find the Shepherd!
Hurry! Before he reaches it!


Indiana Jones
I found the Shepherd, but things got messy, and quick. Between the collapsing ceiling in the water works and the rusty mechanism in the pendulum chamber, I managed to bring down the entire site. I'm still not sure how I got out of there . . .

Maggie O'Malley [shouting from afar as the whole place starts to collapse]

Indiana Jones [shouting; distracted by collapsing stuff]
I'll tell you in a minute!

Maggie O'Malley [shouting from afar]
Hurry up, the whole place is coming down!

Indiana Jones [barely missed by a piece of falling debris]
That was close …
[shouting; barely missed by a piece of falling debris]
Still wish you'd come down here with me?

Maggie O'Malley [sarcastic; shouting from afar]
I didn't know you were planning to demolish the place!


Indiana Jones
The Shepherd pointed us to Nepal. According to the Chronicle, the Staff of Moses was laid to rest in an underground temple in the mythical city of Suya Desh. Supposedly, the Staff's power kept the city warm year-round, even at the top of the Himalayas. Let's hope the stories are true. But just in case, I'm leaving Maggie with the supplies and trekking up the mountain alone.

Indiana Jones [shouts up from the bottom of a gorge … A BIG LONG HELLOOOOOOO! … NOT LIKE HE'S ANSWERING THE PHONE]
[to himself]
This place was abandoned centuries ago.
[shouts up from the bottom of a gorge … BETTER THAN THE OTHER GORGE LINES, BUT NOT QUITE THERE]
[to himself]
If he's here, he probably froze to death.
[suddenly hit by a chill]
The wind is picking up.
[getting pushed back by the wind; talking to himself while fighting it]
I better watch my step -- I'm liable to get blown right off the edge.
[looking at a precarious balance beam in a windy canyon]
I don't want to be crossing THAT when the wind is up . . .


Indiana Jones
I found the entrance to the city, and went back to collect Maggie and our supplies. When we entered, it was just like the legends said -- a little bit of paradise surrounded by nothing but alpine desolation. Even the air seemed thicker here. But the biggest surprise wasn't the city -- it was who we found waiting there . . . for me.

Charles Kingston [catching Indy's attention, seeing him for the first time in ages]
I always knew it would be you!

Indiana Jones [turning around and seeing an old mentor he thought was dead]
Charles? Professor Kingston! You're alive.

Charles Kingston [quite satisfied to see Indy]
Welcome to Suya Desh, Indy.
[quite satisfied to see Indy, and not someone else]
I knew someone would find my trail, eventually. I'm just glad it was you. In the wrong hands . . . I hate to think what the Staff could do.
[awed by approaching zeppelin]
What is THAT monstrosity?

(Nazi soldiers invade the place.)

Indiana Jones [placing himself between the professor and danger]
Charles, stay clear! I'll handle this.

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
I am here, Kommandant!

Nazi Soldier 1 [shouting as he enters the fray]
I see him!

Charles Kingston [shouting to Indy from offscreen]
Indy, the guards are out patrolling the mountains! You have to call them back!

Indiana Jones [shouting back]

Charles Kingston [shouting to Indy from offscreen]
Light the signal fires! Tell them the city's in danger!
Indy, the fires! You won't survive on your own!
We need reinforcements! Get those fires lit!

Indiana Jones ['Please stop nagging me! Now what?']
All right, it's lit! How long till they get here?

Charles Kingston [shouting to Indy from offscreen]
There's no way to be sure.

Indiana Jones [sarcastic … SAME VOICE AS 'ind_nep02_ingame1_9' … SAME CONVERSATION]

Charles Kingston [shouting to Indy from offscreen]
Light the other fire! Let them know it's urgent!

Indiana Jones [lighting a giant bonfire]
They won't miss THIS!

Charles Kingston [shouting to Indy from offscreen]
Just a little longer, Indy! They're almost here!
Indy! They're here! Fall back to the temple! We'll let the guards protect the city!

Indiana Jones [impatient]
It's about time!

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
How did he get up here?
Ja Kommandant!

Nazi Soldier 1 [shouting as he enters the fray]
He is over there!
Deutschland über alles!

Nazi Soldier 2 [spits out faceful of fruit]

Nazi Soldier 1 [spits out faceful of fruit]

Nazi Soldier 2 [head smacked into prayer wheel]
AUGH! What ARE those things?

Nazi Soldier 1 [head smacked into prayer wheel]
Mein Kopf!

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Throw him off the cliff!

Nazi Soldier 3 [shouting orders as he enters the fray]
Move out!
Secure the city!
Deutschland über alles!
Get him! Kill him!
Take him down!
I need answers!

Nazi Soldier 4 [shouting orders as he enters the fray]
Take the market!
What! Jones is here?
He is only one man!
How did he get here?

Indiana Jones [talking to himself]
Hope they can see the signal in all this snow . . .
[shouting to Kingston]
I've got one lit!
The signal's up!
Those patrols had better hurry up!
[frustrated; instructing an inanimate object]
Stay lit this time!
[quietly encouraging a distant ally to see his distress and come to help]
Come on, come on . . .

Charles Kingston [shouting to get Indy's attention]
Indy! The wind just blew one of the signal fires out!
The wind is picking up again, Indy!

Indiana Jones [sarcastic; annoyed at Kingston for living somewhere that a fire can't stay lit for more than a few minutes]
Nice weather we're having!
Could you live somewhere WITHOUT gale-force winds every few minutes?


Indiana Jones
Once the Suya Deshans rallied to defend their city, I went hunting for the entrance to the Temple. I had to get inside and grab the Staff before the Nazis. Apparently, Maggie had the same idea. There was only one obstacle -- a stone wall, two hundred feet tall and twenty feet thick . . .

Maggie O'Malley [anxious to get inside, with Nazis dropping in all around her]
The Temple of the Staff is behind that wall! Do you think you can make us an entrance?

Indiana Jones [says this like everyone fired catapults as a kid]
I haven't fired a catapult since I was a kid.

Maggie O'Malley [dry; then enthusiastic when she volunteers to spot]
Okay . . . I'll get closer and spot for you!

Maggie O'Malley [like she's telling him new and terrifying information]
Indy! The Nazis are HERE!

Indiana Jones [sarcastic … he's just been fighting Nazis]
REALLY. What was your first clue?

Maggie O'Malley [she's right, actually]
You don't have to be rude. It's not like I do this sort of thing ALL the time.
[back to business]
The Temple of the Staff is behind that wall. I don't think we can get there from here.

Indiana Jones [eyeing a giant catapult]
Oh … I'm sure we'll think of something.
[taking charge of the catapult]
I'll aim this thing at the wall! You load and fire.

Maggie O'Malley [does not trust Indy's skill with siege weaponry]
Right. You know how to use this thing?

Indiana Jones ['What choice do we have?']
I guess we'll find out.

Maggie O'Malley [Indy just missed a shot pretty flagrantly] [SHOUTING]
Might we try aiming at the wall?

Indiana Jones [Indy just missed a shot pretty flagrantly] [SHOUTING]
That was for calibration.

Maggie O'Malley [Indy just missed a shot and hit a tower] [SHOUTING]
I hope that wasn't important!

Indiana Jones [covering for a mistake] [SHOUTING]
It's recent construction. Two hundred years old, tops.

Maggie O'Malley [continuing to bother Indy about having smashed up an architectural marvel] [SHOUTING]
You could always ship the fragments to a museum …
[Indy just hit the target wall with a rock] [SHOUTING]
We hit it! It's working!
[Indy just missed a shot pretty flagrantly] [SHOUTING]
Quit messing about with that thing!

Indiana Jones [Indy just hit the target wall with a rock] [SHOUTING]
Well, that's progress.

Maggie O'Malley [Indy just hit the target wall with a rock] [SHOUTING]
It's coming down!

Indiana Jones [Indy has succeeded … on to the next phase]
All right, you hold them off here. I'll get the Staff.

Maggie O'Malley ['You do realize I can't fight these guys …']
Hold them off? You're leaving me with a tank, then?

Indiana Jones [false confidence]
I'll be back. Don't worry.

Maggie O'Malley [she has no intention of following Indy's orders when the stakes are this high]
My STORY is in there. Don't expect me to stand out here forever!

Indiana Jones [dismissive, as always]
You do whatever you want. Long as you're out of my way.

Maggie O'Malley [urgent warning] [SHOUTING]
Indy! Soldiers, ten o'clock!
They're climbing the walls! Stop them!
Indy! Look out!
They're coming up the hill!
They're right on top of you!
[prompting Indy for a chance to do some damage]
Bring him over here, Indy! I'll send him over the wall!
[just fired a Nazi over a wall with a catapult]
That was satisfying. Find another one!
[under attack by Nazis]
Indy, they're coming after ME!
Leave me alone!
Could use some help over here!
Stop playing with that thing and help me!
Breaking that wall won't do any good if they KILL us!
You want to give me a hand here?
[under attack by Nazis … and losing]
I can't take much more of this …
Indy … help!
[under attack by a Nazi]
Get this goose-stepper away from me!
[exasperated with Indy's lack of support]
Come and HELP me!
[under attack by a Nazi]
I could use some help!
Got a bit of a problem here!
Indy, could you hit this German for me?
Leave me ALONE!
[just defeated some Nazis; preparing to return to the task at hand] [SHOUTING]
I think that's the last of them! I'm back on the catapult!
No more Nazis that I can see … Start firing!
I think we've earned a breather. Let's hurl some more rocks!
There'll be more of them soon. Better throw a few stones while you still can!
We've GOT to get through that wall before the Nazis overrun us!

Indiana Jones [just defeated some Nazis; preparing to return to the task at hand] [SHOUTING]
That's all of them for now. Get ready to spot for me, Maggie!
[whew] Ready to knock a wall down, Maggie?
Get your eyes on that wall! We're taking it down!

Maggie O'Malley [just defeated some Nazis; frustrated at Indy's inability to effectively aim a catapult] [SHOUTING]
Could you try to make some progress this time? We can't hold them off forever!


Indiana Jones
We ran through the caves, and got as far as the underground entrance before the Nazis caught up with us. I knew if I let them get in, they'd pillage the Temple and take the Staff, along with anything else that wasn't nailed down.

Indiana Jones [looking up, awed, at the entrance to a legendary temple … LESS BREATHY, IF POSSIBLE]
The Temple of the Staff . . .
['… want to get inside before the Nazis do.']
The mechanism for opening the door is broken. I'll need to fix it if I . . .

Maggie O'Malley [shouted warning from deeper inside a tunnel]
Indy! The Nazis are right behind you!

Indiana Jones ['Why are you just SHOUTING when you could be HELPING?']
Can you DO something about that?

Maggie O'Malley ['I can't fight a dozen Nazis alone, stupid!']
Sorry, must have left my machine gun in my other purse!

Indiana Jones [to himself, with resolve]
I can't let them into the Temple . . . I have to stop them right here. Permanently.
[to himself, planning his strategy]
This floor is falling apart! If I can bring it down, they won't be able to follow me . . .

Nazi Soldier 1 [shouting as he enters the fray]
The Temple is through that door!
Kill the American!
Shoot him!

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
The Staff belongs to US, Doctor Jones!
Out of my way!
[shouting a warning as he enters the fray]
Achtung! The floor is collapsing!

Indiana Jones [taunting an enemy crushed by a falling pillar … MORE SARCASTIC and TRIUMPHANT]
Watch out for falling rocks!
[reacting to the floor only partially collapsing, when Indy needs the whole thing to go]
It'll take more than that …
[reacting to the floor ALMOST collapsing, when Indy needs it to FULLY collapse]
One more big crash should do it …
[shouting a progress report to Maggie]
I blocked off the entrance!

Maggie O'Malley [immediate logical reaction to Indy blocking the exit]
How are you going to get OUT?!

Indiana Jones [didn't think of that; still shouting, as in 'ind_nep04_ingame1_8']
Er … Good question!

Maggie O'Malley [exasperated at Indy]
Just get the Staff! I'll think of something!

Indiana Jones [strategizing to himself]
It looks like the mechanism is missing a wheel. I'll need that if I want to open the door.
These columns are cracked. They could fall and block the door at any moment. I just need to apply the right kind of pressure …
[yes! Awesome!]
A crowbar! I'm glad these boys came prepared …
[effort to turn a wheel] The gears are jammed! I'll need another crowbar to get them running again …


Indiana Jones
The central sanctuary of the Temple was like the inside of an ancient mill. Immense gears drove a system of platforms and bridges that spanned a bottomless ravine. I had to cross that ravine and get to the Staff before the Nazis found a new way inside.

Indiana Jones [recognizing the workmanship … emphasis on the word MILLS … this isn't a mill, so he's comparing]
These gears . . . the Romans built mills like this.

Maggie O'Malley [awed by the Staff sitting on its altar ...]
Look! It's the Staff!
[… then noticing the complex puzzle between her and the Staff … MORE OF A QUESTION THAN A STATEMENT]
How do we get there from here?

Indiana Jones [figuring out the puzzle]
If we connect the gears together, we should be able to extend the bridges.

You're the archaeologist!

Maggie O'Malley [calling Indy's attention to a turnable wheel]
Indy, look! Up on the top platform!

Indiana Jones [acknowledging that Maggie is right]
I see it! I think it's the control mechanism.
[progress report after getting part of the job done]
Only part of the system is working . . . I need to connect more gears.
[he made progress … but not enough yet]
There's got to be more to it than this. I'll keep looking for gears to connect.
There! I've got them turning!

Maggie O'Malley [trying to be supportive … doesn't come naturally]
Good for you!

Indiana Jones [excited that he's found the answer]
It's working!
[wondering at how well this thing is working]
This wheel is controlling everything now!

Maggie O'Malley [asking a practical question in the midst of awe and excitement]
Can you use it to lower the last bridge?

Indiana Jones [coming to realize that this is still going to be difficult]
I think so! But everything's moving at different speeds!
[putting effort into trying to line something up, and not quite getting it]
Almost . . .
[one piece falls into place]
I've nearly got it!
That's it!

Maggie O'Malley ['Oh noes! Nazis!']
Hurry up and get the Staff! I hear them coming!
[Indy is dragging his feet, and their lives depend on them hurrying. 'Come ON, Indy!']
Go, Indy! Go!

Indiana Jones [thinking out loud]
A lot of these gears aren't moving . . . it's like the machinery is all jammed up.
I guess after all these years, it's a miracle it works at all . . .
I need to get all the gears moving before this machine is going to really work . . .
Once all the gears are moving, I'll really be able to put this thing to some use.
I need to get all the gears lined up if I want to extend the last bridge and reach the Staff.
This place is like a huge combination lock. I need to make the right moves, left and right, to get all the gears lined up with each other.

Maggie O'Malley [Throw me the idol! I'll throw you the whip! MORE URGENTLY]
Indy, throw it to me!

Indiana Jones [taken totally by surprise as Maggie betrays him … MORE INCREDULOUS; LESS HURT AND HORRIFIED; IT HASN'T SUNK IN YET]
Wait! What are you DOING?

Maggie O'Malley [feeling guilty for betraying him]
I'm sorry, Indy. Someday, I'll explain why I'm doing this.


Indiana Jones
I had to wonder why Maggie was so interested in following me around. Turns out she wanted the Staff for herself. Something tells me it's more than just good journalism. She's got a pretty good poker face -- I'll give her that much. I just hope I can catch her . . .

Magnus Völler [gloating in his moment of victory]
I have to admit, Indy. You nearly lost me. Luckily for me, you have a tendency to trust the wrong people.

Boy . . . I sure know how to pick 'em.

Maggie O'Malley [protesting; desperately trying to persuade Indy that she's one of the good guys … SEE LEFT. PROTESTING; DESPARATE TO PERSUADE INDY IN THE FEW MOMENTS SHE HAS LEFT. NOT QUIETLY REASONING WITH HIM WITH ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD.]
Indy! I work for the British government! I was trying to keep the Staff AWAY from the Nazis!

Indiana Jones [sarcastic; she failed to do the one thing she was sent here to do … MORE MOCKING AND SARCASTIC; LESS DARK AND BROODING]
Oh, yeah? Good job.

Magnus Völler [dismissive; giving orders comes to him naturally]
Enough. Kill him. And tell the Odin we're ready to depart.

Maggie O'Malley [struggling against Magnus … finally willing to acknowledge that Indy is their only hope … THIS LINE NEEDS TO GO WAAAY FASTER and sound MORE URGENT]
Let me go! Indy! You have to stop him! INDY!

Nazi Soldier 1 [taunting Indy]
Don't try to escape, Jones. You'll just make this harder.

Indiana Jones [establishing a commanding presence as the battle begins]
That Staff is NOT going to Berlin!

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting from above]
We have his friend! The doctor Kingston!

Nazi Soldier 1 [taunting Indy]
It's hopeless, Jones!

Indiana Jones [establishing a commanding presence as the battle begins]
We'll see about that!

Nazi Soldier 1 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Stop him!
Throw him in the pit!
Kill the American!
Give it up, Jones!
You have no chance!
This is where you die!

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Don't let him get out!
Grab him!
You cannot escape!
We have the upper hand!
Give up now!

Indiana Jones [sees a ladder]
There's a way up!
[leaving the level]
It's not over yet, Magnus!

Nazi Soldier 3 [shouting as he enters the fray]
There he is!
I have you!
This ends here!

Nazi Soldier 4 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Stop where you are!
You will go no further!

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray; comment refers to the fact that they are underground]
Soon you'll be dead AND buried!

Nazi Soldier 1 [speaking to one another, anticipating Indy's arrival]
Stay put! He is coming to us!
Is he dead yet?
He is still around!

Nazi Soldier 2 [speaking to one another, anticipating Indy's arrival]
Where is he?
We can't let him escape!
Do we have anything to drop on him?

Nazi Soldier 3 [speaking to one another, anticipating Indy's arrival]
Can you see him?
He's getting closer!
Does he think he can escape? [laughingly]

Nazi Soldier 4 [speaking to one another, anticipating Indy's arrival]
Where did he go?
Be on your guard!
Did we get him yet?


Indiana Jones
Magnus took Kingston and Maggie back to the Odin -- his massive, double-hulled zeppelin. By the time I got outside, he was getting ready to take off. I had one last chance to get aboard before Magnus and the Staff were gone for good.

Indiana Jones
Magnus's airship is about to take off!
I can't let him take that cargo back to Germany! But the city gates are locked and guarded . . .

Nazi Soldier 1 [dumbstruck that Indy ahsn't been killed yet]
Jones?! He should be dead!

Indiana Jones
I guess we're doing this the hard way.

Nazi Soldier 2 [barking orders to prepare as Indy approaches]
Defend the gates! Don't let him board the Odin!

Indiana Jones [resigning himself to combat, with confidence that he will win]
I guess we're doing this the hard way . . .

Nazi Soldier 1 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Kill the American!
Stop him before he boards!
Schnell! The Odin is leaving!

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Hold the gates! Don't let him through!
Deutschland über alles!
The gates are open! Stop him!

Indiana Jones [trying to turn a wheel that is locked in place]
[straining briefly] It won't budge! It looks like something is blocking the gate!
[talking himself through the task at hand]
That switch worked once before. Maybe if I try it again . . .
[to himself as his exit closes itself off]
The gates are closing! I waited too long!
[mostly to himself … the Odin is starting to take off]
Not yet, dammit!
[missing the window to board the Odin, despite running really hard]
[pant] I couldn't make it. [pant]
[talking himself through the task at hand]
The gate is barred! I'll need to unlock it . . .
The gate bars itself automatically! I need to unlock it again . . .
That removed the lock! Now to open the gate . . .


Indiana Jones
By the time I got aboard the Odin, the Nazis had it locked up tight. I climbed up to the roof, looking for an open hatch. With the propellers running at full speed, it was real cold, and real windy . . .

Indiana Jones [strategizing to himself]
There's the entrance. Looks like they didn't have time to stow all their plunder in the cargo hold.

Nazi Soldier 1 [see 'The Last Crusade']
[shouting as he joins the fray]
He's on the roof!
It's the American!
Stop him!

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he joins the fray]
Throw him off!
Get up here, you cowards!
Kill him!

Nazi Soldier 1 [shouting in panic as he joins the fray]
I'm afraid of heights!

Nazi Soldier 2 [mocking]
Don't fall, Herr Professor!

Nazi Soldier 1 [stopping Indy in the passageway]
Look out!
Hold onto something!
['Oh no! Grab onto something, or we're all going to DIE!']
Achtung! The propeller!

Nazi Soldier 2 ['Oh no! Grab onto something, or we're all going to DIE!']
Get under cover!
Brace yourselves!
The propeller!

Indiana Jones [commenting to himself as he explores]
They didn't have time to load those supplies …
Those supplies aren't secured very tightly …
[collides with a guard rail]
[ouch] … Glad they put a guard rail here …
[guard rail gets smashed]
So much for the guard rail.
[survived a wind blast by hiding]
That wasn't too bad …
[getting bowled over by wind]
[the exit is revealed]
There's my way in!
[seeing an artifact revealed by the wind]
Marcus would love to get his hands on that.
[seeing medical supplies revealed by the wind]
I could use some of that …
[strategizing to himself]
I'll need to get rid of those crates if I want to reach the door.
These things are strapped down pretty tightly. I'll need a tool to pry them loose …
A crowbar! That's what I've been looking for!
[winning the level and getting inside the Odin]
All right, Magnus! Time to finish this!


Indiana Jones
Finding the Staff would be pointless until I found a way to get OFF the Odin. That meant finding a PLANE. Turns out, the Odin had a whole hangar full of them. I only needed one. The rest I'd need to disable, unless I felt like becoming target practice for the Luftwaffe . . .

Indiana Jones [proudly claiming an airplane as his escape route]
There's my ticket out of here.
[devising his strategy, to himself]
If I scuttle those other two planes, they won't be able to follow me . . .
[talking to himself]
These machines won't let me lower the plane till the hangar doors are open . . .
[muttering to himself]
. . . damn German engineering . . .
[talking to himself]
Can't lower the plane until I open the doors.
Doors are still closed. The plane won't move until they're open.
There's gotta be a way to open those doors.
The mechanism is locked. Lever won't move. I gotta do something else before it'll work.
This lever won't budge. I must have skipped a step.
Didn't work. As usual.
They say the best way to make something work is to try the same thing again and again and again … no, wait . . .

Maggie O'Malley [horrified that Indy is here]
Indy, what are you DOING? Get out of here, before they find you!

Indiana Jones [bold, with conviction]
Not without Kingston. And not without the Staff.

Maggie O'Malley [scolding, like a schoolmarm]
You're going to get yourself killed!

Indiana Jones [venomous voice; feels betrayed]
What difference would that make to YOU?

Maggie O'Malley [chasing after Indy, insisting on going with him, despite his hostility]
Well, you're going to need my help!

Maggie O'Malley ['I'm over here! HEY!']
Indy! INDY!

Indiana Jones [contemptuously; 'You betrayed me, you awful person.']
I didn't come here for you! Where's Magnus?

Maggie O'Malley [pleading]
I can explain! Let me help you!

Indiana Jones [dismissive]
I'll find him on my own!

Maggie O'Malley [Indy is acting like a madman!]
What are you DOING?

Indiana Jones [duh, what do you think I'm doing?]
I'm trying to crash some planes!
[destroys a plane]
That felt good.
Just one more to go …
[very reluctant to help Maggie after her betrayal]
I guess there's nothing left to do but help Maggie …

Maggie O'Malley [relieved and grateful]
I thought you were going to leave me!

Indiana Jones [still not sure he made the right choice]
I thought so, too.
[giving her orders, slowly and precisely, like she's a third grader]
Now, get in that plane while I go after the Staff.
[resigned … the plane he was telling Maggie to climb into just blew up; now he has to take her with him]
[sigh] Let's go after the Staff.


Indiana Jones
I didn't exactly trust Maggie, but I couldn't leave her to the Nazis. I got her out of her cell, and we ended up in the cargo bay, looking for a way upstairs . . .

Maggie O'Malley [excited to be a part of the action again; eager to accomplish something]
The cargo bay … the Staff should be here somewhere …

Indiana Jones [acknowledging the sad truth … this will be harder than Maggie thought]
No, Magnus would keep it with him at all times.

Maggie O'Malley [impatient]
Then what are we doing here?

Indiana Jones [slowly, with annoyance]
It was on the way. We need to get through THAT DOOR.

Maggie O'Malley [it's obviously an impossible task]
How exactly do you plan to do that?

Indiana Jones [looking up at a giant anti-tank gun suspended near the ceiling]
… I'll think of something.

Maggie O'Malley [Nazis are arriving]
We've got company …
["Indy! I just had a great idea!"]
Open the bay doors and blow them out!
They're coming in too fast! Try to block them off!
["I love fighting Nazis!"]
That was exhilirating. What's next?


Indiana Jones
Hand it over, Magnus! There's nowhere left to run.

Magnus Völler
Why would I need to run? In moments, you'll be dead.

Indiana Jones
I'm not getting through a door like THAT with my bare hands . . . I'll need something a little . . . stronger.
Steel cables. I'm going to have to pry them loose if I want to get that gun down.
A crowbar! That's what I need to break those cables . . .


Indiana Jones
Once we got to the upper levels, we had to get through the mess hall . . . which looked more like an upscale restaurant. Magnus always did appreciate the finer things in life. Too bad we made such a mess of the place . . .

Maggie O'Malley [shouting across a room for help]
Indy! They've got me trapped up here!

Indiana Jones [shouting; sarcastic]
It's called being a prisoner, Maggie!

Maggie O'Malley [shouting across a room for help]
I can help you! We have to get that Staff, or it's all over!

Indiana Jones [shouting across a room; 'I HAD the Staff!']
I had the Staff before you ran off with it!

Maggie O'Malley [shouting across a room; 'I would STILL have it!]
I would still have it if you hadn't dragged your little rivalry here with you!

Indiana Jones [expected to see a mess hall … saw a banquet hall instead … MORE HUMOR, LESS BITTERNESS]
One thing about the Nazis . . . they don't go cheap.

Maggie O'Malley [derisively giving the banquet hall a poor review]
You call this a pub?

Indiana Jones [Sarcastic. 'Great. Nazis.']
Oh, good. Company.

Maggie O'Malley ['I'm waiting here with a frying pan to smack them in the face!']
Send them into the kitchen!

Indiana Jones [friendly mocking]
I didn't think you were the domestic type!

Maggie O'Malley [cheering Indy on]
Throw him out the window!

Indiana Jones [flippant]
Stop giving them ideas!
[just ran into a group of Nazis having dinner]
I . . . think I took a wrong turn somewhere.
[puts on a commanding, authoritative voice to intimidate his adversaries]
Look, I'm here to see your boss, Magnus. Where is he?

Nazi Engineer 1 [kind of sadistic … eager to dish out some hurt]
I will make sure he speaks at your funeral.

Indiana Jones ['Whew! That was fun!']
That's the last of them.

Maggie O'Malley [musing over the possibilities]
Maybe we should split up . . . cover more ground that way.

Indiana Jones [darkly sarcastic; referring to her recent betrayal]
I wouldn't want to slow down your mission, Miss O'Malley.


Indiana Jones
I caught Magnus's stench near the Odin's training room, and followed him inside. I figured I could use the exercise -- but it was a little more crowded than I expected.

Indiana Jones [shouting as he runs down a hallway after Magnus]
You can't run forever, Magnus!

(Indy catches up to Magnus, who is now surounded by his henchmen.)

Indiana Jones [suddenly surrounded by Nazis; acting nonchalant to throw them off their guard]
Hey guys.

Magnus Völler [calmly threatening]
This is where your journey ends, Indiana.
[giving orders to his men]
Auf wiedersehen. Kill him.

Indiana Jones [unfazed by Magnus's threats]
I'll be right behind you, Magnus!
[surrounded by Nazis; acting nonchalant to throw them off their guard]
All right . . . who's first?

Nazi Engineer 1 [shouting as he joins the fray]
You're not going any further, American!
You are weak, Doctor Jones!
American swine!

Nazi Engineer 2 [shouting as he joins the fray]
Magnus wants you dead!
You are MINE, Jones!

Nazi Engineer 3 [shouting as he joins the fray]
I've been training all day for this!
HA! He's so puny!
That hat will look nice on my dog!

Nazi Engineer 4 [shouting as he joins the fray]
Someone got us a new punching bag!
I'll break you in half!

Indiana Jones [mocking Nazis]
Is this the best you've got?
You guys must be tired.

Nazi Engineer 4 [shouting, annoyed, as he joins the fray]
You should train a little more!

Nazi Engineer 1 [shouting, annoyed, as he joins the fray]
What are you doing to our gym?

Nazi Engineer 2 [shouting sarcasitcally as he joins the fray]
Oh no! It's an archaeologist! I'm scared!

Indiana Jones [talking to himself as he unravels the puzzle of the room]
Looks like Magnus hid a few treasures away for himself …
[talking to himself as he unravels the puzzle of the room] - More intense
The door is locked … but I may be able to smash right through this grate.
These lockers aren't all that sturdy. They may be heavy enough to smash through the grate.
Those barbells are kind of loose …
The lockers are bolted onto that pipe. They won't budge unless I break it.
That footlocker is RIGHT in my way …


Indiana Jones
I chased Magnus to the bridge of the Odin, but he ran inside and slammed the door before I could get my hands on him. He was cornered -- nowhere left to run. I drew my revolver. I knew if I went in, only one of us was coming out.

Indiana Jones [knows Magnus is in this room, but cannot see him]
Come out, I've got you cornered!

Magnus Völler [standing above Indy on a catwalk; triumphant]
Indy, your threats are amusing, but you cannot hurt me. I have the Staff. And more importantly, I have the soldiers. Kill him!
[squaring off against Indy, fists up]
You want the Staff, Indy? Come and take it!

Indiana Jones [shouting up at Magnus]
Why don't you face me yourself, you coward!

Magnus Völler [correcting Indy's assertion that he is a coward]
I am not afraid of you, Indy. Fighting you is simply beneath me.

Indiana Jones [deadly serious; wanting to impress the gravity of the situation on his old friend]
That isn't a toy, Magnus. You don't know how powerful it is.

Magnus Völler [I'm WAY too awesome to have to worry about the wrath of God.]
No? Maybe we should find out!

Indiana Jones [deadly serious; wanting to impress the gravity of the situation on his old friend]
What do you expect to do? Part the English Channel and march into London?

Magnus Völler [Come to think of it …]
I WOULD like to see the look on Chamberlain's face . . .
[I was joking a second ago. Now I'm threatening you.]
After that, maybe we'll pay a visit to New York!

Indiana Jones [deadly serious; wanting to impress the gravity of the situation on his old friend]
The Staff wasn't meant for you.

Magnus Völler [with grand ambition]
Oh, it was meant for me, Indy. I will lead my people to the promised land. To conquest. To their rightful place in history.
[angry at losing a fight that in any just world, he would be winning]
Enough of this!
[rummaging through a desk while talking]
Indy, what is the point of all this? You can kill all of my men, and yet you will still be defeated . . .
[suddenly whipping out a gun and opening fire]
. . . by ME!

Indiana Jones
That should level the playing field.

Magnus Völler
HA! That would be funny if it were not so sad.
[effetely mocking Indy]
Are you really going to make me kill you myself? This could have been so much simpler . . .
[now becoming menacing]
. . . and less PAINFUL for YOU.

Indiana Jones [shouting as he runs down a hallway after Magnus]
You can't run forever, Magnus!
[talking to himself as he unravels the puzzle of the room]
Looks like Magnus is hiding a few stolen artifacts for himself …
The door is locked … but I may be able to smash my way in.
These lockers aren't all that sturdy. I might be able to shove them over and break out of here.
Those barbells are kind of loose … I wonder, if I gave them a shove …
The lockers are bolted onto that pipe. I'll need to bust the pipe open if I want to mess with the lockers …
That footlocker is RIGHT where I need to stand if I want to shove those lockers over.

Indiana Jones ['I just had to do all the work, you jerk!']
About time you showed up!

Maggie O'Malley ['It's not MYfault!']
You could have left the door open!

Indiana Jones ['… doing all the work!']
I was a little busy.

(Magnus points his gun at Indy. He shoots, but Kingston jumps in front of him to take the bullets.)

Charles Kingston ['Don't murder my favorite student!']

Magnus Völler [calm, but savagely angry]
Don't worry, Indy -- you'll be with him in a moment.

MAGNUS VÖLLER (4) (Unused)

Magnus Völler [wounded, struggling, and angry]
Enough! Your journey ends here, Indiana!

Charles Kingston [taking a bullet]

Magnus Völler [wounded, struggling … quietly threatening]
You'll be with him soon enough, Indy. The Staff.

Indiana Jones [defiant in the face of certain death … about to dive out a window]
You want it? Come and get it!

Maggie O'Malley [a distant shout of frustration]


Indiana Jones
Jumping out of a zeppelin in mid-flight wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done. By the way Maggie was screaming, I could tell she was thinking the same thing. At least the Nazis wouldn't get their hands on the Staff. And if you gotta go, you might as well make it worth your while. Turns out, it wasn't over yet. But I can't explain what happened next . . .

(Indy and Maggie fall out of the zeppelin.)

Indiana Jones [quietly willing the Staff to work]
Come on . . .

Maggie O'Malley [staring at a wall of water held aloft by the power of God … trying to make light of an amazing situation]
I'd give my left arm for a camera right now. But I'll settle for a way out, if you've got one.

(A falling vehicle lands next to them.)

Indiana Jones [Nazis are almost here, and they're going to kill us! Go! Now! Hurry!]
You drive!
['They're catching up, Maggie!']
Can't you drive any faster?

Maggie O'Malley [starts out sounding unnaturally mild … then takes a turn for the sarcastic]
Actually, I thought we'd stop off for a picnic … It doesn't GO any faster!

Indiana Jones [anxious to be through with this]
Can you see the shore?

Maggie O'Malley ['Remember the water? EVERYWHERE?']
Not with all this WATER in the way!

Indiana Jones [anxious to be through with this]
Tell me we're close!

Maggie O'Malley [annoyed]
If I tell you that, will you stop asking?
[hears strange noises on the roof of the halftrack]
What are you DOING up there?

Indiana Jones ['Don't worry about it! I've got it under control!'] [even though he doesn't]
Just keep driving!

Maggie O'Malley [Indy is knocked off the halftrack, and dangles from the bumper]

Indiana Jones [Indy is dangling from the bumper, but if Maggie stops, they're both dead; he'll have to climb up while the halftrack is moving]
Keep going, I'll be all right!

Maggie O'Malley [excited, shouting]
Indy! I see the shore! We're almost there!

Indiana Jones [shouting]
Then hurry up and get us out of here!
[shouting over truck engine]
Come on!
Keep going!

Maggie O'Malley [shouting over truck engine]
They're coming in too fast!

Indiana Jones [shouting over truck engine]
Get us the hell out of here!

Maggie O'Malley [shouting over truck engine]
Indy … BOAT!

Indiana Jones [shouting over truck engine]
Go through it!

Maggie O'Malley [shouting over truck engine]
That's your answer to everything!

Indiana Jones [shouting over truck engine]
Just go!

Maggie O'Malley [shouting over truck engine]
Indy! SHARK!

Indiana Jones [shouting over truck engine]
You've got to be kidding.

Magnus Völler [barking orders … then to himself; full of menace]
Fire the main guns! . . . I'll blow that Staff to hell before I yield it to him . . .

Nazi Soldier 2 [seeing something confusing … then suddenly reacting with fear and urgency]
Sir? SIR!

Magnus Völler [anticipating, then getting hit by a wall of water]
No! Noooooooo!

(The water crushes them, while Indy and Maggie escaped to the shore.)

Maggie O'Malley [overwhelmed by what she's just been through]
I can't believe it . . . I can't believe ANY of it.
[cute and flirty]
You know, I'm supposed to keep that Staff away from you unsavory types . . .

Indiana Jones [flirting back]
Heh. That might be easier said than done.
[suddenly screaming like a girl as the Staff becomes a snake]

Maggie O'Malley [urgently, not wanting to lose the prize]
It's getting away! Indy! . . . Indy?

Indiana Jones [used to losing artifacts by now]
Let it go, Maggie. It'll take care of itself.

Maggie O'Malley [flirting again]
Hmph . . . more than I can say for some people.

(They share a kiss.)

Indiana Jones [final line of the game]
Cute . . . Come on, let's get out of here.


Nazi Soldier 2

(The water crushes them, while Indy and Maggie escaped to the shore.)

Maggie O'Malley [almost seductive … it's kind of creepy]
What are you going to do with your staff now, Doctor Jones?

Indiana Jones [not quite sure what to say to that …]
I think it belongs in a museum . . .
[you know Indy and snakes … make this count] [IN CURRENT VERSION, EXCLAMATION OF 'SNAKE' IS UNCLEAR]
[horrified scream as the staff turns into a snake in his hands]

Maggie O'Malley [thinks Indy's freakout over the snake is hilarious; but keeping her composure]
Would you settle for a zoo?

Indiana Jones [the snake is slithering away, and is taking with it the hope of studying the Staff of Moses]
There it goes. Story of my life.

Maggie O'Malley [accent on know]
I hope you know some good stories. We have a long walk ahead of us.

Indiana Jones [downplaying the crazy adventure which is his life]
Maybe. One or two.


Indiana Jones
Where'd you learn to do that?
Maggie … we've got trouble!
This place is too small for the both of us.
Nazis. I hate these guys.
I know where you belong!
Remind me not to get on your bad side.
This stuff'll kill ya.
This is familiar.
Let's keep this nice and square.
You should have stayed in Berlin!
Pass that along to your boss!
One less prize for Der Fuhrer.
Not fast enough, pal!
I'm sure they won't mind if I borrow this …
I hate these guys.
This ain't over!
Better luck next time!

Maggie O'Malley
I got one!
Indy! Help!
Just what exactly are you a doctor of, Doctor Jones?
You're an archaeologist?
What exactly do you think you're doing?!

Magnus Völler
You can't win Jones, I'm too good.
Get up and fight!
Seize the American!
Introduce the professor to German hospitality.
Goodbye, Dr. Jones.
Damn you Jones!

Nazi Soldier
It's the American spy!
You, stop right there!
You're not supposed to be here!

Tong Thug
I'm going to break you in half!
You're going to regret coming here.
The boss has plans for you.
Now you're in trouble!

Nazi Spy
Seize him!
You're not going anywhere, professor.
You should learn to mind your own business, American.
We're going to have to do things the hard way, I see.

Hey! Come and fight me!
You lost, Señor?
Not so tough, eh?
I get his hat!

MEDICINE BLURBS (When using medical supplies)

Indiana Jones
That's better …
I needed that.
All right.
Well, I'm bleeding a lot less …
I guess it wasn't that serious …
I've felt worse.
Ow! [sharp inhale] That stings!
At least it won't get infected.
Still gonna be sore tomorrow.
I really should carry one of these around.

ARTIFACT BLURBS (When picking up an artifact)

Indiana Jones
I know right where to display this . . .
You're welcome, Marcus.
Stunning workmanship . . .
I can't leave THIS here.
We've been looking for one like this . . .
A few more of these, and I'll have enough to publish with . . .
The university will love this.
Marcus will flip when he sees this!
Not bad. A little scuffed up.
Is this what I think it is?
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