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Staff of Kings PSP script (part 1)

(Game Script Based on PSP Version Text Dump)


Indiana Jones
We finally got out of the lecture hall and into the field! Doctor Kingston took us to the resting place of the Jade Sphere -- some kind of Mayan astronomy guide. Magnus VÖLLER, of course, had to abandon us and strike out on his own. In an old ruin like this one, that can be suicide. I ran to catch him before he got into too much trouble . . .

(The bottom of the screen reads "1922". Magnus and Indy appear.)

Indiana Jones [like he's looking for a lost puppy]

Magnus Völler [like a child on Christmas morning]
Ha ha! Indy, I've found it! The Jade Sphere is right through this door!

Indiana Jones [commanding)
Magnus, WAIT! Doctor Kingston hasn't translated the inscription yet! This place could be a trap!

Magnus Völler [friendly mocking]
You Americans -- so full of swagger, yet so timid in the face of real adventure! Have a little courage, will you?

(Magnus picks up the Jade Sphere and triggers a trap.)

Magnus Völler [pants-wetting terror]
It's a trap! Indy, help!

Indiana Jones [sarcastic]
I don't know, Magnus . . . I'm feeling kind of timid.

(Indy dodges boulders.)

Magnus Völler [upset that Indy isn't coming to rescue him yet]
There must be something you can do!

Indiana Jones [annoyed at Magnus's incompetence]
Hold on. The Mayans weren't idiots; there must be a way to shut this place down.

(Indy pushes a switch.)

Indiana Jones [not sure if pulling that lever actually worked]
There! Did that do anything?

Magnus Völler [totally scared]
How should I know! I'm trapped!

Indiana Jones [to himself; still trying to figure this place out]
There must be more than one of these things …

(Indy pushes a switch.)

Indiana Jones [relying on Magnus to be his eyes and ears]
That's two! See anything different?

Magnus Völler [frustrated that he hasn't been rescued yet]
Are you even doing anything?!

Indiana Jones [annoyed at Magnus's whining … then talking to himself]
You want my help or not? Maybe there's one more …

(Indy pushes a switch.)

Magnus Völler [excited to no longer have his life at risk]
There! It's working! You see it working?

Indiana Jones [did not think that was actually going to work]
Well, I'll be damned. It DID work.
[hurrying to try and get through a slamming door]
Magnus! Wait!

Magnus Völler [mocking in triumph]
Sorry, Indy! You'll have to take the long way around!

Charles Kingston [immense relief and worry]
Magnus, you're alive! It sounded like the entire temple was caving in! Is Indy with you?

Magnus Völler [dismissive]
He is wandering in the ruins, no doubt, looking for pot shards. I would not worry about him.
[ominous presentational voice, like he's revealing the end of a magic trick]
Instead, see what I have brought you.

Charles Kingston [awe and wonder]
The Jade Sphere . . .
[lost in his excitement]
Hurry. Let's get this to the Temple before nightfall. Indy can catch up later.

Magnus Völler [only a little villainous]
My thoughts exactly.


Indiana Jones
Got a call this morning from Archie Tan. He said he had something he needed me to see -- something he got from an old friend -- my archaeology professor, Charles Kingston. Kingston fell off the map a few years ago. I assumed he died on a dig somewhere. Archie wouldn't tell me why it was so urgent, but he asked me to come right away. I could use a break from grading papers . . .

(The bottom of the screen reads "17 years later . . .".)

Indiana Jones [shouting to get the attention of an oblivious burglar]
[shouted at a fleeing Tong]
What have you done with Archie Tan?
[shouted across an alley]
You think you've gotten away, huh?
[referring to a jump]
I can make this …

Tong Thug [shouted while firing a gun]
Stop! Don't follow me anymore!

Indiana Jones [in pain]
Aagh! That's hot.
[shouted to the man he is pursuing]
Thought you got rid of me, huh?
[looking over a precipice]
Long way down …
[noticing a valuable artifact]
Looks like you dropped something!
[picking up a valuable artifact]
Archie had this in his apartment? He was asking to get robbed.
[sizing up a scary electrical hazard]
One nice thing about ancient tombs … no electricity.
Ugh. Could use a bandage.

Tong Thug [gesturing to a crane operator raising a load to obstruct Indy]
Hurry! Pull it up!

Indiana Jones [defeating an obstacle that was supposed to block him]
Nice try.
[smacking a guy around]
What have you done with Archie!
So much for doing this the easy way.
[more thugs show up]
Don't you guys go anywhere ALONE?
You've got a lot of friends.

Tong Thug [thug shows up with a gun]
That's ENOUGH!

Indiana Jones [Indy angry/threatening voice]
Excuse me … we're trying to have a conversation here.
Great. Anyone still conscious?
[talking to himself]
Gotta quit screwing around … Archie's in trouble. I need to know where he is.
Fighting these guys is fun, but I'm here to pick up Archie's trail.
There's gotta be something around here that'll lead me to Archie.
[shouting sarcastically to his enemies in a barroom brawl]
If you guys REALLY want to help me, show me where I can find Archie Tan!
[talking to himself]
Gotte keep looking for evidence.
[shouting to his enemies in a barroom brawl]
I'm gonna find out what you did to Archie if I have to tear this place apart!
I still need a bit more evidence before I can find Archie …
Just one more piece of evidence should do it …


Indiana Jones
Nobody was talking much after the fight on the rooftop. But one of the thugs had a business card on him from the Lao Che Lounge. I found out that the lounge is controlled by some local thugs -- the Hip Chen Tong. My guess is, they're the ones who took Archie. I've got to find him before this gets messy.

Indiana Jones [just barged into a bar run by Chinese gangsters]
I'm looking for Archie Tan. I don't suppose you know where he is . . .

Tong Thug 1 [subtly threatening as thugs approach]
Oh yes, of course. We're happy to help.

Indiana Jones [suddenly realizing he's in over his head]
Heh . . . I don't need that kind of help.

Tong Thug 2 [subtly threatening]
No, really. We insist.

Indiana Jones [exasperated at the number of thugs he has to beat up]
How many guys are back there?
[smacking a guy down]
Here's your tip!
[ironic … he just trashed the joint]
[sigh] This used to be such a nice place.
[just finished beating up a thug]
Anyone else want to help?
[cracking jokes about the fact that he's fighting restaurant employees]
Haven't tried the food, but the service is terrible.
[Indy is going to start ransacking the place]
If you guys won't give me an answer, I'll find one myself!
If this is your base of operations, there must be SOMETHING here that will lead me to Archie.
[talking to himself in the midst of a fight]
Gotta quit screwing around … Archie's in trouble. I need to know where he is.
Fighting these guys is fun, but I'm here to pick up Archie's trail.
There's gotta be something around here that'll lead me to Archie.
[shouting sarcastically to his enemies in a barroom brawl]
If you guys REALLY want to help me, show me where I can find Archie Tan!
[just found a map]
It looks like a map of all the Hip Chen Tong holdings. I'll probably find Archie in one of these places …
[talking to himself in the midst of a fight]
Gotta keep looking for evidence.
[shouting to his enemies in a barroom brawl]
I'm gonna find out what you did to Archie if I have to tear this place apart!
[talking to himself in the midst of a fight]
I still need a bit more evidence before I can find Archie …
[just found a photo]
That's a picture of Suzy, Archie's granddaughter! They must have used her as leverage — that's the only way they could have gotten the drop on Archie.
[talking to himself in the midst of a fight]
Just one more piece of evidence should do it …
[just found a note]
It's a note from a guy named 'Blind Duck.' It says to take Archie to the fireworks factory. That helps … but where is it?
[putting it all together in his head]
There's only one fireworks factory on the map, and it's right here in Chinatown. I need to get over there and rescue Archie and Suzy. This Blind Duck guy sounds like trouble.
I've got what I need. Now to deal with the rest of these thugs.


Indiana Jones
I tracked down the leader of the Hip Chen Tong -- a man named Blind Duck. He operates out of an old fireworks factory, and he likes to put the heat on his victims personally. I don't know what he's after, but I'd better get Archie out of there before he gives it to them. Once they have what they want, Archie's a dead man.

Indiana Jones [whispering to himself]
There's the entrance. Maybe if I shift this crane, I can climb down the line, and no one will know I'm here . . .
Only two of 'em. This should be quick.

Tong Thug 1 [said while arriving in the middle of the fight]
What is going on out here?!

Indiana Jones [just blew something up by accident]
So much for being clever.
[louder, no longer trying to hide]
Well, I'm getting in, one way or another.
[just saw an access point]
There's a way through! Just got to clear some debris …
[ironic … Indy made the mess]
Somebody sure made a mess.
[big piece of machinery blocking his path]
How'm I gonna get THIS out of the way?
[might as well look on the bright side, since I've destroyed half the neighborhood]
At least Archie knows I'm coming for him . . .

Tong Thug 2 [said while arriving in the middle of the fight]
What was that?!

Tong Thug 3 [said while arriving in the middle of the fight]
Who blew up the factory?!

Tong Thug 4 [said while arriving in the middle of the fight]
It's Jones! Stop him!

Tong Thug 1 [said while arriving in the middle of the fight]
He's here for the old man! Kill him!
He's trying to burn the place down!


Indiana Jones
I got inside the factory, but I wasn't exactly subtle about it. They heard me coming a mile away, and carted Archie upstairs. But they left his granddaughter Suzy in one of the assembly rooms. When I saw her, it all became clear. Archie would never let a bunch of goons order him around . . . unless he thought his granddaughter was in danger.

Indiana Jones [Archie is being forced out of the room at gunpoint]
Archie! Wait!

Archie Tan [calling over his shoulder as he is forced to leave]
Indy! Find my granddaughter!

Indiana Jones [calling after the departed Archie, too late to get a decent answer]
Where is she?!

Tong Thug 1 [interrupting Indy; not wanting him to get the answers he is looking for]
Enough! Take him to the roof!

Tong Thug 2 [looking menacingly at Indy]
We'll take care of this guy.

Indiana Jones [derisively, after a firework was a dud]
THAT was festive.
Well, THAT didn't help.
[awesome firework explosion]
That's more like it!
[hits a guy with an exploding firework]
Happy New Year!

Tong Thug 1 [said while entering the fray]
Doctor Jones is in the factory! Stop him!
Don't let him get to the roof!
Remember me, Doctor Jones?
Stop him! He'll burn the whole place down!

Tong Thug 2 [said while entering the fray]
Here he is!
Keep him away from the gunpowder!

Tong Thug 3 [SHOUTED while entering the fray]
Don't let him find the girl!
You are only making things worse for your friend!

Tong Thug 4 [said while entering the fray]
The girl is ours!
He's still ALIVE? What have you fools been doing?

Indiana Jones [desperately searching for an answer]
Gotta find a way to slow these guys down.
[he's going to blow something up]
This whole place is full of gunpowder. I think I'm about to have a really terrible idea …
[just blew something up]
They don't build these places like they used to.

Tong Thug 1 [Indy just set off an explosion and started a fire]
You fool! You'll burn the whole place down!

Indiana Jones [snarky … doesn't actually expect them to let Archie go]
Let Archie go, and maybe I'll stop!

Suzie Tan [muffled by the fact that she is inside a barrel]

Indiana Jones
Suzy? Suzy Tan?!

Suzie Tan [muffled by the fact that she is inside a barrel]
I'm in here!

Indiana Jones [spoken during combat]
Did you guys stuff her in a barrel?
What, were you scared she might bite you?
I'll get you out, Suzy!

Suzie Tan [breathing fresh air for the first time in hours … then surprised by lack of freshness]
[big breath] It stinks in here!

Indiana Jones [telling Suzy to stay in a barrel]
Just stay put, Suzy. Let me get rid of these guys …

Suzie Tan [Indy is about to be hit by something painful]
Indy, watch out!
[muffled by the fact that she is inside a barrel]
I can't breathe!
It's dark in here!
[Indy just smacked someone down]
Get him, Indy!

Indiana Jones [Indy is disappointed not to find Suzy in a barrel]
[cough] No Suzy … just gunpowder.
[just opened a barrel and didn't find Suzy]
She's got to be in ONE of these things …
[first calling out to Suzy, then cursing to himself]
Suzy! Dammit.

Suzie Tan [excited; relieved]
Indy! You found me!

Indiana Jones [quickly and quietly; doesn't want the guards to notice who he's talking to]
Stay put for now, Suzy. Let me get rid of these guys.
One more second, Suzy! These guys are just about finished!
[urgently, preparing to leave]
Suzy, get out of here, fast as you can.


Indiana Jones
I found out they've got Archie's granddaughter Suzy stashed in an old condemned warehouse. They must have taken her as a hostage to get to Archie. Until I set her free, Archie belongs to the Tongs.

Indiana Jones

Suzy Tan
Indy, the door!
Great. Now we're BOTH stuck.

Indiana Jones
Don't worry, Suzy, you'll be fine.
What's that?

Suzy Tan
It's poison GAS! Get us out of here!

Indiana Jones
This place is like an old Chinese puzzle box. But on a massive scale.
You turn the dials to open the doors …
… but some of them are fake.

Suzy Tan
Can you figure it out?

Indiana Jones
I hope so.

Suzy Tan
[cough cough] It's getting thicker!
[cough] I feel sick!
[cough cough] It's getting dark. Is it getting dark?

Indiana Jones
Hold on, Suzy!

Suzy Tan
Quick! Open a door! I'm choking in here!

Indiana Jones
That should thin the air a bit.
I know I need to turn the dials …

Suzy Tan
But the symbols don't match the doors!

Indiana Jones
Some are the same colors, at least. Or the same patterns. But never at the same time …

Suzy Tan
Are you going to leave me tied up here?

Indiana Jones
Here, move off the trap door.

Suzy Tan
[falling through trap door]
You opened it!

Indiana Jones
That's a fake door. There's no way through those bars.
Come on, let's go!

Suzy Tan
I'm still tied up!

Indiana Jones
All right, let's move!

Suzy Tan
There! That's the real one!

Indiana Jones
I just hope I can remember what the symbol looked like.
No more poison gas …

Suzy Tan
It's still coming up through the hole!
You just slowed it down!


Indiana Jones
I finally caught up to Archie on the rooftop of the factory, where Blind Duck was about to toss him over the edge. Archie wouldn't fight back unless he knew Suzy was safe. I had to tell him, and quick, before it was too late.

Archie Tan [showing defiance in the face of death]
Your goons don't scare me, Duck!

Blind Duck [diabolical]
They don't need to! As long as I have your granddaughter, you will give me exactly what I want.

Indiana Jones [stepping in to correct Blind Duck and reveal that he is defeated … should sound a bit heroic]
Suzy's fine, Archie!
[Indy's victory is complete]
The Tongs can't touch her.

(Archie takes the Tong thugs out with his cane.)

Indiana Jones [the ground just shook with an explosion]
Archie, the factory's on fire!

Archie Tan [the ground just shook with an explosion, and Indy called it a fire]
That felt like more than a FIRE!

Indiana Jones [urgent about taking care of the fire … nonchalant about his ability to deal with Blind Duck]
Get down there and take care of it! I'll deal with this guy.

(Indy has his gun shot out of his hand by Blind Duck.)

Blind Duck [confident; he's the only one with a gun]
You might want to take cover, Doctor Jones! I've heard that getting shot is an unpleasant experience!

Indiana Jones [to himself; warning the player that he'll get shot if he doesn't change tactics]
I've got to get behind something! This Duck guy isn't fooling around!
[just took a gunshot]
[shout of pain] [painful inhale] I can't take much more of THAT.
[Indy the hero scolding the unchivalrous badguy]
What are you doing with Archie?

Blind Duck [unnaturally calm and confident; he's the only one with a gun]
Someone wants to pay a lot of money for an artifact in his possession. It was HIS decision to be so … unreasonable.

Indiana Jones [Indy the hero scolding the unchivalrous badguy]
You didn't have to bring the girl into this!

Blind Duck [unnaturally calm and confident; he's the only one with a gun]
I will do whatever it takes, Doctor Jones. That is why I will win.
[laugh] Run and hide, Jones! Should I count to ten?
You're not afraid of a little lead, are you? [laugh]
[frustrated with Indy constantly evading him]
Come out and face me!
[was just whipped in the hand and lost his gun]
[shout of pain] I've got plenty more where that came from!
[hiss of pain] You're only making this worse on yourself, Jones!
[painful cringing sound] You're going to regret that!
[was just whipped in the hand and lost his last gun … puts up his dukes]
[painful ouch] All RIGHT! You want to do this the old fashioned way?
[putting up his dokes]
Take your best shot!
[falling from a rooftop]
[falling into a skylight … cut short by an explosion]

Indiana Jones [This line needs to be said in a more lecturing tone. Much like THIS one goes here; THAT one goes there! in Empire Strikes Back. The joke is that Indy is correcting Archie as though Archie misunderstood his instructions — when they were obvious.]
Archie, keep the fire AWAY from the gunpowder!

Archie Tan [urgent]
It's too late! We have to go . . . NOW!

Indiana Jones
[frustrated sigh]


Indiana Jones
Blind Duck took the easy way out. Archie and I wouldn't be so lucky. By now, the entire factory was in flames. It was only a matter of time before the whole thing collapsed beneath us . . .

Indiana Jones [Indy jokingly blames Archie for the thick smoke he's choking on]
. . . Can't leave you alone for a second!

Archie Tan [Indy's joke isn't nearly as funny as he intended]
Very funny . . . I get to die laughing.

Indiana Jones [just broke a window]
That'll solve our smoke problem.

Archie Tan [Indy just made things worse]
The air is only feeding the fire! We must get out! Now!

(The floor beneath Archie collapses.)

Indiana Jones [Wants to know if Archie survived a fall]

Archie Tan [reassuring Indy]
I'm all right! Keep moving, I'll catch up!
[Archie anticipating that debris is about to fall on him]
Keep moving! This place is falling apart!
[narrowly missed by burning debris]
Indy! I'm trapped! Do something!

Indiana Jones [Archie is about to burn to death if Indy doesn't help]
Hold on, Archie!

Archie Tan [urging Indy to work faster]
Hurry up, Indy!
[getting desperate]
Indy! Hurry!
[the smoke is overcoming him]
[cough cough] Can't … breathe …

(Indy rescues Archie.)

Archie Tan [stoically]
[whew] I'm all right, keep going!
[ironic … this is a video game; it WILL happen again]
[whew] I hope THAT doesn't happen again!
[flaming debris falls right in front of him]

Indiana Jones [a little scolding … Archie getting into trouble is just making his life harder]
Watch where you're going, Archie!

Archie Tan [said like he's dispensing common wisdom]
Don't set buildings on fire, Indy, if you can't put them out!

Indiana Jones [wryly]
I'll keep that in mind.

Archie Tan [urging Indy to hurry]
Indy, this place is coming down!
[helping Indy past a flaming obstacle, just as Indy has been doing for him]
Allow me to return the favor!
[calling to get Indy's attention from across a byrning room]
Indy, I found a way out! Let's go!
[Indy's way is auddenly blocked by falling debris that drops right in front of Archie]
[cough cough] You'll have to find another way! Hurry!
[calmly mocking Indy for the dangerous and circuitous path he had to take]
Indy, you always do things the hard way.

Indiana Jones [wryly … 'My life is ALWAYS this hard.']
Force of habit.
[suffocating on smoke]
[cough] I need … to get some AIR … [cough]
[cough cough] I can't BREATHE in here!
[cough cough] I gotta break a window before I pass out!
[hack cough] The smoke … it's too thick! [cough]
[shouting to Archie; suffocating on smoke]
Archie! [cough cough] I can't breathe!

Archie Tan ['… it's your funeral!']
Fine! BREAK another window!

Indiana Jones [suffocating on smoke]
[cough hack cough] Need to find a window, FAST.
[shouting to Archie; suffocating on smoke]
[cough] Do you see a window anywhere?
[suffocating on smoke]
[cough hack cough cough] This smoke is killing me!

Indiana Jones [SHOUTING UP MULTIPLE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS at Archie … the place is about to collapse]
Archie! We gotta go!


Indiana Jones
We got out of the factory, but it wasn't over yet. The Hip Chen Tong has a lot of muscle. It looked like half of Chinatown was waiting for us when we got outside. I had to find a way to get Archie out of there, and track down Kingston's mystery object before it was too late.

Archie Tan [calmy explaining to Indy, thinking he is out of danger]
Blind Duck never found what he was looking for. I kept it hidden, downtown.
[continuing, not worried]
We can go there tonight if you want . . .

Indiana Jones [Indy just noticed enemies approaching, and is interrupting Archie … WITH URGENCY! THEY'RE BEARING DOWN ON YOU!]
Now. We're going now.

Archie Tan [Archie doesn't notice enemies approaching, and PROTESTS being MANHANDLED by Indy]
Now, wait one minute . . .

Indiana Jones [exasperatedly explaining why Archie really needs to take this situation seriously]
They're after YOU! Get inside!

Archie Tan [introducing the arrival of more enemies]
Look out! More of them!

Indiana Jones [slightly annoyed at the distraction of Archie making needless comments]
I can see that, Archie!

Archie Tan [calling to Indy from inside a cable car; introducing the arrival of more enemies]
Don't let them get on the car!

Indiana Jones [slightly annoyed at the distraction of Archie making needless comments]
Thanks, Archie! You're a big help!

Archie Tan [calling to Indy from inside a cable car; trying to make a useful observation, but failing]
They look pretty mad!

Indiana Jones [slightly annoyed at the distraction of Archie making needless comments]
Can't imagine why!

Archie Tan [calling to Indy from inside a cable car; suddenly realizing they left his granddaughter behind]
You sure that Suzy is all right?

Indiana Jones [slightly annoyed at the distraction of Archie making needless comments]
She's fine! It's us I'm worried about!

Archie Tan [calling to Indy from inside a cable car; unlike Indy, Archie is watching the road]
We're getting close now!

Indiana Jones [Indy is fighting off dozens of thugs, and he doesn't neven know what he's protecting from them]
What exactly are we looking for?

Archie Tan [calling to Indy from inside a cable car]
Charles Kingston left me an artifact. It looked like some kind of message! He said if anyone ever came looking for it, I should call you.

Indiana Jones ['I'm risking my life, so this better be worth it …']
Well, it better be a damn interesting read.

Archie Tan [calling to Indy from inside a cable car; Indy has just fallen off, and he is dragging behind the car]
Indy! Climb up! Climb up!

Indiana Jones [sarcastic; of course it's a great idea]
That's a great idea!

(The cable car passes by some waiting men.)

Chinese Man [angry, shouting]
Hey! You come back here!

Indiana Jones [shouted as he flies by on a speeding Cable Car]
Catch the next one!

Chinese Man [angry, shouting]
Hey! Why you do that?
You a very bad man!
You not ride on top of the car!
I am calling police!

Archie Tan [shouting over the sounds of the chase]
They are shooting at us!

Indiana Jones [shouting over the sounds of the chase]
I know, Archie!

Archie Tan [shouting over the sounds of the chase]
I cannot get the brake to work!

Indiana Jones [shouting over the sounds of the chase]
Forget the brake! Go FASTER!

Archie Tan [shouting over the sounds of the chase]
We are almost there, Indy!

Indiana Jones [shouting over the sounds of the chase]
The sooner the better!

Archie Tan [shouting over the sounds of the chase]
Just a couple more blocks!

Indiana Jones [shouting over the sounds of the chase]
All right, let's finish this …

Indiana Jones [Archie suddenly threw on the brakes, causing Indy to fall on his face … LESS ANGRY, MORE FLABBERGASTED by the POINTLESSNESS of Archie's actions]
What was THAT for?

Archie Tan [Archie is oblivious to the fact that he just knocked Indy over]
This is our stop! Come!


Indiana Jones
Once we were safe, Archie finally showed me what all the trouble was about. The object Kingston gave him for safekeeping was a Jade Sphere we found in Panama, years ago. It was part of an old Mayan observatory. I'll need to take it back to Panama to decode it. But why did those Tong thugs want this thing, and how did they even know about it? There were only two people with Kingston when he found the Sphere in Panama, and I was one of them.

Maggie O'Malley [imperiously assuming that Indy is a porter]
Get these bags below, and be quick about it.
[Indy just stared at her and didn’t respond]
If you're waiting for a tip, you can forget it. I don't pay people to dodder about.

Indiana Jones [emphasizing I and ME to correct her; annoyed that he was talked to like a servant]
I hired this steamer. It's taking ME into the jungle. You'll have to wait for the next one.

Steamer Pilot [broken English, desperate to clear up a misconception quickly before losing a customer]
No! Do not fight! You both passengers! Together!

Maggie O'Malley [looking Indy up and doubt and finding him lacking as a shipmate]
Maybe I WILL wait for the next one.

Steamer Pilot [sounds intimidated]
Mister Sudao!

Sudao [threatening, but not overdoing it; he is the one with the gun, after all]
Hand me that orb, professor, or you will watch me kill your ladyfriend.

Indiana Jones [characteristically sarcastic and unintimidated … calling their bluff]
She's not my friend.

Sudao [Sudao is amused at Indy's spunk, and at the opportunity to kill someone]
Good! Miguel, shoot her.

Maggie O'Malley [terrified that she's about to be shot]

Indiana Jones [suddenly loses the sarcasm in the interest of saving Maggie's life]
WAIT! Everybody calm down.
[still defiant in defeat]
You can have the orb. But don't expect to get very far.
[more amusement at the chance to murder people; then giving orders to his men]
I would give you the same advice. Kill them all!

Sudao [shouting orders to his men, who are scattered around the dock]
I have the orb! Kill them!

Maggie O'Malley [freaked out that she is being lumped into a violent conflict she didn't sign on for]
Kill US? What did I do?

Indiana Jones [annoyed that she is wasting time protesting … DURING FIGHT]
Why don't you go ask them?

Maggie O'Malley [sounds nervous; facing off against an enemy she can't defeat alone]
Could use some help here, professor!

Indiana Jones [still a little annoyed at Maggie for the way she talked down to him earlier … DURING FIGHT]
My name is Indiana!

Maggie O'Malley [nervously hinting that she is being threatened by a pillager]
Give me a hand with this one ..?
I'm hitting him in the head! Why won't he lay off?
Indy! Some help?
[getting more upset as she is losing a fight]
I think I'm losing!

Pillager 1 [shouting orders as he enters the fight]
The boss wants them dead!

Pillager 2 [shouting orders as he enters the fight]
Toss their bodies in the river!

Pillager 1 [calling dibs; assuming Indy will lose the fight]
I get his hat!

Pillager 2 [having a great time fighting Indy]
I love this job!

Pillager 3 [annoyed at his incompetent comrades]
He's still alive?

Pillager 4 [annoyed at his incompetent comrades]
Kill him, you idiots!

Pillager 1 [shouting orders as he enters the fight]
Sink his boat! They can swim for it!

Steamer Pilot [trying to verbally fend off attackers]
It's MY boat! You stay away from it!
[pathetically in need of help]
Doctor Jones! My boat!
They're hurting my poor boat!
[shouting at enemies, then calling to Indy]
Get out of here! Jones!
[pathetically in need of help]
She can't take much more of this, doctor!
[annoyed that Indy has been neglecting him]
Stop them, damn you, before they sink her!

Indiana Jones [snapping back after being scolded]
Watch your mouth! I'm doing my best!

Steamer Pilot [in a near-crying panic]
Doctor Jones! You ruin my LIFE!

Indiana Jones [narration]
She wasn't much to talk to, but she didn't have to die.
Those men were here for ME. They didn't have to KILL her.


Indiana Jones
According to the steamer pilot, someone is hiring mercenaries in Panama City to hunt for the same clues I'm after. If the rumors are true -- and they usually are -- this guy is a German, and well-funded. I've got a bad feeling I know who I'm up against, and who he's working for. I don't know what his game is, but right now, I've almost tracked those mercenaries to their hideout. Just one more bridge to cross.

Sudao [shouting orders to his men as combat begins]
Jones is here! Stop him!
Don't let him cross the bridge!
Hack it down! We'll build a new one!

Pillager 1 [shouting to the others as he enters the fray]
I see him!
Kill him!
Cut the ropes!
Hurry up and cut it down!

Pillager 2 [shouting to the others as he enters the fray]
Don't let him cross!
He's mine!
You heard the boss! Hack it down!
I brought a machete!

Pillager 3 [shouting to the others as he enters the fray]
Stop him!
I never liked this bridge, anyway!

Pillager 4 [shouting to Indy as he enters the fray]
This is OUR territory!

Pillager 3 [mocking Indy as he enters the fray]
[laugh] Don't fall, Doctor Jones!

Pillager 4 [mocking Indy as he enters the fray]
Hope you have a parachute!

Pillager 4 [shouting to the others as the bridge starts to come apart]
Hold onto something!

Pillager 3 [shouting to the others as he tries to damage the bridge]
These ropes are tough!

Pillager 4 [shouting to the others as he tries to damage the bridge]
Just a few more cuts …

Pillager 1 [exulting in his success]
There goes one rope, boss!

Pillager 2 [exulting in his success]
My rope is cut! This bridge is coming DOWN!

Pillager 3 [exulting in his success]
There it goes! Just one more rope before it falls!

Indiana Jones [determined]
I can't let them cut that rope …

Pillager 4 [exulting in his success at cutting a bridge down … while standing on it himself]
I cut the rope! Hold onto something! AAAAAAAAGH!

Indiana Jones [said sarcastically, directly to Maggie, who is following him] - need more reads
I'm getting this weird feeling … like I'm being followed.

Maggie O'Malley [scoffing at Indy's bravado]
What, you're going to take on dozens of mercenaries by yourself?

Indiana Jones [contemptuously] - need more reads
Well, unless you've got a bazooka in your pocket, I don't think you'll be much help.

Maggie O'Malley [defiantly explaining her willingness to march into danger]
I'm a journalist, Doctor Jones. And from what I've seen, you're a walking Pulitzer. I'm going with you.

Indiana Jones [grudgingly accepting her help] - need more reads
Fine. Just hang back where it's safe. We're getting close to their hideout.

Maggie O'Malley [sarcastic, not submissive]
Don't worry, I won't get in your way.


Indiana Jones
Once I threw enough mercenaries off the bridge, their leader, Sudao, turned and ran. I tracked him to the ruins of an ancient Mayan city, which he had turned into his own private stronghold. He knew the ruins by heart. I had a little trouble keeping up . . .

Sudao [Sudao knows he has the upper hand, and thinks Indy has no chance … ACCENT ON 'BALL', not 'GREEN']
You want your green ball, Doctor Jones? Come and get it!

Indiana Jones [sees an impossible task in front of him]
Yeah . . . no problem.
[muttering to himself about the improbability of his situation]
I should publish a paper about the ubiquity of giant stone balls among pre-Columbian societies.
[talking himself through the problem; looking for a solution]
There must be a way to turn off those steam jets …
Those boulders must be part of some triggering mechanism.
[muttering to himself about the improbability of his situation]
Some Mayan engineer had a LOT of time on his hands.
[finally, something is working right … DON'T SOUND WORRIED; SOUND EXCITED]
That boulder is blocking one of the steam vents!
[finally, something is working right … SHOULD SOUND MORE POSITIVE ABOUT IT]
As long as it's not rolling over ME.
[finally, something is working right]
That's TWO! Just one more to go.
[excitedly talking to himself as things come together]
That's it! The pressure's building up! I just need to stand in the right place …
[muttering to himself about the improbability of his situation]
If my house had an entrance like this, I'd never come home.
[Indy has one last, simple challenge to overcome before he succeeds]
If I mess THIS up, I'm going to be MAD.

Maggie O'Malley [Maggie is lost in the ruins; trying to find Indy]
Indiana! Where are you!

Indiana Jones [wishes Maggie could just stay lost; has no respect for her as an adventurer]
[sigh] I'm over here! Come on up, before you get yourself killed.

Maggie O'Malley [talking across an echo-y chamber]
Doctor Jones, are you REALLY going to take on all those mercenaries by yourself?

Indiana Jones [sarcastic; talking across an echo-y chamber]
Unless you've got a bazooka in your pocket, I don't think YOU'LL be much help!

Maggie O'Malley [talking across an echo-y chamber]
I'm a journalist, Jones. And from what I've seen, you're a walking Pulitzer! I'm coming with you!

Indiana Jones [sarcastic; talking across an echo-y chamber]
Fine. Just hop on the insane Mayan death ride, and I'll see you in a minute!


Indiana Jones
I cornered Sudao in his lair. He seemed to think the Jade Sphere was going to make him rich, and he wouldn't give it up without a fight. I knew a hardened mercenary like Sudao wasn't going to go down easy . . .

Maggie O'Malley [not eager to be in the middle of the enemy's lair]
There's your orb! Grab it, and let's get out of here!

Sudao [cocky; inwardly laughing about the fact that he's about to beat Indy to death]
Doctor Jones! I'm impressed. No one has ever entered my stronghold uninvited.

Indiana Jones [nobly confronting his adversary]
That jade sphere doesn't belong to you. Hand it over.

Sudao [thinks Indy's nobility is just adorable]
Of course, Dr. Jones. I will give you the first chance to buy it from me. Name your price.

Indiana Jones [trying to intimidate Sudao]
How about you give me the orb, and I let you limp out of here?

Maggie O'Malley [something bad just happened to Indy]
Indy, be careful!

Indiana Jones [said flippantly, but meant to be ironic]
I'm always careful!

Maggie O'Malley [like it's a casual, dispassionate observation]
He's a much better fighter than you are.

Indiana Jones [almost predatory annoyance]
I'm sorry to disappoint you!

Maggie O'Malley [like it's a casual, dispassionate observation]
He's a much better fighter than you are.
[offering a useful fact; like Indy isn't fighting for his life]
[sniff] These pots are filled with some kind of incense … it makes my eyes sting.
[the ground just shook, scaring her]
This whole place looks like it could collapse at any moment!
[those pillars, which are looming right over her head]
Those pillars look especially precarious …
[calling attention to a key part of the boss battle, like it just caught her eye]
What's that, in the middle of the room? Some kind of altar?

Indiana Jones [flippant; he's getting smacked in the face repeatedly with a club while she admires the scenery]
You want a history lesson? I'm kind of busy!

Sudao [angrily summoning his minions]
Get in here, you idiots!

Pillager 1 [said as though he is shocked and kind of freaked out to find Sudao engaged in personal combat … WOW, GREAT INTERPRETATION OF WHAT I SAID AT THE LEFT … BUT NEEDS TO SOUND MORE URGENT]
Boss! What's going ON?

Sudao [doesn't want too much help; that would be shameful]
Stay back! I've got Jones right where I want him!

Pillager 2 [nervous about suggesting that his boss is fallible]
You need some help, boss?

Sudao [annoyed that his men need to be given orders for every little thing]
You want to help me? Get the girl!

Pillager 3 [eager to prove himself]
Let me take him, boss!

Sudao [get out of my way, minion!]
Leave him to me!

Pillager 4 [eager to prove himself]
Boss, I'm here!

Sudao [turning his fear and shame at being nearly defeated into anger at his underlings]
What took you so long? Stop these two! Now!

Maggie O'Malley [nervously facing off against a pillager]
Indy! Could use some help here!
[shooing an assailant off like a pest]
Get away from me! I'm just here for the story!
[trying pointlessly to persuade someone not to attack her]
I'm a non-combatant!
[trying, unsuccessfully, to intimidate a pillager]
Back off! Right now!
I'll bash your head in!
[doesn't comprehend that people actually hurt each other in the real world]
OW! Are you TRYING to hurt me?
I can't believe you'd hit a woman!
[weirdly excited about her first success in combat]
HA! Take that, you cretin!
[sarcastically infantilizing her adversary]
Oh, did that hurt? Terribly sorry.

Sudao [something is suddenly stinging his eyes]
Aagh! My eyes!
Aagh! Where are you!

Indiana Jones [the classic 'tsk tsk tsk, I warned you!']
I told you this would be dangerous.

Maggie O'Malley [acting aloof about her unexpected success at adventuring]
Don't mind me. We got what we came for.

Indiana Jones [the room just started falling apart; they're both a little shaken]
It's not over yet. Come on!

Maggie O'Malley
It's about time!
[the room just started falling apart]
We can celebrate later. Come on!


Indiana Jones
After I took care of Sudao, his men were more than willing to talk. It turned out I was right -- my old friend Magnus VÖLLER is here with his goose-stepping cronies. With the Jade Sphere in my hand, I'm one step ahead of them. But before I can decode Kingston's message, I'll need to find three ancient mirrors -- they're the key to unlocking the Temple of the Cosmos.

Maggie O'Malley [shouting, after Indy tumbled into a hole]
Indy! Are you dead?

Indiana Jones [shouting; acknowledging that Maggie doesn't like him very much alive … LESS EMPHASIS ON 'NOT YET']
Not yet. I'm gonna need another way out of here, though . . .

Maggie O'Malley [shouting]
Can you reach the mirrors? Are they down there?

Indiana Jones [okay, 'to himself' didn't work … try shouting it at Maggie]
I hope so!
I got the first one!

Maggie O'Malley [shouting nervously down to him]
You might want to hurry up, Indy … I don't think I'm alone out here!

Indiana Jones [shouting]
That's two! Just one more to go!

Maggie O'Malley [shouting nervously down to him]
Keep moving! This place will be crawling with Nazis in a moment!

Indiana Jones [shouting; not too certain he's really succeeded yet]
That's the last one! Tell me we've got a way out of here!

Maggie O'Malley [shouting; just finished something strenuous]
Er … yes! Over here! There's a door opening!

Indiana Jones [talking to himself, in the face of impossible odds]
Great. Now I've got to GET there.
[talking to himself as he finds an artifact]
At least this is ONE tomb Sudao never got to sack.
This will look good in a display case back home …
[talking to himself as he uses some medical supplies]
[whew] I needed that.

Maggie O'Malley [masking her worry behind annoyance]
Hurry up, Indy!
Indy, just GRAB the mirrors and get OUT of there!

Indiana Jones [a door just slammed behind him]
Perfect. I guess I'm going forward.
This gets better all the time.
I saw THAT coming.

Maggie O'Malley [masking her worry behind annoyance]
THERE you are. What took you so long?

Indiana Jones [indy's quiet pissed-off voice]
Go inside; I'll SHOW you.

Maggie O'Malley ['NO WAY, you're not getting ME in there.']
I've had enough of underground deathtraps. I saw your German friends heading up the side of the temple. Let's get some fresh air, shall we?


Indiana Jones
We got the mirrors and the Sphere, but it looks like Magnus beat us to the temple. He set up shop in the observatory with a pack of Nazis, just waiting for me to show up. I don't know what Kingston was hiding, but if the Nazis are that interested, I sure as hell intend to find out.

Indiana Jones [stage whisper; doesn't want to be discovered]
Magnus is already here. That means this place is crawling with Nazis. Just stay behind me.

Maggie O'Malley [stage whisper; a little miffed about not being in the loop about the key players here]
Magnus? Who is 'Magnus'?

Indiana Jones [stage whisper; recalling some less-favorite memories]
He and I studied together under Charles Kingston. Well . . . I studied. He copied.

Maggie O'Malley [a bit awed by the sort of person they're about to confront]
What sort of person brings SOLDIERS to an archaeological dig?

Indiana Jones [dryly; he deals with these sorts of people all the time]
That's Magnus for you. I can't wait till you meet him.

Maggie O'Malley [doesn't have the highest opinion of Indy's archaeological knowhow]
You do know what to DO with these mirrors once we reach the top …

Indiana Jones [he's confident, but he's not too interested in assuaging Maggie's annoying fears]
Uh … sure.

Maggie O'Malley [annoyed that she has to play catch-up as Indy trudges on ahead]
You trying to get rid of me?
You don't need to be in such a hurry!

Indiana Jones [tired of her nagging]
If you don't want to keep up, you're more than welcome to stay here.

Maggie O'Malley [eager to be the one in front, setting the pace]
All right, let's go!
[expressing disapproval of Indy's apparent laziness; eager to be the one in front, setting the pace]
We can't hang about here all day.

Indiana Jones [being gentlemanly about a sheer wall they both need to climb] - More urgent
Can you make it up?

Maggie O'Malley [trying to prove she doesn't need Indy's help]
I'll be fine, thank you.

Indiana Jones [being gentlemanly about a sheer wall they both need to climb, knowing that it annoys Maggie]
You've got to push with your legs.

Maggie O'Malley [sarcastic; annoyed at Indy's attempts to 'help']
Very cute, that is.
[trying to prove she doesn't need Indy's help]
Haven't you got some Nazis to fight?

Indiana Jones [intentionally annoying Maggie]
I was trying to forget you were here.

Maggie O'Malley [doesn't think she can handle a professional soldier, but unwilling to admit her fear directly]
Uh … you get their attention! I'll wait for them in here.

Indiana Jones [Indy thinks her fear is funny] - More urgent
That's very brave of you.

Maggie O'Malley [hiding out has made Maggie blind to what's going on]
What's going on? Indy?

Indiana Jones ['I'm sort of fighting for my life right now, slacker!'] - More Urgent
I'm a little busy!

Maggie O'Malley ['I'm not actually going to join the fight and put myself at risk, but feel free to give me easy stuff!']
Just send them over to me!

Indiana Jones [not taking Maggie seriously]
Right. I'll do that.

Nazi Soldier 1 [startled by a collapsing wall]
Aagh! It's him!

Indiana Jones [stage whisper] - More urgent
Think you can make that jump?

[repeating the line sarcastically … the jump just got longer, due to a collapsing platform … NOTE ACCENT ON THE WORD 'THAT']
Think you can make THAT jump?

You call that a JUMP?

Indiana Jones [stage whisper]
I'll go first.

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
I see them! Attack!

Nazi Soldier 1 [startled]
Wha ..? The American!

Maggie O'Malley [feeling abandoned by Indy]
Indy, you trying to leave me behind?
Do something! I'm stuck over here!

Indiana Jones [warning Maggie that he's joining the fray]
Watch out!
[took care of a guy that was harrassing her, at great risk to himself]
There! You happy?

Maggie O'Malley [actually is grateful, but chafes at Indy's attitude]

Nazi Soldier 1 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Kill the Americans!

Maggie O'Malley [bristles that a Nazi got her nationality wrong]

Indiana Jones [Indy is trying to shove something that he can't move alone]
[monumental effort] It's … not moving.

Maggie O'Malley [Maggie loves that Indy needs her help, finally]
Might you need some help?

Indiana Jones [has a low opinion of Maggie's chances of being useful]
Knock yourself out.

Maggie O'Malley [Maggie is leaning on the thing they're pushing, ready for Indy to kick it off]
I'm here. Start pushing.
[has had enough fighting for one day]
Here we go again!
[swinging at an enemy]
Take that!
[hits an enemy]
[trying to intimidate a pillager; more confident than in the past]
Mind yourself!
[ironic; they're swarming all over the place]
I think they've copped onto us!
[too many adventures for one day]
Is anything easy with you?
That went well.
[making light of their life-threatening situation during a break]
Well, I'm still alive. You?
[getting a bit exhausted, emotionally, from all this combat]
There can't be many more ... can there?

Indiana Jones [talking to himself]
That's all of them . . . better keep climbing.
Don't want to leave a bunch of Nazis behind me to shoot me in the back!
That's the last one on this level. Just a little more climbing to do . . .
Can't go any further till these Nazis are taken care of.
[making a sudden realization and shouting it to Maggie]
The mirrors fit into these stone housings!
[counting up to three mirrors]
That's two.
[counting up three tasks he needs to perform]
Just one more left.
[showing satisfaction at having completed a major portion of his task]
Okay, they're all in!

Maggie O'Malley [something they thought was stationary is suddenly moving … SHOUTING]
Indy . . . I think you should see this.
[A door just opened to where they need to go! … SHOUTING]
Look! A way inside!

Indiana Jones [Indy is a little hesitant about entering the door that just opened] - More urgent
Now to find out what's behind it . . .


Indiana Jones
We got inside the temple and used the Sphere to reveal Professor Kingston's message. It was a map, leading to the site of an underground cistern in Istanbul. It wasn't until I translated more of the clues that I realized what Kingston was looking for when he vanished. Now I know -- he was on the hunt for the Staff of Moses. The Staff can part the seas, call down pillars of fire, invoke plagues; and something tells me the Nazis don't want it for its historical value.

Indiana Jones [deliberately provoking Maggie]
I told you to stay behind.

Maggie O'Malley [falling into Indy's deliberate provokations]
You CAN'T be blaming ME for this.

Indiana Jones [deliberately provoking Maggie]
I would have been better off on my own!

Maggie O'Malley [falling into Indy's deliberate provokations]
Why you …
[encouraging Indy to flee]
Come on, Indy! It's our chance!
[stumbling and falling off the edge of the temple]

Indiana Jones [shouting to check on Maggie; she fell off-screen]
Maggie! You all right?

Maggie O'Malley [calling up from below]
No thanks to you!

Indiana Jones [shouting his plan down to Maggie]
Magnus is still in the temple! We've got to trap him inside!

Maggie O'Malley [Indy just suggested something preposterous]
How are you going to do THAT?

Indiana Jones [working out a solution to himself while shouting to Maggie … LINE HALVES TOO DISSIMILAR-SOUNDING IN FIRST READING]
The mirrors are keeping the door open … if I knock them off the edge …

Maggie O'Malley ['I'm right in a position to get hurt as a result of your silly plan!']
Just mind where they fall, if you please!
[Indy stated his plan, then got distracted and didn't act on it]
Aren't you going to topple the mirrors?

Indiana Jones ['I'm fighting for my life, and you're talking about the plan!']
I'm a little distracted!

Maggie O'Malley [nervous that the Nazis might win if they don't get a move on]
Hurry up!

Indiana Jones [common answer in the middle of dire circumstances]
I'll be down in a minute!

Maggie O'Malley [Indy just enacted his plan, but Maggie's not in a position to see the outcome]
Did it work?

Indiana Jones [informing Maggie of the outcome of his plan, so far]
No! It's still open!

Maggie O'Malley [encouraging Indy to keep going]
Try another one!

Indiana Jones [informing Maggie of the outcome of his plan, so far]
That's two! Nothing!

Maggie O'Malley [loses faith in Indy's plan, and just wants to save their necks]
Then get down here; let's GO!

Indiana Jones [never one to give up]
Just one more to try.

Maggie O'Malley [thinks Indy is risking his life pointlesly]

Indiana Jones [excited that his plan worked out]
It worked!

Nazi Soldier 1 [urgently calling to their leader]
Herr Völler!
Come on! Schnell!

Nazi Soldier 2 [urgently calling to their leader]
The door is closing! Get out of there!

Magnus Völler [shouting orders to his men in his absence]
Get Jones! Kill him! NOW!

Nazi Soldier 1 [urgently calling to their leader]
I don't see him! He's escaped!
[shouting as he enters the fray]
Stop the American!

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Don't let him escape!

Nazi Soldier 1 [bewildered as to why Indy is attacking the building instead of them]
What is the American DOING?!

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Get him!

Nazi Soldier 1 [shouting as he enters the fray; said like he is commanding other men to track Maggie down]
Where is the girl?

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
He's escaped!

Indiana Jones [Indy just totally owned Magnus]
HA! Let's see Magnus try to get out of that!

Maggie O'Malley [impatient that Indy is taunting Magnus rather than escaping]
Stop gloating and come ON!

Indiana Jones [in the middle of getting attacked by a Nazi]
Just a minute! I've got a few more loose ends to tie up.

Maggie O'Malley [thinks Indy is juvenile for fighting instead of running]
When you're done playing the mighty warrior, let me know.

Indiana Jones [just killed his last Nazi]
That about does it!
Magnus could come out this door any second with a troop of Nazis … I need to get it shut.
I don’t want to be standing here when Magnus shows up.

Maggie O'Malley [shouting helpful advice]
Kick their ladders over! It'll slow them down!
[shouting; frustrated at being ignored]
I said to kick their ladders! Do you even listen?


Indiana Jones
According to Kingston, the keepers of the Staff left a compass in Istanbul that points the way to their final destination. They called it the Shepherd, and they told their whole story in a Chronicle hidden deep in the bowels of the Sultan's palace. If I can find that Chronicle, I'll know exactly where to start looking.

Indiana Jones [talking quietly to himself]
Looks like the Nazis found a secret entrance into the Sultan's Palace. Who knows what they're hiding down there.
But according to Kingston's notes, the Chronicle is down there, too. Looks like I've found my way in . . .
It takes three guys to open this door. Well, three two-hundred-pound weights, anyway. There's gotta be something else I can use to trip the mechanism.
[talking to himself]
One down… Just gotta trigger the other two.
[talking to himself … emphasis on BROKEN]
A broken statue doesn't help me get inside.
[talking to himself]
They don't make these things like they used to.
At least a part of it survived. Now I've just gotta get it to the right spot.
Only one pressure plate left. I guess I weigh about as much as a Nazi…
[talking to himself as he succeeds at his final goal]
That was it! I just hope whatever's down there is worth it …

Nazi Spy 1 [shouting as he enters the fray]
It's the American!
Stop him!
He's found the secret entrance!

Nazi Spy 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Capture him!
Kill him! Quickly!
We cannot let him live!

Nazi Spy 3 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Get him! He has information!
Schnell! Before the guards arrive!
He has seen too much!

Nazi Spy 4 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Don't let him inside!
We'll be discovered!
He's tearing the place apart!

Indiana Jones [picks up satchel]
I need the rest of my gear …

Nazi Spy 1 [picks up gun]
Look out! He has a gun!

Nazi Spy 2 [picks up whip]
Look out! He has a whip!

Nazi Spy 1 [picks up gun]

Indiana Jones [picks up hat]
Couldn't leave THIS behind.
[relieved that enemies have stopped spawning, so he can work on the puzzle]
That's all of them … for now. I've got to find a way into that hatch …
[whew] Finally, a breather!
If I work fast, maybe I can get inside before any more Nazis show up …
Can't a guy get a break here? [sigh]
This hatch isn't going to open itself. I've got to find a way inside.
That's about all the Nazis I want to deal with tonight …

Nazi Spy 1 [shouting as he enters the fray]
It's him! The American doctor!

Nazi Spy 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Close the gates!

Indiana Jones [talking to himself]
I won't be getting in THAT way.
But a palace like this is always riddled with secret passages …
That stone monument is out of place. Wrong time period. I wonder if it's covering something up …
The monument is too heavy to move … There must be some kind of mechanism for opening it …

Indiana Jones [talking quietly to himself]
Magnus's men … they're HERE?
They must have found Maggie's camera. That means they know about the cistern, the Shepherd … everything.
My only chance is to find that Chronicle, and track down the Shepherd before they do.


Indiana Jones
I was hoping I could beat the Nazis to the Sultan's Palace. I should have known better. I need to find that Chronicle and get out fast, before they figure out why I'm here. Magnus may have Kingston's map, but without that Chronicle, he could comb through the old cistern for years and never find a thing.

Nazi Soldier 1 [running in to report dire news … in ENGLISH for EXPOSITION]
Doctor Jones is in the palace!

Nazi Spy 1 [reacting with surprise … in ENGLISH for EXPOSITION]
He's not at the cisterns? He must know something we don't!

Nazi Soldier 1 [urgently … in ENGLISH for EXPOSITION]
He knows how to find the Shepherd! Send a message to Herr Völler.

Indiana Jones [with bravado]
I can't let you do that, Fritz!

Nazi Spy 1 [barking orders]
Hold him off! I'll send the message!

Nazi Spy 2 [barking orders]
We need to get the message to Herr Völler!

Nazi Soldier 1 [having trouble holding Indy off … wants this to end quickly]
What's taking so long!

Nazi Spy 1 [protesting that he is doing his best]
It's a coded message! It takes time!

Nazi Spy 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
I am here! Where is the code machine?

Indiana Jones [expressing surprise at the sheer number of Nazis in this Turkish palace]
How many of you guys ARE there?

Nazi Spy 1 ['Fighting isn't my job! What's wrong with you people!']
Keep him away from me!

Nazi Soldier 2 [shouting as he enters the fray]
There he is!
Capture him!
Stop him!

Nazi Soldier 1 [shouting as he enters the fray]
Protect the code machine!
He's here?
Don't let him escape!

Indiana Jones [to himself; probably while fighting]
This is where the old library used to be. The Shepherd's Chronicle should still be in here somewhere.
They wouldn't leave the Chronicle lying around. It must be hidden.
If I'm going to find the Chronicle, I can't be afraid to break a few things.

Nazi Spy 1 [shouting a progress report to his fellows]
The message is halfway done!
I'm getting closer!
Almost finished!
The message is away!

Indiana Jones [Indy has just beaten down a roomful of guys. 'Anyone else want some o' this?']
Anybody else want to send a message?
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