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Hasbro Indiana Jones

3.75" Basic Figures
Wave 1 - Raiders of the Lost Ark
Cairo Swordsman
German Soldier
Indiana Jones (Cairo)
Indiana Jones (Hovitos Temple)
Marion Ravenwood
Monkey Man
Rene Belloq (Ceremony)

Wave 2 - Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Cemetery Warrior
Colonel Dovchenko
Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull)
Indiana Jones (Rocket Launcher)
Irina Spalko
Mutt Williams (Jacket & Sword)
Mutt Williams (Snake)
Russian Soldier
Ugha Warrior

Wave 3 - The Last Cursade
Colnel Vogel
Dr. Elsa Schneider
Dr. Henry Jones
Grail Knight
Indiana Jones
Young Indy

Wave 4 - Temple of Doom
Chief Temple Guard
Indiana Jones
Mola Ram
Short Round
Temple Guard
Willie Scott

30th Anniversary Action Figure Set (San Diego Comic-Con 2011)
German Mechanic
Indiana Jones as German Soldier
Major Arnold Toht
Marion Ravenwood in White Dress
Indiana Jones

Ticket to Adventure: 3¾" Crystal Skeleton with Throne

3.75" Deluxe Figures
Wave 1
German Soldiers
Indiana Jones (Map Room) with Ark
Marion Ravenwood and Cairo Henchman

Wave 2
German Soldier with Motorcycle
Indiana Jones with Horse
Indiana Jones with Temple Pitfall
Indiana Jones with Temple Trap

Wave 3
Mutt Williams with Motorcycle
Cairo Thugs 2-pack

Battle Packs & Multipacks
DVD Commemorative Set
DVD Commemorative Set
Cairo Ambush
Jungle Chase
Tank Showdown

3.75" Vehicles
Cargo Truck
Cargo Truck (with cloth top)
Jungle Cutter
Troop Car
Jungle Cutter (with 3 Figures) - Toys "R" Us

3.75" Playsets
Temple of Akator
Lost Temple of Akator (with Bonus Figures) - Costco

12" Figures
Wave 1
Cairo Swordsman
German Officer
Indiana Jones (RotLA/Jacket)
Indiana Jones (RotLA/Whip Action)
Mutt Williams

Wave 2
Colonel Dovchenko
Colonel Dovchenko (Fire Ants)
Indiana Jones as German Soldier
Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom)
Mutt Williams w/ leather jacket

Ticket to Adventure: 12" Ark of the Covenant

Adventure Heroes
Collection 1
Indiana Jones & Cairo Swordsman
Indiana Jones & German Mechanic
Indiana Jones & Marion Ravenwood
Indiana Jones & Tribal Warrior
Rene Belloq, Ark, & Ghost
Sallah & Mummy

Collection 2
Indiana Jones & Colonel Dovchenko
Indiana Jones & Ugha Warrior
Mutt Williams & Irina Spalko

Collection 3
Indiana Jones & Willie Scott
Mola Ram & Temple Priest
Short Round & Temple Thug

Collection 4
Col. Vogel & Grail Knight
Indiana Jones & Dr. Elsa Schneider
Indiana Jones & Dr. Henry Jones

Indiana Jones & Arabian Horse

Mighty Muggs
Wave 1
Cairo Swordsman
Indiana Jones
Mola Ram

Wave 2
Dr. Henry Jones
Monkey Man
Mutt Williams

Wave 3
Indiana Jones in Tux
Irina Spalko

Wave 4
Professor Jones
Satipo w/ Spiders
Young Indy

Fertility Idol Mighty Mugg (San Diego Comic-Con 2008)
Sallah & Short Round (Entertainment Earth exclusive)

Wave 1
Cargo Truck
Jungle Cutter
Last Crusade Biplane
Rocket Sled
Vogel's Mark VII Tank

Wave 2
German Flying Wing
Indiana & Henry Jones on Motorcycle
Mutt Williams on Motorcycle

Role Play
Role Play Sword
Role Play Whip
Indiana Jones' Whip (with DVD)

Board Games
Monopoly (wood box)
Game of Life
DVD Adventure Game
Akator Temple Race Game

Other Stuff
Taters of the Lost Ark
Indy's Ultimate Adventure Playset
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