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9. Darcy makes Katchoo an offer she can hardly refuse, while Francine goes to Detective Walsh after making a shocking discovery. Story & art by Terry Moore, with "special thanks to Harlan Ellison for his invaluable editorial advice on this issue." Includes Moore's compilation of the order the various Strangers in Paradise series should be read in.









18. Set in the future, Francine & Katchoo are together after ten years of separation. What happened to cause the split? Find out in this story!

19. Set in the future. They haven't seen or spoken to each other in ten years, but when an older Francine sees a woman who looks like Katchoo, she begins to recall the events that changed their lives forever..

20. Things come to a boil between Katchoo and Francie. All the anger, all the doubt is laid out in a huge fight. Doors are broken, furniture thrown, its ugly!

21. All is not well in paradise when the comfortable "understanding" between Katchoo, Francine and David about living together becomes threatened by outsiders. Who is the beautiful Japanese girl in love with David? Who has his eye on Francine, despite the fact that, as Katchoo puts it, "He's not just married, Francine, he's very married! Geez Louise!" There's a storm brewing in this hot new issue! Don't miss it!

22. It's heeeere! "The Big Rift" has begun. Francine is having an affair with a married man (we can't tell you who yet!), Katchoo is looking for another place to live, and David is torn between his friendship with the two girls and his moral dilemma with the whole living together setup. What happens next? Find out in this funny and satirical look at modern love and twenties angst!

22. Francine has gone back to her mom’s, and Katchoo, well, she’s not taking it very well. No guns or drugs involved, yet, but a lot of crying. Good thing David's there; now, will Katchoo see that, or continue to look right past him?

22s. As every regular reader of SIP knows, my advance solicitation information in the Diamond Previews catalog isn't always the most accurate. This is because, although I have an overall storyline for the coming year, I continue to write and think and write, changing anything and everything until the page is ripped from my hands and printed. So, anything I say about an upcoming issue of SIP is to be taken with a grain of suspicion. BUT, I do believe with all my heart, and have believed all morning long, that the next issue of SIP will see Casey trying herself out on David once more; Katchoo pondering the course of her life without Francine, finding the road to art-world fame and fortune suddenly open up before her like a ten-lane highway; while Francine meets Brad #2 (heh! You thought I'd make it easy for you?!) and finds the peace and quiet of her mother's country home a wonderful place to regain her perspective. Then the issue concludes with an absolutely heart-stopping moment that sends chills up my spine every time I think about it. So I think the big question of #22 will be what happens in 23!

23. As Francine struggles to adapt to life without Katchoo, or life with her (both are pretty big pills to swallow,) David and Katchoo come to a reconciliation, of sorts, aided by Casey Femur in her relentless quest for love, any love, from anyone. She’d be pathetic if she weren’t so annoying, but at least that’s something David and Katchoo can agree on, and besides, it’s not her fault. Now if Francine and Katchoo can agree that it’s her husband Freddie’s fault - well, in that case Freddie’s in deep trouble.

23s. Katchoo teaches Casey a thing or two about fooling around with other men, while David receives a phone call that will change his life forever. Francine comes to a decision concerning her friendship with Katchoo, but she returns home to find her affairs are definitely not in order!

24. Freddie is livid when he discovers Francine is having a hot and steamy love affair with a married man. Why couldn't it be him? Little does he know his own wife, Casey, is pursuing another man, David, who only has eyes for Katchoo! Make sense? Of course not! Don't miss this decidedly torrid issue of SIP, guaranteed to raise your blood pressure!

24s. Find out what happens when Casey remembers to tell Katchoo that Freddie has her paintings! Does the phrase "a police situation" mean anything to you?

25. After Darcy finally died last issue, apparently lifting her curse from Katchoo and David’s lives forever (and leaving David about a billion dollars to boot!) it’s time to head for the beach and relax! Suffice it to say that David, Katchoo and Francine all have three very different ideas about how to relax, and none of them involves battling crazed supervillains, or even calm, perfectly rational supervillains with entertaining conversational skills and excellent table manners. Not that there are any of those in here...

25. ALL BEACH, ALL THE TIME? It's a special summer swimsuit issue! Francine and Katchoo hit the beach on the hot white sands of Florida's Emerald Coast. It's summer vacation, and Katchoo is determined to relax and catch a few rays, but between Francine's shrinking bikini, a raging sandcastle war, and an endless stream of love-struck college boys, Katchoo soon finds there is no rest for the weary or diplomatically challenged.

25s. The time is two weeks after Darcy Parker's burial. Katchoo, Francine and David decide to get away to Florida for a week of sun and relaxation after their harrowing experience (as seen in Vol III, issues 1-12) to recuperate and contemplate their future. David and Katchoo begin to open up to each other and share their past, and find they have even more in common than they thought. Francine is worried about wearing a swim suit but finds no problem in attracting attention when she finally takes the plunge!

26. Francine is having trouble coping with her emotions, and this leads to problems in her relationships. Meanwhile, Katchoo is on a very bumpy flight to New York and something goes wrong with the plane. Hold on to your hats!

26. Francine returns from Tennessee determined to find a man and begin a new life. But when she goes back to the rent house to get her things, she finds that David and Katchoo have already left, and they¹re not coming back! Will she accept their invitation to join them in an idyllic life in Hawaii, or will she stick to her decision to become the suburban mom of her dreams? It’s a tough day for the girls that is rudely interrupted when Francine discovers Freddie has the nude painting of her hanging in his living room!

27. In the aftermath of a plane crash, Katina tries to rescue David from the wreckage. Meanwhile, the news of the tragedy spreads and Katina’s friends must face their worst fears. A dark, sad, disturbing tale that will grip you like no other comic book ever will. A must read.

27. David finds himself at odds with the Big Six who want him to join their ranks and fill his sister's role. But Tambi has made it known to David that joining the covert group will cost him his life. Who is Tambi working for now, and why has David suddenly become the key ingredient for America's impending fall from power? This is the answer Katchoo is determined to find out before it's too late!

27s. All the solicitation copy you've seen for this issue was a red herring. Everything you've heard is speculation. Moore has the kept the contents of this issue under a cloak of absolute secrecy! Nobody knows what to expect and this issue is bound to have a dramatic effect on the entire SIP storyline. Ships Oct 1. A sedative is recommended before reading.

28. Who survived the plane wreck? Who didn’t make it out? Was it David or Katchoo or neither? And who arranged the crash? Now Mr. Tuccanni wants some answers so he can get his hands on Darcy Parker’s company and the extremely dangerous Tambi gets to play Sherlock Holmes. A late night visit to the hospital could change everything!

28. "First Strike!" ? A horrible commercial airplane crash has claimed the lives of 153 people. Katchoo and David were on that plane, traveling to New York to claim his billion-dollar inheritance. As a distraught Francine arrives on the scene, she finds Katchoo alive but badly injured and David... missing! Was it all an unfortunate accident? When Katchoo receives a bedside phone call from Tambi, the horrible truth becomes clear.

28s. This issue takes a very bold step forward when the bigger picture is revealed concerning David and Katchoo's role in the inheritance of Darcy Parker's estate and her place in The Company -- resulting in a frightening edict given to Tambi concerning all Parker Girls, including Katchoo! The results are immediate and devastating to Katchoo and Francine. Major, major changes in this issue and the story to come!!!

29. In the wake of the plane crash that put David on an iron lung, Katchoo returns to her "other life", as the Parker Girls are being started up again! Francine can't find Katchoo, her mother's not being any help, and is there any chance she'll ever be able to get back to where her life used to be? Maybe not ... but if she is going back to the Parkers, she's going back with a ruthlessness that may allow her to make her life more the way she wants it.

29. Strangers in Paradise begins a new storyline with "Twilight's Child" and provides an excellent jumping on point for new readers. Katchoo, Francine, and David's lives have been changed forever by a horrible plane crash that turns out to be a sabotage. Knowing they will never be safe until their enemies are dealt with, Katchoo goes underground in an all-out assault, Darcy Parker style!

30. Once again, Katchoo is dragged back into Tambi's world of sleazy corruption. But this time it comes out differently -- the people who are watching Francine, taking care of David, and generally haunting the background seem to have their good at heart. Is Katchoo taking over?

30. Katchoo sets out in search of the woman who wants to destroy her and her loved ones. But finding her won't be easy in the underground world of organized crime, so it's a good thing she has someone beside her to help in her quest? Tambi! Meanwhile, Francine shifts her attention to David, who lies helpless in a hospital bed. Nursing him in his hour of need, David finally begins to open up to Francine, and tells her the story of his violent past.

31. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss -- except we know this one personally! In the wake of Darcy's death, Veronica's taken over, and she's hardcore. In between murders, though, she's really steaming that David got Darcy's money instead of her. Now, the question is -- who's in David's will, and how long before it gets read?

31. Francine spends months by David's side, helping him recuperate from his serious injuries. With Katchoo absent, David shares the secrets of his violent past and the friendship between him and Francine grows until they become close -- very close. Meanwhile, Katchoo spends months retraining herself with only one goal in mind: revenge, and the complete annihilation of the enemies that have destroyed her life.

31s. Katchoo sets out in search of the woman who wants to destroy her and her loved ones. But finding her won’t be easy in the underground world of organized crime, so it’s a good thing she has someone beside her to help in her quest - Tambi! Meanwhile, Francine shifts her attention to David, who lies helpless in a hospital bed. Nursing him in his hour of need, David finally begins to open up to Francine, and tells her the story of his violent past.

32. Katchoo keeps getting in deeper with Tambi and the resurrected Parker Girls, but Francine's even worse off -- she's about to marry Brad, and David won't come and save her! Can anyone?

33. A dream and an imaginary story -- or is it? Katchoo and Francine are superheroines, and Freddy Femur is a supervillain, the kind who rents his death-rays by the hour and can't remember which blond henchling he's talking to. See how lucky you truly are that this isn't usually a superhero comic!

33s. It's the annual SiP Special Summer One-Shot! The SiP gang is featured in a super-hero parody entitled "Not With My Cape You Don't!" with Francine as The Wallflower, Katchoo as Razormouth and David as Captain Ahhh! Casey dreams that she and her SiP friends are heroes battling Freddie Femur, as the arch-villain, Fex Femur, for world peace when he attempts to seize semi-control of a very small town outside of a major metropolitan area. (Sorry, but as the slacker generation hits the villain ranks, this is about as ambitious as they seem to get!)

34. David Qin meets someone from his past that he never wanted to see again -- himself! And Katchoo makes an easy decision which leads to a very hard crusade. And Francine is wandering in a place where nothing ever changes, when a kind lady offers her some helpful advice ... from the grave.

34. Welcome to the fast lane, dear boy, it's New York City, SiP style! David's search for the underground Katchoo leads him to the heart of the powerful and deadly 'Big Six' operation in downtown Manhattan, where he attempts to take his inherited seat alongside the leaders. The trouble is, they don't want him... in fact, they'd rather he were dead! Can David stay alive long enough to find his beloved Katchoo? Or perhaps more importantly, will he remain true to his peaceful faith or revert to the ultra-violent ways of his youth in order to survive and protect the woman he loves? The shocking answer is in this issue!

35. Tambi Baker wants Katchoo to help her with the biggest financial deal of her life -- an attempt to leverage the power of the Big Six away from the five old men who Control a large chunk of America's wealth. And Katchoo's been offered the prize of her life -- Francine's life, that is, free and clear. If she does this, she can just walk away, or so Tambi says. And maybe she's sincere. But there are a lot of other players in the game, and none of them cares one whit about Katchoo or Francine's lives!

35s. The wicked make war and Veronica is as wicked as they come, my friends! Armageddon begins as Veronica’s plan to destroy the underworld establishment and create a new 'disorder' bears fruit. Sal Tucciani, head of The Big Six and organized crime, declares war on Veronica’s clan and Katchoo’s small but powerful group, while the two girls are engaged in a deadly game of cat and mouse... the first one to be found dies! Will David be able to do anything to stop the fire of hate that has upset the delicate balance between these dark and complex factions? The solution may be found in Tambi, the cold, calculating killer who is playing everybody against each other in a nerve-wracking game of control, and reveals the shocking reason why in this issue! Meanwhile, back home, Francine prepares for her wedding and agonizes over just how white her dress should be.

36. It's the final face off! It's the moment you've been waiting for as Katchoo finally comes face to face with her deadly rival, Veronica, in the most shocking scene ever depicted in the pages of Strangers in Paradise! After this, nothing will ever be the same. It's now or never for Katchoo as she battles not only her worst enemy, but also the dark past that has tormented her ruthlessly since her youth. One way or another, it all ends now! Witness this dramatic turning point for one of the most dynamic characters in comics!

37. In the aftermath of their showdown against the Big Six, Francine and Katchoo return to Tennessee in hopes of rebuilding their life together. But they find an angry reception when it becomes clear that Francine's fiancé, Brad, must compete for her attention against rival Katchoo! Sparks fly and someone is about to walk out of Francine's life forever! Find out in this stunning conclusion to one of the most powerful stories yet in the world of Paradise!

38. From riches to rags, David may not be so wealthy after all! Uncle Sam comes looking for Darcy Parker's estate because it seems all of her money was gained illegally! Will David have to give all 1.4 million dollars back to the government? And what about the 10 million he gave Francine, will she have to give that back, too? Egad, this could be awkward! Find out how the two nicest people in paradise handle the setback of their lives in this issue!

39. Okay. There's good news and bad news. The good news is: Francine finally meets her fiance's famous brother, Griffin Silver. The bad news: it's love at first sight! And Griffin is not to be trusted in matters of love, even when it concern's his own brother's fiancé! Meanwhile, David gives Katchoo a bold ultimatum and leaves for Hawaii. What is his demand? Find out in this new issue of SiP!

40. Is Francine engaged to the right brother? She's beginning to have serious doubts after having met her fiancé's famous rock star brother, Griffin Silver. But Katchoo offers a surprising solution to the dilemma - let's all go to the Bahamas for the weekend and see what happens! Put on your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride when bikinis, tequila, and too much fun in the sun bring out the truth in this bizarre foursome.

41. Have you ever heard the story of how Francine posed for her sculptor boyfriend in college, only to find that he produced a full-size nude statue of her that was unveiled in the center of the student courtyard on Arts & Crafts Day?! Find out what happens next in the most embarrassing moment of Francine's life - the day she was expelled from college.

42. SLUMBER PARTY! In a strange turn of events, all the SIP girls end up at Casey's house for the evening, and before you know it, it's a slumber party! Katchoo, Francine, Casey, Margie and yes, even Tambi, in a night filled with T-shirts, bunny slippers, and a scathing review of love and mankind as seen through the eyes of the SIP girls! Come on, admit it, you've always wondered what Tambi looks like in a nightie! Well, here's your chance to find out. It's a perfect evening until Freddie and Chuck crash the party and all heck breaks loose! Trust us, this is one party you don't want to miss!

43. Things heat up when Francine spends time with David and Katchoo in the "Tropic Of Desire." This is one issue you do not want to miss! Sun, private beaches, long cool drinks, and close quarters bring pent-up desires to the surface in this long-awaited issue that will make your pulse race!

44. Marooned! Not a word you want to use to describe your situation, but that's exactly what happens to two of the most beloved SiP friends! Not going to say who, but one certain female goes for an afternoon sail with another certain female, and the two end up marooned on a deserted tropical island. With nothing but their bathing suits and a healthy supply of homemade margaritas, the fearless castaways suddenly find themselves in an uncomfortably intimate situation - and that's when the sand hits the fan! Find out who ends up with whom in the latest waterlogged issue!

45. They're back! Young, beautiful, and bursting with vitality - it's Francine and Katchoo back in all their glory before any gangster or madwomen or middle-age crisis took them away to drama-land. Trust that if you're a SiP fan, you're going to like what you see!

46. Molly and Poo. The names bring a shiver to anybody who knows their story. But what was Molly like as a teenager in high school, before the sex and blood that launched her into notoriety? Find out more in this issue when Francine's brother Benjamin throws all reason out the window and begins dating the weird but sensuous Molly Lane, despite the advice of his friends and family. Madness was never so darned appealing. Don't miss this sexy look at psychosis entitled, "Borderline Lover."

47. Francine has been trying to find the right time to tell Katchoo that she is pregnant. But things don't go as planned when practically everybody they know converges on them at their small island paradise, and Katchoo must compete with Brad, Freddie, Chuck and even rock star Griffin Silver for Francine's attentions!

48. She's a high school dropout who sewed her own clothes and worked three jobs in a tiny Texas town to save up the money for beauty school. She overcame dyslexia to get her G.E.D., endured cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance and eventually, through hard work and dedication, became Francine Peter's worst nightmare: an aerobics instructor with a perfect tan. She is Casey Bullocks-Femur, and this is her story. Finally, an entire issue devoted to telling the story of one of SiP's sexiest and most likable characters, the irrepressible Casey!

49. The original Molly & Poo story sold out before it hit the stands in 1996, and was never reprinted. Achieving cult-classic status almost overnight, Molly & Poo found a fame and readership far beyond it's home series, Strangers In Paradise. Now this controversial novella by Terry Moore is offered again for the first time in six years! Molly & Poo is a poignant and heartbreaking story about the delicate psyche of a neglected woman who risks everything to find her sexual identity, and loses, in one of the most shocking endings ever printed in comics.

50. It's official! SIP has turned 50! To celebrate this magic number Abstract Studio is pulling out all the stops with a special cover and 24 pages jam-packed with new stories and blooming relationships. Katchoo... dating?! Francine... stalking a married man? Casey... an exotic dancer?! Holy cow! Find out what keeps these girls up late at night in this landmark issue of SIP!

51. Two hikers have discovered Veronica's dismembered body and now the FBI is pressing Katchoo for information about her deadly stepsister, Tambi. The Amazon blonde is a cool, calculating killer who has managed to stay one step ahead of everybody, including the FBI, but how much longer can she keep it up? Meanwhile, behind closed doors, Francine has a passionate evening of hot romance - but you'll never guess who with.

52. Francine moves in with Katchoo and the rumors begin flying! Freddie decides it's up to him to save Francine from her wayward path and determines to win his ex-girlfriend back. Meanwhile, Chuck bets the gang that he can kiss Katchoo before midnight (trained medical personnel will be standing by).

53. SIP #53 marks the conclusion of a three-part story-within-a-story, "My Maiden Voyage." Someone has been killing Parker Girls one by one. FBI Special Agent Sara Bryan wants to know whom, and she's hoping Katchoo will tell her why. But Katchoo has more important things on her mind... like girl trouble! Things are getting hot in paradise!

54. What do Elvis and Katchoo have in common? Girl trouble! This issue begins a three-part story arc focusing on the intertwined love lives of Katchoo and Francine with the Silver Surfer brothers, Brad and Griffin. Brad is Francine's former fiancé. Griffin is Brad's famous rock star brother. Brad wants Francine back. Griffin wants to help. But when he comes to meet Francine to petition on his brother's behalf, in walks Katchoo and- you won't believe it! What is the unexpected connection between the foursome that could tear them apart?

55. In Part 2 of the 3-part "Girl Trouble" story, Francine's former fiancé, Brad, wants Francine back. His famous brother, Griffin Silver, has come to pay Francine a visit and petition on his brother's behalf, but things get complicated when Griffin falls in love with Francine, and Katchoo won't come out from under the bed! Find out why in the second part of "Girl Trouble!"

56. GIRL TROUBLE: Part 3 (of 3)? All Francine ever wanted was somebody to love. Now she has more candidates than she knows what to do with! Her ex-fiancé, her ex-fiancé's brother, her best friend, her other best friend, her ex-boyfriend- suddenly everybody wants Francine! How will comic's most famous neurotic handle all the attention?

57. There's an old saying that if Katchoo ever met the 'Blue Bird Of Happiness' she'd probably eat it! Well, we have the pictures to prove it. Somebody wants Katchoo dead; somebody she knows and trusts. But who? Katchoo plays a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with an adversary she can't see, as a rogue DUCk (Deep Underground Parker Girl) stalks her disguised as a trusted friend. But which friend? Can Katchoo uncover the identity of the lethal Judas before it's too late?

58. Katchoo faces her deadliest challenge ever when she uncovers the identity of the deadly DUCk who has been stalking her for two years! If you've ever wanted to get revenge on a stalker, this is an issue you must read!

59. An FBI agent has been using Parker Girl techniques against Katchoo, posing as her artist's model in order to gain evidence against her. Meanwhile, the plans are made and invitations sent for Francine and Brad's big wedding. The question on everybody's mind now is: will Katchoo attend the wedding?

60. Francine finally ties the knot with Brad. Friends and family gather to celebrate the happy occasion as Francine finally makes her childhood dream come true, to marry a doctor and start a family. But what about Katchoo? Is this the end of a great friendship?

61. Gang member at 13. Murderer at 15. Sober at 16. Hopelessly in love with Katchoo at 17. This issue marks the beginning of a three-part mini-series telling the story of young David Qin's turbulent teen years, illustrating why SiP's quietest member may be its most deadly.

62. At 15 he was a member of L.A.'s most powerful street gang, facing murder charges and fighting for his life, both on the streets and within his own household. This is the second in a three-part mini-series telling David's Story. From a life of violence and incest to faith and love, find out why SiP's quietest character may be its most deadly.

63. At seventeen David is a former L.A. street gang member with a bloody past. Now he's trying to build a new life at an eastern school, and the future looks bright... until he comes home to visit and meets an under-aged call girl named Katchoo. This is the final chapter in a 3-part story arc detailing the origin of one of comic's most heartbreaking love stories.

64. For the last nine months, Katchoo has been working hard to keep her mind off Francine's wedding by painting . . . nude pictures of Sara?! Poor Sara never knew what she was getting into when the FBI assigned her to go undercover and keep an eye on Katchoo. Now, everybody's eyes are on her as 100 nude paintings of her voluptuous body debut at Katchoo's first major art exhibit.

65. In the wake of her art world debut, Katchoo finds her paintings are suddenly in demand and women of all ages come out of the woodwork to commission one of her infamous nude portraits. But an anonymous patron wants to buy one painting in particular, no matter what the price... "Portrait Of Francine!"

66. Katchoo's nude portraits are the talk of the town, in fact everybody wants one! But an anonymous patron insists on buying one painting at any price ? "Portrait of Francine!" Katchoo won't sell until she knows who and why, and begins an investigation of all possible 'suspects'... leading her to a startling discovery.

67. Katchoo begins her new job teaching at the local art school, and is shocked to find that one of the models is a well-known SiP regular! Meanwhile, Freddie abandons the dating circuit for a steady girlfriend, but there's one little hitch... she's the city coroner and she loves her job!

68. Katchoo is suspicious of Tambi's reluctance to find David for her. When Katchoo confronts her stepsister about the matter, the terrible truth comes out. Meanwhile, Freddie goes to the city morgue in search of a body — and boy, does he find one! Sexy newcomer Emily Stryker is the city morgue employee assigned to help Freddie and Det. Walsh investigate a murder case.

69. Katchoo is suspicious of Tambi's reluctance to find David for her. When Katchoo confronts her step-sister about the matter, the terrible truth comes out. Meanwhile, Freddie goes to the city morgue in search of a body ? and boy, does he find one! Sexy newcomer Emily Stryker is the city morgue employee assigned to help Freddie and Detective Walsh investigate a murder case.

70. Casey is a Las Vegas showgirl? It's every fanboy's dream come true when Casey gets a job in sin city doing what she does best - looking beautiful! But what does Katchoo think of Casey's new job and what is she doing in Vegas anyway? Find out in the sexiest issue of SiP ever!

71. Things heat up as the SiP gang makes their presence known in the original Sin City... Las Vegas! We can't tell you anymore without giving away the surprise of the year! Trust us, SiP finishes the year with a bang readers won't soon forget!

72. Katchoo turns the tables on a showgirl stalker and helps showgirl Rusty find her lost husband in this exciting conclusion of the "Viva, Las Vegas" story.

73. Hannibal Lector has nothing on Molly Lane, SiP's beautiful psychopath. Institutionalized after butchering her husband with a meat cleaver, Molly "persuades" her doctor to sign her release and sets out to find her first love ? Benjamin Peters! This is the third and final chapter in the Molly & Poo saga.

74. The SiP gang is back together! Katchoo, Casey and David decide to open their own art studio together in Houston. They need a receptionist though, and you'll never guess who applies for the job!

75. It's a hold-up! Katchoo and Francine are shocked to run into each other at the bank, just in time for a hold up! It's the dysfunctional dynamic duo versus the bank robbers in this hilarious issue of Strangers in Paradise!

76. Freddie is trying to impress a very important client who thinks he is happily married. When the client wants to take Freddie and his "wife" out to dinner, Katchoo gets talked into playing the role. See the couple that would make Tennessee Williams run for his life in "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?"

77. Francine and Katchoo meet face to face for the first time since Francine's wedding. Is it fireworks or handkerchiefs, and what happened to the forecasted ten-year split? The answers will shock you!

78. Casey devises a plan to bring Francine and Katchoo back together again, with David as an unwilling participant. Meanwhile Detective Walsh and the beautiful pathologist, Emily, pursue Houston's deadly body bomber.

79. In this emotionally hard-hitting issue, David's dark secret comes out when Tambi learns about his condition, and life for the SiP friends will never be the same.

80. Casey begs David to marry her and give her a child, but Katchoo wants to marry David as well. Which one will he choose?

81. Casey realizes she can't have the future she hoped for and makes a decision that affects the entire SiP gang.

82. The countdown to the final issue begins! "I can have both!" Francine once said, but when Brad finds out the meaning behind the Francine's lily tattoo he strongly disagrees and gives his wife an ultimatum, him or Katchoo. Who will Francine choose? The answer will shock you!

83. The final story arc begins in issue 83! The SiP girls rally around David in his time of need, and no king ever had it so good! But it's a tough day in paradise when an SiP legend meets a tragic end!

84. Who knows what will happen in SiP as the Eisner Award-winning series enters its final story arc? Who will survive and who has who's baby is one of the most closely guarded secrets in comics. One thing is for sure, it all happens in the next seven issues as the SiP counts down to #90 - the final issue!

85. With SiP drawing to a series end at issue 90, the story in the final issues is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the comics industry. All we can tell you is, big, bad dangerous things are happening in SiPland, things guaranteed to leave you breathless. Don't miss these critical issues as a comics legend draws to a close!

86. With only five issues left in this Eisner Award-winning series, the final story arc of Strangers in Paradise is not like anything else you'll read this year. Will Francine and Katchoo end up together? Will David live? The final answer is in this issue... and the next four!

87. With only four issues remaining, this series has never been hotter! Will the story of Francine and Katchoo turn out to be a romantic comedy or a tragedy? Will David live or die? What the heck was that flash forward business all about? Moore promises answers to all these questions as SIP approaches its final climax!

88. Only three issues remain in this Eisner Award-winning series, and SiP has never been hotter! Katchoo, Francine, David, Casey, and Tambi... everybody's involved in one of the most anticipated finales in comics history! No hints here, you have to read this one for yourself!

89. One of the longest continuous stories in comics has almost reached its finale. How will Terry Moore's masterpiece end? Does the epic tale of Francine and Katchoo have a happy ending?

90. Is this it? The end of an award-winning series and an era in comics? The final issue of SiP! The saga of Katchoo and Francine comes to a climactic finale in this issue as 14 years of complex stories, intrigue, romance, and adventure bring fans to the final scene.



1. They're funny, they're rude, and they're wildly imaginative - they're Terry Moore's comic strip art, and they're offered for the very first time in this special one-shot issue! Terry Moore's… Paradise, Too! contains the best of Moore's pre-Strangers in Paradise work and much of it reveals early developmental versions of SiP's Francine and Katchoo! This collection of Moore's early work has been a top fan request for years. Don't miss it!

2. Since Terry just can't stop drawing cartoons, they've decided to keep publishing them! Now, in a regular bi-monthly series, Paradise Too! collects all the cartoons and comic strips Terry draws on a daily basis that never make it into SIP. The first issue was a roaring success, now issue #2 brings you more of the characters you love… Kixie the high-maintenance fairy; Plato the love-sick polar bear; Morris the ugliest little dog in the world, and many more! If you like the humor in SIP, you owe it to yourself to read Paradise Too!

3. All-new cartoons from a questionable part of Terry Moore's brain! There are new strips with Kixie the precocious fairy and Plato the love-sick polar bear; the controversial new strip Beeps with Taffy, Jobey, YY and Beeps herself, all drawn with a satirical pen dipped in acid! And as if that wasn't enough, there's Morris - The World's Ugliest Dog! If there's one comic release this month worth begging quarters at the mall to buy, this is it!

4. Oh good grief! Here's the latest collection of cartoons and twisted doodles form the run-amok mind of Terry Moore! Kixie the fairy discovers chocolate, Plato the polar bear ponders the mysteries of life under the aurora borealis, Beeps suffers through a family dinner outing at the local Steak-A-Bob, and Grace buys lingerie through a mail order company with disastrous results. All this and much more from the irresponsible side of Strangers in Paradise creator Terry Moore!

5. Kixie falls asleep in the pocket of Grace's blind date and wakes up in a strange new world… his apartment! While Grace frantically searches for her beloved lost fairy, Kixie explores the mysteries of a man's life. Other cartoons in this issue include Plato in Wonderland and Beeps!

6. What can you say about Kixie? She's 3 inches tall, loves strawberry cake and flies. She's the most popular fairy in the world (after that show off Tinker Bell!) and she can be found only in the pages of Terry Moore¹s Paradise Too! Read the latest adventures of this precocious little imp along with Plato the Polar Bear, Beeps, and Oliver Wonderbee!

7. It's a day in the life of Kixie! What does a 3' fairy do all day besides eat strawberry cake? Follow America's favorite fairy and find out, as Kixie explores her new home where hidden treasures such as makeup, caffeine, power tools, and lingerie await!

8. Three's a crowd! Michael thinks he's coming over to watch the big game on TV, but Sheila has arranged a romantic dinner. As Sheila struggles for Michael's attention, Kixie does everything she can to ruin the unsuspecting Sheila's plans!

9. Michael takes Sheila to a friend's wedding, but Kixie thinks the wedding is for Michael and Sheila… and love hath no fury like a fairy scorned! Can you say 'food fight?' Watch Michael's love put to the test in this hilarious issue of PToo!

10. Madness abounds! Terry's cartoon alter ego decides he's ready to become a he-man and begins a rigorous workout routine, limiting his soda pops to one an hour and power walking to his home office at the end of the hall. Oh, the pain. Meanwhile, Kixie and Lizzie pay a visit to a local palm reader, with disastrous results. And what the heck is a polar bear doing at Winona Ryder's house?

11. Kixie strips romp across the pages in this latest collection of Paradise whimsy! Kixie the fairy doesn't want Grace to date anybody for fear of having to share her strawberry cake with a "big oaf" in the house. When Kixie finds out that Grace is having a guy over for dinner, the kid gloves come off ? no more Missus Nice Fairy! Hilarious cartoon fun from Terry Moore!

12. 'Wonderland' -- a charming story about a little boy in a strange land filled with beautiful fairies, cloud farmers, wicked queens, and yellowphants. Plus, Kixie's back, and Plato the Philosophical Polar Bear makes a surprise appearance!

13. Oliver Wonderbee is a happy eight-year-old who falls asleep one night and wakes up 18-years-old; his parents are older, he has a girlfriend who wants to know where he's been, and a body he can't get used to! For nine straight days Timmy finds himself racing through his life a decade at a time until he reaches the end and discovers the terrifying challenge he has been brought forth to face!

14. This issue spotlights America's Favorite Fairy, Kixie! In a full-length story, Kixie meets Jennifer, a single woman on the fast track to success... and the loony bin. Overworked Jen blames stress for the sudden appearance of a fairy in her life, but Kixie thinks it's kismet!


1. Terry Moore is back with a new series, and this time he's going nuclear! Julie Martin is taking photographs in the desert when she witnesses a massive explosion in the sky. Covered in the bizarre, metallic fallout, she races home to find a chunk of the mercury-like metal came with her. When the metal becomes attached to her skin, Julie is unaware that she is host to a new symbiotic technology: a living bomb!

2. When Julie Martin becomes exposed to the fallout of a new, hi-tech weapon she seeks help, but instead finds she's become the target of a military contractor who wants her dead. The people she once depended upon either cannot or will not help, so Julie runs. Now her only allies are a park ranger she's never met and a woman who is dead.

3. We have met the enemy and she is Ivy M. Raven, head of security for the Heitzer Nuclear Research Institute. With 72% of their multi-billion dollar, liquid metal Beta suit missing, and Julie Martin as the prime suspect, Raven is on the hunt and Julie is her prey!

4. HeNRI developed the world's first liquid metal atomic weapon. Now, like it or not, Julie Martin is wearing that metal and is forced to run to keep HeNRI from continuing their deadly development! With no allies but a delusional sister and a park ranger to help her, Julie must find a way to become something she's never been before - brave!

5. The Heitzer Nuclear Reserch Institute (HeNRI) hires bounty hunter Ivy to track down Julie Martin because she possesses part of their secret weapon - a liquid metal bomb that can destroy the planet! Ivy has never failed, but Julie finds an unexpected ally in the spirit of a dead woman with a molecular bond to the metal she wears!

6. The symbiotic metal suit Julie wears is a fragment of a high-tech nuclear suit. Now she's determined to keep it away from the military contractors who made it and want it back! On the run with her mentally unstable sister in tow, Julie's only other allies are Dillon and his dead girlfriend, Annie. Surely Oppenheimer never had this much fun with atoms

7. With Agent Ivy hot on Julie's trail, the body count in Julie's wake is rising. Julie blames Ivy, Ivy blames Julie, but in their game of cat and mouse, neither suspects the rat who shadows them both! It's life and death in Terry Moore's sci-fi thriller, Echo!

8. Julie isn't the only one with remnants of the atomic armor she wears. There is another, much darker soul, who lusts for the power the armor brings. The Dark One is determined to find Julie and claim her share of the armor. To do that, he will have to kill her!

9. When Julie meets a scientist from HeNRI, she finally learns the secret behind the Beta Suit metal she's wearing, and why the Phi Project is only the tip of a catastrophic iceberg!

10. Julie and Dillon travel to the frozen wilderness of Alaska to find a HeNRI facility that is manufacturing the atomic alloy stuck to Julie. But, they are not alone. Somebody else wants the powerful metal Julie is wearing... and the only way to get it is to kill her!

11. Dillon finally learns what happened to Annie, and realizes his relationship with Julie is going to be much more complicated than he thought. Meanwhile, Ivy returns to HeNRI and confronts Foster for the truth about Julie and the Beta Suit, only to find the atomic alloy is merely the tip of the iceberg!

12. Julie and Dillon encounter a government employee who claims to have a considerable amount of Beta Suit fragments he will give to her in exchange for... well, that's the problem: his price. Expect the unexpected when Julie meets her first 'fanboy' in Echo #12!

13. The Army has intensified its search for Julie Martin, and the scientists at HeNRI warn it's only a matter of time before the liquid metal remnants of the Beta Suit she's wearing explode with the power of a hydrogen bomb. Running for her life, Julie desperately seeks a way to remove the metal, only now she faces a new problem: the metal is growing. The Beta Suit is regenerating!

14. Julie and Dillon find a valuable ally inside the HeNRI company who reveals the true purpose of Foster's Phi Project-a massive machine designed to recreate the Big Bang. However, this machine will use the Phi Principle, guaranteeing success - and ending all life as we know it with a complete reboot of the universe. With Annie dead, the only one who can stop Foster and his doom machine now is Julie Martin.

15. Dillon loves Annie, but the murdered Annie now lives inside Julie, and Julie thinks the whole thing is bizarre. As if life wasn't complicated enough, Julie and Dillon must stop HeNRI from activating its ill-fated Super Collider. But, with Special Agent Ivy Raven and half the army on their trail, getting anywhere near the secret facility will be almost impossible. Almost.

16. In order to stop HeNRI's super-collider, Julie must have the rest of the Beta Suit. When she infiltrates HeNRI's secret test facility, Julie finds what she's looking for. Question is, can she survive it? Find out in the latest issue of this radioactive hot series!

17. Julie is getting used to the idea of another woman living inside her, but she is not so crazy about Annie using her body to reunite with boyfriend Dillon! Meanwhile, HeNRI prepares to turn on its super-collider, despite global protest against it. Now it's up to Julie/Annie to stop the collider and save the world!

18. Julie Martin channels the other woman living inside her to break into HeNRI's top-secret research facility and steal the rest of the Beta Suit. But what they find is more than they could have imagined - and far more deadly!

19. Trapped in an underground bunker, Julie fights with Annie over who should use her body for the escape, and poor Dillon is the referee! Meanwhile, Dan's biker gang buries their fallen brothers. After the funeral, the boys mount up for an all out attack on HeNRI.

20. Annie lives inside Julie, and she's not happy. Annie is determined to stop the army from activating its top secret super collider, and Julie has been drafted for the job. Fortunately, she has the help of Annie's boyfriend, Dillon, and an insider at HeNRI. That makes four against the army. What are the odds?

21. The hunter becomes the hunted as Julie and Ivy team-up to track down the serial killer, Cain, and take away his only weapon, the alloy. Stakes are high as the girls must have the alloy to fight an even bigger fight - against an entire army!

22. Despite protests by the public and scientific community, the Phi Collider is complete and the 2-week activation process has begun. With the clock ticking, Congress calls an emergency session to discuss the situation. But Julie and Ivy have their own plan for stopping the controversial collider, and step one is loud. Very, very loud.

23. Time is running out for Julie and Ivy. In order to stop testing of the deadly new super-collider, they must first track down the killer Cain, and take his Phi alloy. Activation of the collider has begun, Cain is on the run, and the clock is ticking down.

24. Be careful what you wish for. Julie and Ivy's desperate search for Cain brings them face to face with the crazed killer, but it appears they've been led straight into a trap. Meanwhile, Foster flips a switch and the Phi super-collider is activated!

25. Julie meets Cain in a fight to the death for the rest of Annie's alloy, while Ivy is forced to use desperate measures to find and stop the Phi Collider. The atomic clock is ticking on a countdown to midnight, and time is running out!

26. Only 5 issues are left in this adrenaline-laced series! Julie and Annie combine forces to fight their way through state-of-the-art security systems and the world's most formidable army. With nothing more than a shared body covered in Alloy 618, the odds are against them, but the girls must win to prevent the Phi Collider from destroying the planet!

27. Alloy 618 covering her body in a liquid metal armor, Julie is at her most powerful when attacked. When Julie leads Ivy and Dillon into the heart of the secret underground Phi Collider, the military throws everything they've got at our brave girl, and the results are spectacular! Only 4 issues left in this Harvey Award-winning series!

28. Julie and Annie share the same body and must act as one to stop the Phi Collider. Once inside the top secret facility they must fight their way through indomitable security and find the man responsible for it all, Professor Foster. Only Foster can stop the machine that threatens the world, and only Foster holds the key to setting Annie free!

29. Julie and Annie work as one to fight their way into the secret underground Phi Super-Collider where they come face to face with Annie's killer. With the fate of all mankind at stake, Julie makes a brutal and very deadly decision. Don't miss the series' earth-shattering climax in issues 29 and 30 of this award-winning series!

30. This is it - the Final Issue of this award-winning series! Julie and Annie, sharing the same Alloy618-covered body, must fight their way through an army to stop the Phi Super-Collider from making a black hole that will consume Earth. Don't miss the adrenaline charged conclusion of Terry Moore's sci-fi thriller!


1. Terry Moore is well known for his highly expressive comic art depicting realistic characters. Now his drawing secrets are revealed in a series of lessons discussing everything from anatomy to drawing tools, from body language to Photoshop, with comprehensive notes, tips and observations from the Eisner award-winning artist. The first lesson in this new quarterly series is Moore's specialty: drawing realistic women. Highly recommended for both amateurs and working professionals.

2. Terry Moore's comic art is known for it's highly expressive characters. In this issue of his How To Draw series, Moore explains the techniques he uses to render expressions of all kinds; from dark to light, on cartoons or realistic drawings. He even reveals the secret to capturing the human emotions of any given moment. This is a must-read for amateur artists and pros alike.

3. There is comic art and then there is beautiful comic art! Terry Moore continues his How To Draw series with a chapter on what makes a comic book heroine beautiful and irresistible. Covering every aspect of comic art, from panels to pinups, Moore reveals his secrets to drawing sexy characters that you can't forget.

4. Drawing to make people laugh is fun but it's also a skill that can be learned and polished. Whether you want to entertain your friends or spice up your working pro chops, Terry Moore's lesson on drawing to amuse offers a wealth of helpful tips and insights that will help you tap into your funny bone any time and every time. How To Draw: Funny is the newest chapter in Moore's acclaimed How To Draw series. Don't miss it!

5. Terry Moore's How To Draw series concludes with this final chapter on the craft of making comics. Everything from paper to Photoshop is discussed in detail, with Moore's own tips and templates revealed. For beginners and pros alike, this is a book every comic artist will find useful.


1. Rachel wakes up at sunrise on a shallow grave in the woods and discovers the freshly murdered body in the dirt is her own. With events of the previous night a blur, Rachel seeks out her boyfriend Phillip. But Phillip has a new girl now and Rachel is beginning to suspect she rose from the grave for a reason... revenge!

2. Rachel Beck was murdered yesterday. Today she's back from the grave and looking for her killer. The problem is, death zaps the memory bank pretty hard. So now Rachel will have to investigate her own murder!

3. Rachel discovers her affair with death has given her the ability to see the death of other people - before it happens! Using her newfound ability gives Rachel a powerful tool to track down her killer, but it also brings her heartbreak.

4. The town of Manson has a serial killer on the loose, and Rachel is determined to find him. But probing the secret lives of her neighbors is proving to be more than she bargained for when everybody seems to be capable of murder...

5. Rachel's quest to find her own killer in the small town of Manson leads her to one of the oldest, most respected families in the country - and the vicious murder of a boy, 300 years ago!

6. Rachel and Aunt Johnny search for the deadly blonde angel leads them to the town's doctor and the horrifying truth about his shut-in wife.

7. Rachel Beck's affinity with the dead allows her to see the impending death of others. Rachel is quickly learning her newfound ability can be a powerful weapon that cuts both ways.

8. When graves begin exploding in Manson, Rachel suspects the cause is the mysterious blonde woman who leaves a trial of death behind her. Is she Death incarnate, or just one very ticked-off witch?

9. Rachel's ability to predict a person's time of death is useful when tracking a serial killer in Manson, but the unwelcome news also proves be a powerful weapon against even the hardest of hearts. Rachel takes creepy to whole new level in issue #9!

10. The Manson serial killer is filling the morgue with victims and the police are baffled with no clues or leads. In the search for her own killer, Rachel finds the serial killer hiding - in Manson's bloody past! Guaranteed to make your happy place scream!

11. Rachel learns the truth about her past life and why she must enlist the help of a death angel to save the people of Manson from a 300 year old curse. Nominated for 2 Eisner Awards, Terry Moore's horror series is a highly praised, addictive must-read.

12. Jet struggles with a newfound killer instinct that she doesn't want. Rachel is doing her best to keep her friend from racking up a body count as Det. Corpell keeps a suspicious eye on the pair. Nominated for 2 Eisner Awards, Terry Moore's horror series is a highly praised, addictive must-read.

13. People are dying at an alarming rate in the little town of Manson. All of them in freak accidents with no apparent connection to one another. But Rachel sees a pattern forming on the map - a pentagram - and she knows who is responsible: Lilith, the first woman to set foot on earth. Nominated for multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards, Rachel Rising is an intense horror story from Terry Moore.

14. Rachel discovers the terrible truth about Jet and an ancient demon named Malus. Can she stop Malus without destroying her best friend? Maybe not! No one is safe in this critically acclaimed horror series from Terry Moore.

15. Rachel reaches out to her mother with shocking results!
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