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Staff of Kings PS2 script

SUDAN - 1939
Magnus Völler - A fellow student under Professor Kingston, Magnus went back to Germany after being expelled and offered his services to the German government.
Charles Kingston - Teaches Archeology at the University of Chicago, where he taught both Indy and Magnus.
German Desert Commandos - These German soldiers should not be in Sudan. They are probably here to help Magnus and keep an eye on him.

After observing some German activity near a forgotten temple, Indy looks for another way in.
Indy is making his way into the temple. A torch would be handy to illuminate the way.
At the door of the temple.
The temple is falling apart! Reach the exit before it comes down on Indy.
Now that he has escaped from the temple, Indy has to make his way through the German camp. First, he must learn how to punch.
Now Indy learns how to use objects and hotset items.
Indy learns how to use his whip in combat.
Indy learns how to grapple with enemies.
A large group of soldiers stands between Indy and certain escape.
Finally escaping from the Germans. Too bad the plane is damaged...

I'm in Sudan to recover some relics from the area's Nubian pyramids before they're lost to looters and graverobbers. I just hope I'm not too late.

IND Germans...Why are they here?
IND That's better!
IND I need a torch to cross the bridge.
IND Not bad...
IND That was close!
IND Oh... great.
IND Es ist ein Fehler. Ich kann erklären, bitte.
MAG Then by all means, Doctor Jones. Explain.
IND Magnus Völler?
MAG I see you already found what we were looking for.
MAG Thank you. You've saved us a lot of work.
IND What's a'matter Magnus? Can't go on digs without the Führer's babysitters?
MAG Sticks and stones, as you Americans say.
IND Professor Kingston was right about you. I'm just glad he's not around to see it.
MAG The idol, Jones!
IND How're those reflexes?
MAG Bring him back!

Magnus Völler - Like a bad penny, Magnus turns up all the time. What is he doing here?
Blind Duck - A Tong leader with many followers in Chinatown.
Archie Tan - An old friend and antique dealer. He has many connections both in the US and in Asia.
Suzie Tan - Archie's young granddaughter. Quick witted, usually gets in trouble but manages to get herself out quickly.
Charles Kingston - According to Archie Tan, Kingston has disappeared. Indy is in Chinatown to investigate a possible lead.
Tong gang members - Gangs of ruffians that came from China, they work for whomever gives them the most cash.

Indy has received a note from his friend Archie Tan about the disappearance of Kingston and the possible connection to the mysterious Jade Sphere.
Someone was waiting for Indy. He must be on the right path.
More hired muscle. Blind Duck really wants to get rid of Indy, but why?
After a short flight, more trouble awaits Indy.
Seconds after the Tong leader entered the factory, it blew up. Indy must go in there and save Suzie!
Almost had Blind Duck. He just went up the staircase with Suzie. All Indy needs to do is deal with two shooting Tongs.
They have nowhere to go. This fight ends now.
Suzie led Indy to Archie's import shop. Unfortunately, someone else seems to have been here before...
Cleaned up the mess in Archie's secret store room but there's no clue of what he was working on down here. There must be another secret path...
The Star of the Orient! What secret does that ship hide?
Another group of Tongs and the Jade Sphere is still nowhere to be found. Better deal with them and then look for the Sphere.
Having managed not to give Magnus the Jade Sphere, Indy makes his escape on a cable car.

This is the Lao Che Lounge. The local Tong thugs use this place as their meeting house.
The Star of the Orient was used to smuggle goods out of China in the 1800s. It was buried as landfill after the 1906 quake, and the city rebuilt on top of it.

ART Indy, I have information about Charles Kingston's disappearance in 1933. It involves something called "The Jade Sphere."
ART I must show you in person. Please come at once. Be careful. Other parties may be interested. Archie Tan.
SUT Indy! Over here.
IND Suzie? Suzie Tan?
SUT Aaah! Help!
IND Hey!
IND I gotta find Suzie...
IND Suzie needs my help!
CHM I'm trying to sleep here!
SUT Help!
SUT Hurry up, Indy!
SUT Help me, Indy!
SUT Let me go, you big oaf!
BDK Stop him!
BDK He's coming! Get ready!
BDK I'm going to hurt you!
BDK You don't stand a chance!
BDK I'm stronger than you!
BDK C'mon!
BDK You are weak, Jones!
IND Maybe there's a better way to do this...
CPP Your friend is upstairs. Hurry if you wish to save her!
BDK Put her up there under the billboard.
SUT I'm gonna fall.
SUT Indy, watch out!
SUT, when they came back, Grandpa hid me in a cabinet. I heard them dragging him away...
SUT They kept asking for something called the Star of the Orient.
IND Some sort of jewel?
SUT I guess so. If I knew where it was, I'd give it to them. I just want my grandfather back.
IND Did they mention anything about The Jade Sphere?
SUT What's that?
IND Probably nothing... can you get to somewhere safe?
IND Don't worry, I'll find him.
TOB No excuses! If we don't find that Jade Sphere, we're all dead men!
TOX Maybe the boss was wrong!
TOB I'll tell him you said that. Shut up and keep looking!
TOA Dr. Jones, I presume.
IND Don't think I've had the pleasure...
TOA No? Allow me to introduce myself.
TOA We want the Jade Sphere.
IND I don't have it.
TOA You think we're fools?
IND Kill me, and you'll never find it!
TOA You're running out of time, Dr. Jones!
IND There's no way that cannon will fire.
TOA Where is it?
IND Wonder where that goes...
TOA Hey, you!
IND There's gotta be something around here I can use...
IND There's gotta be a way to make this fall.
IND The Jade Sphere isn't here. Maybe Archie moved it...
IND Finally! I've found it!
IND Völler. I should have known it was you.
MAG The Sphere, Jones. Give it to me, or your friend dies.
IND You want the sphere, huh?
ART Don't give it to them Indy.
IND Archie, grab the controls!
IND Archie get ready to Jump.
ART Who was that, Indy? He seemed to know you.
IND Magnus Völler. We studied together under Charles Kingston.
IND He got thrown out of the program for selling artifacts on the black market.
IND After that, he crawled back to Germany, started running errands for Der Fuhrer.
ART Kingston asked me to keep the Jade Sphere safe... I didn't think it was worth killing for.
IND Neither did I. Something's going on here. I need to start looking for answers.
ART Where?
IND The same place Kingston found this. Central America.

Magnus Völler - Magnus seems to be chasing Kingston as well. Maybe he doesn't have anything to do with his disappearance.
Charles Kingston - Panama is where Indy, Kingston and Magnus found the Jade Sphere originally. Maybe there is some clue as to Kingston's whereabouts in the temple.
Maggie O'Malley - A photographer that Indy met by chance during his trip to Panama.
Sudao - The leader of the pillagers, Sudao's mastery of fire is a sight to behold.
Villagers - The guardians of the temple, these villagers live a peaceful life at one with nature.
Village Chief - The village chief knew Kingston well. He saw him last when Kingston went into the temple, a few months back.
Pillagers - Pillagers who will work for anyone, they seem to be in cahoots with the Germans.
German Commandos - These soldiers seem to have been personally assigned to Magnus. What are they really looking for?

Knowing the Jade Sphere is from Panama, Indy makes his way there to get his old professor's notes and find more clues as to his disappearance.
As much as Maggie tries to help, sometimes it is not appreciated. Especially when she triggers a rock slide.
The inhabitants of this village were good friends of Kingston. It can't be a coincidence that they are under attack.
After having helped the villagers, Indy makes his way to the temple to pick up Kingston's trail.
More pillagers. Their main camp should be close by.
The leader of the pillagers seems to love fire a bit too much. Still, Indy must go through this man to reach the entrance to the temple.
Finally, the Mayan temple.
Magnus' men are here already! Must make it to the Planetarium before them.
There must be a different way to deal with this machine gunner...
Indy has reached the top of Three Rivers, but looks like company is coming...
A strange room, with four different paths opening in front of Indy. Which way to go?
Giant stone blocks falling behind Indy! He must dash to safety.
Another Mayan puzzle. How to get the swinging boulders to open up the path?
These large boulders are blocking Indy's path. They sort of look like giant marbles...
This room looks like some ancient version of basketball, but much more dangerous.
With the staircase leading up destroyed, maybe there is a different way out...
Indy must find the way around this large hole in the ground.
Good thing that Indy has a torch to light his way down this dark corridor...
Another trial from the Mayans... a burning bridge. Indy must hurry across the bridge before the flames reach him.
Kingston was fascinated by this room last time. He must have hidden his notes somewhere around here.

Kingston did a lot of work in this area of the jungle. He was on good terms with the local natives. Maybe they know where he went.
They don't try court cases like this anymore... The Maya used to pit champions against each other to determine a person's guilt or innocence.
Kingston brought Magnus and I to this temple back when we were both students. This is where we found the Jade Sphere.
In the Mayan myth of Xibalba, there were three rivers guarding the underworld... one made of blood, a second of pus, and a third of scorpions.
Another room based on the legend of Xibalba: these four paths were meant to confuse and test the traveler, leading him to his doom.
The Ball Court is part of the legend of the Hero Twins who defied Xibalba. They let the Lords of the Underworld beat them, in order to fool them into letting their guard down.
A bridge of fire was the last test before the Planetarium, the resting place of the gods.

IND Holà, señor. Are you going upriver?
MOM Can I help you?
IND I'm trying to hire this boat. Miss...?
MOM Maggie O'Malley. And you can't. That's my gear on the deck. Find another boat.
IND Listen, sweetheart...
MOM No, you listen. I've got about a hundred pounds of camera equipment here, about two weeks of work to do in five days, and I've already missed half my deadlines.
MOM Sweetheart?
BPI Same way.
BPI I take you both, but no argue on boat.
IND All right, I better get moving.
MOM Where are you going?
IND The temple. What I'm looking for is inside. Just stay here till I get back.
PGR He's here! Get him!
IND I think I've got enough clues to know who's funding those pillagers... Magnus Völler.
IND I can't go back there!
MOM Watch out!
IND Woah! That was too close!
IND Looks like I found their camp. Better stay on my toes.
IND Germans. Why does it always have to be Germans...
IND Huh. This seems to symbolize the three Rivers from Mayan mythology, one color for each of them...
IND Huh. This seems to represent the three Rivers from Mayan mythology...
IND Somehow, I don't think I'll have it as simple as the Hero Twins did...
IND Guess I'll have to find the right path the hard way.
IND The ball court from the Mayan underworld. Looks like I'm on the right track!
IND I need to get out of here...
IND Four...
IND Three...
IND Two...
IND One...
IND Hrm. Maybe a chain reaction would clear the path...
IND Jaguar House. Only it looks like someone forgot to feed the kitties...
IND And lo, the demons loved to play the ball game, but only the Hero Twins were able to find them all...
IND Eight...
IND Seven...
IND Six...
IND Five...
IND Four...
IND Three...
IND Two...
IND One...
IND The Ball Court. In the myth, the Twins LOST the game to the demons on purpose...
IND Wrong hoop!
IND Got it!
IND Looks like I'm going to find out how good a ball player I am...
IND Amazing...
IND Kinda looks good from all the way up here....
IND I need some kind of bridge...
IND That's more like it.
IND This looks pretty shabby, as far as dungeons go... Might even be worse than my office.
IND A bridge lined by dragon statues... Very subtle. Too bad I don't have an asbestos suit with me.
IND Planetariums were often used to model the alignment of the stars. Let's see if I remember my old Astronomy classes...
IND Six boulders... These must represent the six planets the Maya knew about.
IND What are you doing here?
MOM I might ask you the same thing.
IND Looking for this.
MOM A notebook? Belonged to your friend?
IND Yeah.
MOM Why would he leave that here?
IND To keep it safe. He must have been on to something. Something big.
IND Cut it out.
IND See here?
IND Then Moses stretched out his STAFF over the sea, and all that night the LORD drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land.
IND The waters were divided, and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left...
MOM The Staff of Kings?
IND Kingston must have been looking for that when he disappeared.
MOM And you think our German friends are after it?
IND Yeah. And I've been nice enough to find it for them. We gotta get out of here, cover our tracks.
IND Oh... great.
MAG Ah. Indiana. I see you found Kingston's notes. Allow me to save you the trouble of a trip to Istanbul.
IND Istanbul? These are just old Mayan calendar translations.
MAG Of course. How convincing you are.
MAG The notes, Jones. Now.
IND What took you so long?
MOM You're welcome.
MOM So, headed for Istanbul, are we?
IND What do you mean, "we"?
MOM Dr. Jones... Indiana, let me save you some trouble. You're going to tell me that I can't come with you.
MOM I'm going to remind you how I saved your life. You'll tell me I have to stay behind, for my own safety or some such nonsense.
MOM You'll leave, I'll follow, and you'll keep wondering when I'll be showin' up. Now wouldn't you rather avoid all that?

Magnus Völler - Of all the places in the world, what is Magnus doing at this reception? He must be after the same thing Indy is.
Maggie O'Malley - The British photographer is here, at the museum covering the reception.
Curator - A good friend of Marcus Brody, he might have some information that Indy can use.
Charles Kingston - Kingston's notebook led Indy here. He was looking for the Shepherd, which would in turn lead him to the Staff of Kings.
German secret agents - It's no coincidence that these German spies are here seeing as Magnus is here as well.

Indy uses the cover of a reception to go looking for three more mosaics depicting Moses' life. They will lead him to the Staff of Kings.
German spies!
On the path to the second mosaic.
More German spies.
The German spies stand between Indy and the path to the third mosaic.
The path to the third mosaic.
Indy finds himself in an ancient mausoleum.
A trap! Indy must run or get killed by a giant thresher!
On the path to the fourth mosaic.
Indy must find a way to open up the bladed corridor in order to reach the fourth mosaic.
So close yet so far: blades block Indy's path. Indy must jump at the right time.
Some German spies await Indy as he is about to find the Shepherd.
The Shepherd is close. Only a few thousand bugs stand in the way...
The Shepherd. Finally.
Indy and Maggie must escape the Germans using this elephant as a ride.

This used to be the Sultan's private palace in Istanbul. But it was recently converted into a museum. Tonight they're having a gala ball to celebrate the opening.
This mosaic seems to portray baby Moses being placed in the river by his mother...
Another part of the Moses story -- this mosaic shows Moses facing the Burning Bush.
Another Moses mosaic -- this one shows him parting the Red Sea on the Exodus from Egypt.
A final mosaic depicting Moses. This one shows him descending from Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments.
This room is filled with treasures from the Ottoman Empire. Many of the Sultanate's most valuable treasures are kept here.
This mausoleum was the final resting place for some of the most important historical figures of the Ottoman Empire. May they rest in peace.

IND You go in, I'll be there in a minute.
MOM Hurry up, I don't care much for diplomats.
CUR Indy, so good to see you again.
IND You too, Yasin.
CUR Come with me.
MAG Lovely night, isn't it?
MAG I saw you and thought: such a woman should never lack for company. Champagne, Miss...?
MOM O'Malley. And thank you.
CUR Professor Kingston spent hours looking for a secret passage in here. Apparently, it had something to do with these murals.
IND "...and when she saw the ark among the reeds, she sent her maid to fetch it." Baby Moses.
CUR I've got to go back. Take the time you need.
MOM must be fascinating work. Where are you off to next, Mr. Völler?
MAG Well... With any luck, I'll be spending April in London.
MAG But enough about me...tell me about our common acquaintance, Indiana Jones.
MAG I know who you are, Miss O'Malley, and I know who you work for. The question is, does Jones?
MAG Bring her back. And try not to cause a diplomatic incident.
MOM Shh...
IND The Germans made it to the Palace already...
IND This is another of those Markers Kingston was looking for.
IND Looks like something's going on...
IND Those are priceless antiques... And those bozos are using them for target practice.
IND How did they get in here?
IND Maybe I can use those skulls to jam the gears...
IND Let's see, a sultan and some harem girls... I think I can guess how these are supposed to be placed.
IND I should be able to get through this if I can just figure out the timing...
IND I need to get to that coffin. Hrm. Those swords don't look like they're there just for decoration... I wonder...
IND That switch has the same motif as the one in the Moses Chamber... wonder if it does the same thing?
IND From a guarding position to one used in knighting ceremonies... I'm gonna take that as a sign to go ahead.
IND Well. Only one way to find out if this was the right combination... I might as well go check this out.
IND That's the Bay of Bengal...the Himalayas...
IND I need some sort of light...
IND Better watch my step.
IND This must be what Kingston was after!
IND Four...
IND Three...
IND Two...
IND One...
IND Where'd you learn to do that?
MOM Kenya. Shall we?
IND We're gonna need something a little faster. We can't ride this all the way to Nepal.
MOM Nepal? I'm a bit underdressed for that...

Magnus Völler - Magnus was looking for the same thing as Indy after all: the Staff of Kings.
Maggie O'Malley - O'Malley followed Indy to Nepal, but has vanished at the first occasion.
Charles Kingston - Finally caught up with Kingston.
Villagers - Peaceful villagers who happen to be in the path of the Germans. However peaceful they are, they will not let the Germans trample over them.
German Snow Patrols - Specialized soldiers who know how to deal with snow conditions. Magnus seems to be well equipped for this mission.

When Indy awakes, Maggie is gone. She must be crazy to brave the cold cliffs of Nepal by herself.
Good. A place to warm up.
The wind is really picking up out there. Good thing Indy found shelter.
This dark tunnel seems like a good path to go forward.
Indy knows that he is on the right path: this village should be near the Staff's resting place.
Where are all these German soldiers coming from?
Indy must hurry up and find a way out of the village before it is overrun by German soldiers.
A small encampment of German soldiers stands between Indy and the Ice Cave.
The Ice Cave: the final resting place of the Staff of Kings.
Indy must find a way to bring down both Snake Bridges.
This room seems to be built around the story of Moses and the Nile.
Finally, the Staff of Kings! Now to find a way to get it out of its icy prison.
Collapse! No time to find out why, run Indy!
Indy must find a way out of the Ice Cave now that the only exit has collapsed.
Indy found a way out, but this boat ride won't be a pleasure cruise.

The giant statue in this room seems to represent the guardian of the Staff. I bet those two stones it's holding are supposed to represent the Ten Commandments.
These statues must represent the Guardians of the Staff. They were a select group of priests, chosen to take the Staff into hiding and safeguard it until it could be reclaimed by someone worthy...
This object must be the Shepherd. The legend says the Shepherd will reveal the final resting place of the Staff. That's great... but how does it work?
This city must have been founded by the Guardians of the Staff as a final resting place for their treasure. The current inhabitants must have descended from them, as well as the local Nepalese.
This room is probably based on the story of Moses and the Burning Bush.
If I'm right, the story of baby Moses being placed in the river by his mother has something to do with this room...
The Guardians of the Staff must have carved this chamber out of the stone of the mountain itself. It must have taken them years.

MOM We're not stopping...
IND Boy, you don't let up, do ya?
MOM We're running out of time.
IND Relax. We need to warm up... get some sleep. We'll get there first thing tomorrow.
IND Trust me.
IND Maggie?
IND It's...f-f-freezing!
IND Can't stay in this cold much longer...
IND I gotta light a fire...
IND I need shelter... Now!
IND Gotta find another way.
IND Whew. That was close...
IND C-Can't light a fire till I b-block that wind...
IND Ugh. More Germans...
IND If those Germans are on my tail, I'm in trouble... Well, more trouble, anyway.
KIN I knew if anyone could find this place, it'd be you. You shouldn't have brought your friend, though.
IND Maggie. Where is she?
KIN She's's a bit complicated.
KIN These people have watched over the staff for centuries.
KIN It's in the temple above the city, but they will not let anyone near it... as your journalist friend found out.
IND I'm sure she didn't mean any harm, Charles.
KIN She tried to break into the temple. Making the Staff's existence known could have dire consequences.
KIN Imagine the people who might attempt to claim it...and misuse it.
IND I don't have to imagine, Charles. Magnus Völler is coming for the staff.
KIN Magnus? Hmmp. No matter. As long as you located both the other Shepherds, he should have no way to follow you.
IND Both... the other Shepherds?
KIN You read my notes...
IND Well sure, but...
KIN All my notes?
IND We were a little pressed for time.
KIN Indiana, if Magnus found the other Shepherd...
KIN Indy, you must get the staff before they do.
IND And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.
IND So... I need to find a way to open those gates and then set the bush on fire... Yeah, something to fuel the fire would be nice too.
IND All that's left now is to set the bush on fire...
IND And the daughter of Pharaoh came down to wash herself at the river; and her maidens walked along by the river's side; and when she saw the ark among the reeds, she sent her maid to fetch it.
IND And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.
IND Looks like things are going to need to get a little hot around here...
IND Huh. Maybe I can use this puzzle to my advantage...
IND There's a crack in the wall... That wasn't there before!
MOM You found it. I was almost hoping you'd come back empty-handed.
IND What do you--
IND What do you mean?
IND I've got to say, Fraulein, you've got one heck of an Irish accent.
MOM I'm no German, you idiot! I'm working with British Intelligence!
MOM My mission was to get the staff before Völler... but it's too late for that now, we're surrounded!
MOM We can't let him have the Staff, Indy.
MOM But we can seal it inside this cave forever.
IND Story of my life. Come on, let's blow this place from the outside.
MAG Indiana. I grow tired of these reunions. I should bury you here, in this temple.
IND Funny you should say that, Magnus.
MAG Take the spy and the Staff aboard the Odin. And reconnect these.
MOM Let me go, you bastards!
MAG Goodbye, Indy.
MAG Jagt diesen Tempel in die Luft!

Magnus Völler - Magnus has not only taken the Staff from Indy, he's also kidnapped both Kingston and Miss O'Malley.
Maggie O'Malley - Turns out that Miss O'Malley is a British spy. Magnus has kidnapped her and is holding her hostage on his flying fortress, the Odin.
Charles Kingston - Kingston has been kidnapped by Magnus. Hopefully no harm will come to him.
German Marine - The best soldiers of the German army. This mission must be very important if they are part of Magnus' retinue.

This zeppelin must be the airship that Magnus uses as a mobile base of operation. Lots of interesting things in here...
Maggie and Kingston must be kept prisoner around here somewhere...
Quite the view from up here. Falling is not an option, but now Indy must find a way in and locate Maggie and Kingston.
The good news is that Indy knows where Maggie is. The bad news is that the Germans aren't keen on stow aways...
Magnus took off with the Staff! Indy must stop him before he escapes!

The Eagle was a clipper brig - it was sailing from Calcutta to Hong Kong in 1850 when it got caught in a typhoon. If this is it, then whatever prisoners she carried never got their shot at parole...

IND Maggie!
MOM Indy!
IND Hang on, I'll get you out.
KIN Magnus, please... would you just listen to me?
MAG Listen? To you? I have beaten you, Herr Professor. What I do, I do for the glory of Germany.
MAG And there is nothing you can do to stop me. Your lap dog, Indiana Jones, is dead. And I have THIS!
OPI Herr Völler! Alarm!
MAG You again? Must I do everything myself?
MAG Jones! This time, I will WATCH you die!
MAG So long, Indiana!
KIN Magnus!
IND Charles!
KIN The staff...
MAG How touching...
IND Hold on!
MAG You want the staff, Jones? Come and get it!
IND Come on!
IND Heh - how often do I get to knock German soldiers around with a piano?
IND If they get up those ladders, I'm in trouble...
IND I need to knock 'em off those ladders!
IND There's gotta be an easier way in...
IND The plane's been shot...
IND Woah!
IND If I don't shoot that crate, I'm dead!
IND A little chilly out here. And REALLY far away from the ground...
IND We need to slow down!
IND We're not going fast enough!
MOM Not good!
MOM Oh no!
MOM Watch out!
MOM Ouch!
MOM Hey, that hurt!
MOM Oh, I don't like this.
MAG It... can't... be...
MAG You don't have what it takes!
MAG Ha! Is that all you've got?
MAG Do you really think you can win this?
MAG You.. cheat!
MAG Damn you, Jones!
MAG Just die, already!
IND Come on!
IND Come on, hurry!
MOM What are you doing? Come on!
IND I'm not... doing... anything!
MAG Jones!
IND You ok?
MOM I'm fine. How about you, Dr. Jones?
IND Not bad.
MOM You know, I have my orders. I'm supposed to keep the staff away from unsavory types.
IND Little late for that, don't you think?
IND Aaah!
IND It'll take care of itself. Come on.

Indy and Henry must make their way down a raging river to reach the temple.
At the Mayan temple. Can Henry and Indy survive the tests to get the ancient artifacts?
Germans again. They stole the artifacts and now Indy and Henry must race after them in a tank.
The artifacts are on that plane! Henry and Indy must shoot it down to prevent the Germans from running away with them.
They brought the artifacts into that warehouse. Using their guns, Henry and Indy must fight the Germans inside.
With the help of some heavy artillery, Indy and Henry must fight a tank that is blocking their way.
With the artifacts back in their hands, Indy and Henry attempt to outrun the Germans.
Indy and Henry must stop the zeppelin airship from stealing the giant Mayan statue.

Nubian Bust - This Nubian bust dates from about 1300 BC. It's a nice piece. Marcus should pay handsomely for it.
Limestone Tablet - This limestone tablet depicts a Nubian archer named Nenu, if I'm reading the inscription right. It's almost 4000 years old.
Gold Ram's Head - This gold ram's head looks like it was some sort of amulet. It's pure gold, probably from about 700BC or so.
Gold Bowl - This gold bowl dates from the 8th century Tang dynasty.
Ceramic Figures - This is a ceramic figurine of an Earth spirit, probably from the Tang dynasty.
Bronze Flask - This bronze flask dates from the Zhou period, around the fourth century BC.
Bronze Horses - These bronze horses date back to the 2nd century AD, eastern Han dynasty. They're good pieces.
Gold Censer - Looks like a censer for burning incense. Western Han dynasty, if I'm not mistaken.
Dog Statue - It looks like a crude piece, but it deserves a place in a museum. It's a burial offering, hard to tell when it was made. I'd say right around two thousand years ago, give or take.
Ming Vase - This jar is a genuine Ming artifact. I can't just leave it here.
Earthenware Jar - This jar is earthenware, painted and shaped to look like bronze. It would have been used for burial offerings. What it's doing here, I have no idea.
Ancient Bank Note - If I'm reading this right, this is a bank note from the 13th century. It was worth about a thousand coins back then... I wonder how much Marcus would be willing to part with for it.
Jade Figurine - Interesting piece. Jade was reserved for the elite of Maya society, but this figure is clearly a servant or captive. Maybe it served as a trophy or commemoration of some kind...
Ceramic Bowl - This ceramic bowl is covered with scenes of human sacrifice. Maybe it was used in those rituals in some way -- possibly to collect blood from the dying victims.
Ceramic Figurine - Marcus will want to see this. It's ceramic, but remarkably well-preserved. I better be careful with it.
Wooden Figurine - This is actually a wooden carving, covered in stucco and painted. It depicts the Maya rain god, Chac. Something like this was found at the dig site at Tikal.
Jade Pendant - This piece looks like some sort of pendant. This type of bright green jade would have been highly prized by the Maya.
Death Mask - This looks like a death mask for a Mayan ruler. It's a combination of jade and mother of pearl... it would have been priceless a treasure to the Maya.
Ceramic Monkey - This ceramic monkey figurine was taken from a dig site in Uaxactun, Guatemala.
Royal Shield - This shield must be part of the armor of Sultan Mustapha III.
Royal Gauntlets - These gauntlets look like part of a set. I bet they're part of Sultan Mustapha III's suit of armor.
Gold Belt Buckle - This belt buckle predates the palace by almost two thousand years. It's a priceless artifact. I'm not about to let the Germans find it.
Crystal Bottle - This bottle was carved from a single piece of rock crystal... I'm guessing late 16th century.
Holy Book Receptacle - This would have been used to house the Sultan's Koran. I better keep it away from the Germans.
Gold Relic - This thing is real gold, all right. Those jewels are real, too. Germany could pay all her troops for a week with this thing.
Royal Crown - This is the crown worn by Suleiman the Magnificent. It's probably worth more than... well, more than I've ever made, that's for certain.
Bejeweled Aigrette - This aigrette would have been used to adorn the headdress of the Sultan himself. These gems are the genuine article. It must be priceless.
Dagger of Topkapi - This is the Dagger of Topkapi -- one of the most famous treasures in all of Istanbul. I can't let those Germans get their hands on this.
Gold Flask - This flask is solid gold, and encrusted with precious stones. I better keep this safe until the Germans have left town.
Selim's Water Bottle - This water bottle was made for Sultan Selim II in the late 1500s. It's even inscribed with his name.
Gold Writing Case - This writing case is jewel-encrusted gold. I'd hate to see this bankrolling the German war machine.
Ceremonial Collar - This collar depicts the god Shiva in the incarnation of Bhairava. From the style, I'd say late Malla period, maybe 1675 or so.
Ivory Buddha - Looks like ivory, maybe 17th century. It's an image of the Buddha surmounting a skull.
Copper Indra - Looks like a representation of Indra. It's definitely copper, and possibly from the 16th century.
Jambhala Statue - It looks like gold, but it's mostly copper. Still, a nice piece depicting Jambhala, the Buddhist god of Wealth.
Mask of Bhairava - Looks like late 15th or early 16th century. I'd guess this mask of Bhairava was used in religious ceremonies.
Germanic Cup - I recognize this piece. It was created in the 1500s for an order of Germanic knights. The figure on the top is supposed to symbolize strength and power. No wonder Magnus likes it.
Germanic Shield - This shield dates back to the old Langobard, one of the Germanic tribes of the dark ages.
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